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Taken from :icontknrkrgaim:

Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!
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Some new intel from the trailers has given me some info for the movie that may be spoilers... and I've also got some theores... so, here they are.


  • We will see Roidmude number Ichi-Zero-Hachi (108), who was sealed away due to his behavior.

  • At some point, the heroes will fight a Roidmude known as the Paradox Roidmude

  • 2035 Krim will have found a way to reactivate the Roidmude clones from Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

And yea... that's it with the spoilers, and now moving onto me doing some speculation for elements to come from the upcoming movie. And if I'm at all right, I'll be happy.


  • 108 will become the Paradox Roidmude at some point, and it is his doing that 2035 Krim, Dark Drive and his army will be able to go back in time.

  • The Tokujōka is forced to turn against Shinnosuke when 2035 Krim makes him public enemy number one... everyone but Kiriko.

  • Eiji Tomari will have gone back in time thanks to aid of the Den-O crew (I swear if they don't appear, I won't be very happy...)

  • Dark Drive will nearly kill Gou and Chase, but the two will get saved by Eiji Tomari, who gives them new Signal Bikes from the future.

  • As Belt-san slowly becomes evil, he uses a Mecha Roidmude body to take a physical form and use the Driver to become Drive Type Tridoron.

  • Chase uses the Proto-Speed Shift Car on the Tridoron, making it become Proto-Tridoron, so Krim can't control it.

  • After Shinnosuke kills Belt-san out of mercy, all that will remain of the Drive Driver is the Ignition Key, which will become the Tridoron Key and allow Shinnosuke to assume Chou Deadheat Drive form.

  • Kamen Rider Ghost will appear, and it is thanks to him Krim comes back to life and patches things up with Shinnosuke.

  • Shinnosuke will get badly injured in battle with Dark Drive, with Belt-san landing on Kiriko and she'll become Kamen Rider Drive for a short time and save Shinnosuke's life, also managing to steal the Next/Special Shift Car from Dark Drive, revealing him to be Tomari Eiji.

  • Dark Drive is not actually Tomari Eiji, but rather a Roidmude from the future, 109, brought back in time by 108, who reveals himself to be the Paradox Roidmude.

  • Using the Tridoron Key, Tomari Eiji becomes Drive Type Chou Deadheat (being an amalgamation of Drive Type Speed, Mach, Chaser, Mashin Chaser and Dark Drive's Type Next) and manages to fight an army of Roidmude from the future being numbers 110-216. He is almost killed by Dark Drive, who is using a dark version of Type Tridoron, only to be rescued by Shinnosuke and Kiriko.

  • Heart, Brain, Medic and a time-displaced Freeze defeat Dark Drive Type NexTridoron.

  • Paradox steals his Driver, which becomes cyan and black and becomes Dark Drive via a duplicate of the Next/Special Shift Car.

  • Shinnosuke fights Paradox in Drive: Type Special and wins, clearing his name.

  • Using the NexTridoron, Eiji is able to return to his own time. As he leaves, the Tokujōka ponders who his mother is...

  • As Re-Ray (the main theme of the movie) plays, Eiji returns to his own time, seeing his parents, Shinnosuke and Kiriko.

So yea, that's my thoughts on things that could happen in Surprise Future. Thoughts?

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In SSB4 on 3DS, I chose to do the unthinkable: A 99 Stock Match.

I was Megaman. My foes? Sonic. Mario. Pac-Man.

It lasted a grand total of both the end of yesterday and start of today.

We fought, on the Final Destination.

Mario was 4th place.

Pac-Man was 3rd Place.

Sonic took 2nd.

So, I as Megaman, won.
I didn’t know… it would come to this.
Two sides to this war, exists.

The one who I was born to.
The other, raised me as if I was one of them.
Do I betray the ones who knew me then?
Do I betray the ones who raised me like I was one of you?

They all stand and wait.
To hear the choice that will decide fate.

I look at both sides, both await.
My birth place.
The place who raised me.

I may make a mistake…
My trust, I may misplace.

My two little sisters… they make my heart ache.



This choice… is filled with drama.
What would happen if I ran?

If. Fate.

This world is filled with questions of ‘if’ and ‘Fate’.
My destiny, it awaits.

One choice…
Will decide…

Fates poem
Tomorrow the game Fire Emblem Fates/if comes out in Japan. So, I made this little poem to honor it. It really highlights the big 'chose between two familes' deal in the game.

Also, in this, the Avatar is female, hence why Sakura and Elise (the two sisters of the Avatar) use 'Nee-sama' and 'Onee-chan', instead of 'Nii-sama' and 'Onii-chan'.

I don't own Fire Emblem, it belongs to Nintendo, Intelligence Systems, and the like.
“Neptune… you wanna play a game?” Nepgear asked.

“No. I’m busy,” she informed.

“ Busy?”

“Yes, busy. I’m working,”

“...who are you, and what have you done with Neptune?”

“IF said that last episode.”

“...Seriously, though, why are you working?”

“I can’t say,” Neptune informed.

“Can you even tell me what you’re working on?”

“Paper work.”


“Is Neptune sick?” Nepgear asked Compa.

“No. Nep-Nep is just fine.”

“Just wondering because of the fact she is doing paper work. Without Histoire telling her to,” Nepgear informed.

Compa was stunned by this, wondering what that could mean in the long run.


(Cue Intro Theme: Dimension Tripper; Neptune the Animation Theme)

*As the instrumental goes on, there was a focus on the sky, with Neptune standing at the ground, a wide smile on her face, before turning to her friends and the fellow CPUs before the camera panned back up and the Title appeared.*

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisterhood Stories

Imi fumei moji noraretsu (An incomprehensible code sequence)

*Neptune and Nepgear sat down together, smiling before picking up controllers and playing a game*

Oshiete KONPAIRA (Tell me what what it means, Compiler!)

*Noire and Uni were busy working before Uni tripped and the papers fell all over the two. The two begin to laugh a little bit.*

matomaranai BAINARI- TSURI- (I can't make sense of this binary tree)

*Blanc was working on something while Ram and Rom were drawing a sketch of the three of them, until Blanc saw it was drawn on a book. Blanc growled in anger at them, before her eyes turned red as the area around them turned black in her rage as Ram and Rom scampered off*

0 to 1 dake ja nanimo tsutaerannai yo ne… (Just 0s and 1s won't help you communicate)

*Vert sat at a table, drinking a tea, and a girl wearing green sitting next to her and the girl was actually Nepgear, who simply tried to drink the tea before she gave an awkward look at Vert.*

Pingurinku! tsunagaru KIMI to ATASHI-tashi ga (How nice it'd be if our hearts could connect.)

*Neptune held out a purple disc, Noire a black disc, Blanc a white one, and Vert a green one before they absorbed them.*

Hitto chekku! KIMERU nara ima (And we were on the same page.)

*Then, we see scenes of the girls transforming (them all being colored black but highlighted in different colors), their clothes shattering into pixels, their hair growing and changing color before adjusting, wings sprouting, new suits forming, before finishing off with a victorious pose as they revealed their CPU forms.*

Hapi furu pyua You're a dimenshon torippa-! (Eveything's pure. You're a Dimension tripper)

*Purple Heart flew off, followed by Green Heart, Black Heart, and White Heart before they are seen fighting Arfoire’s forces, each with their own weapon before turning to see Arfoire, Rei, Underling and Pirachu. In the background watching, a few girls watched the battle, but they are all silhouetted out.*

Jigen no tobira, kettobashi oide yo (Kick open the dimensional gates and get over here!)

*Neptune and Nepgear ran forward, quickly meeting up with their friends at a park, Compa and IF both smiled at the sisters, happily joining the two.*

KIRA KIRA no kocchi no sekai he (In this sparkling world)

*Neptune, Nepgear, Compa and IF were then joined by Noire, Uni, Blanc, Ram, Rom and Vert. They were then joined by Nisa, Gust, Tekken, 5pb. and Cave.*

Kizuna hyakubai no saikyou PA-TI- "KIMI MO NAKAMA DA" (We can just form the strongest party. And you'll be one of us!)

*Neptune jumped up into the air, cheering the others on before the camera panned to the sky to see Vert, Noire, Blanc, and Neptune posing*


Chapter 6: Sisterhood Argument


Nepgear was soon in her room, now in an outfit that looked like Sailor Moon, posing in front of the mirror, “Ai to seigi no sera fuku, Bishoujou Senshi. Sailor Moon!”

“Can you keep it down Nepgear. I’m trying to focus here,” Neptune asked, currently working at their desk.

“...are you sure we haven’t been attacked by a personality switching monster or something?” Nepgear asked.

“No. I’m serious, I’m just trying to focus here,”


The two, alongside Compa and IF had soon arrived at the Planeptune mall, with Nepgear and IF having walked off to the toy section.

“Oh… there it is… all that I’m missing from having my complete set again…” Nepgear giggled, as she looked at the DX Drive Lockseed & Fruits Shift Car Buncle, the DX Dragonfruits Energy Lockseed and the DX Shift Tridoron.

“Given how Nep is the wasteful money spender she is, you’ll probably get them easily,” IF shrugged, as she looked at some new model cellphones, just internally pondering if she should change from her old flip open style phone to a smartphone.


“No,” Neptune told Nepgear.

“But why~?!”

“Because I want us to be saving money for something,”

“For WHAT?!” Nepgear demanded

“Can’t say. Surprise,” Neptune smiled.


“I’m am getting so angry with her!” Nepgear growled, at the moment talking to Histoire.

“... Well, perhaps she’s taking her job seriously for once,” Histoire shrugged.

“It’s NEPTUNE! For as much as we want that… I doubt it would happen…” Nepgear giggled, “You know what… I have a plan. A bad girl plan to learn that secret,”

Histoire began to giggle a bit at this, “You. Be a bad girl? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard all day!”

“I’m serious!” Nepgear responded, running off.


“Perfect! My plan to get that secret is good,” Nepgear giggled, “Hey Onee-chan… Histoire-chan, come and look!”

Neptune and Histoire approached, with Nepgear opening up the door to reveal… she simply left the room a mess.

“So… is this bad? Go ahead. Tell me your secret…”

“Uh… Nepgear, our room is always a mess.” Neptune blinked, “Admittedly, I’m the one who creates the mess around here, so you… well… I’m not buying it.”


Nepgear soon guided Neptune and Histoire to her next ‘bad girl/attempt to learn secret’ thing.

“Behold!” Nepgear responded, showing the bathroom, “I have left the faucet running!”

“...That’s no big deal. It’s hardly going far; this place would need to be flooded for it to be bad. Besides, it’s as simple as turning the valve off,” Neptune blinked.


“I didn’t reheat your food!” Nepgear smirked.

“...that’s the best you got?” Neptune blinked.


“Whoopie cushion!” Nepgear smirked.

“...really? -_-’...”


“I left the fan on in a room I’m not in!” Nepgear smirked.

“Okay, now you’re just desperate.”


Nepgear attempted to use a slingshot to hit Neptune with a water balloon… but her aim and accuracy were very bad. And that just left Neptune unamused.

“...may wanna take water balloon lessons,” Neptune responded.


“Okay… tell me your secret… or else… or else… or else…” Nepgear began, her hair being a wild mess at this point.

“Or else what? You’ll use up all the hot water? You’ll leave the fridge door open? You won’t wash the laundry? Seriously, sis, your attempts to try and get me to spill the beans are worse than Histy’s attempts to sneak fruits into our sweets,” Neptune smirked, as she bit into a brownie and spat out carrots.

“Well… there went my next idea,” Nepgear sighed, as she had a can of beans in her hands.

“You were going to dump a can of beans? ...really?” Neptune groaned, facepalming herself before Nepgear attempted to open the can, but failed to do so. She threw the can onto the ground, it didn’t break. She even tried to stomp on it, but the can didn’t break.

Neptune then took the can of beans before she put it away.


Nepgear simply waited for her sister to come back into their room, a smirk on her face.

“...what is it now?” Neptune asked.

“I undid your made bed!” Nepgear responded, showing the sheets and such weren’t on Neptune’s bed, “Now will you tell me your secret?”

“...why are you so persistent with this stuff, Nepgear? Besides, all these excuses to make me tell you anything are just plain stupid. If it were ME doing these things to get you to spill something, then it could work, but this… is just silly,”


“Okay… my next plan. And one I didn’t want to resort to…” Nepgear said, carrying a duffle bag with two suitcases, “RUNNING AWAY!”

“Like you’d really do that. You wouldn’t be able to last five minutes on your own with your separation issues,” Neptune said confidently, “I expect you to come crying home to Onee-chan in… seven minutes, tops.”

“W-W-Well… I… I’LL PROVE YOU WRONG!!” Nepgear snapped as she headed out the door.


Nepgear had soon got onto the train to Leanbox and made it to Leanbox’s Basilicom, figuring that she could bunk with Vert for a while. She knocked on the door, with Vert soon opening it up.

“Hello- WAGH! Nepgear… what happened to you?”

“Oh… my hair? Well… it’s just I poured the shampoo down the drain… long story,”


Soon, Nepgear was bathed and currently in a white and green robe, with Vert sitting at a table and waiting for Nepgear to show up.

“So… where’s your sister?” Vert asked.

“Back on Planeptune. She’s been refusing to tell me her secret… so I’ve tried to get her to blab.”

“How’d that go?”

“Well… I’ve exhausted every option to the point of running away,”

“Uh… I don’t it’d necessarily be considered ‘running away’ if the farthest you go is to someone you know, because in your case your sister will figure it out rather quickly and find you. And what makes you think I won’t just send you back right no-”

“I’ll be your little sister,” Nepgear told her.

“...stay as long as you’d like,” Vert giggled, allowing Nepgear to smile to herself, as she hugged the blonde CPU.


“ long as Nep Jr. been gone? Has it been seven minutes?” Neptune asked.

“It’s been seven days!” Histoire shouted.

“NEPU-WHA?!” Neptune gawked as she saw it had indeed been seven days.

“ you ever notice that we always wear the same clothes everyday?” Compa asked IF.

“Well… kinda. Do washing machines even exist in this world…?” IF pondered.

Neptune scrambled to look at recent phone calls, and a smile formed on her face as she finished hearing the playback of one of them.

“Okay! Now then… let’s go find Nepgear and tell her that her surprise is ready.” Neptune smiled, as she got up and readied and envelope.


“So, how are you doing little Gear?” Vert asked, as Nepgear showed herself to have blonde hair, a green and red version of her normal outfit, white socks and brown boots.

“...I’m fine. Hey uh… thanks for letting me stay here…” Nepgear smiled, “...I really don’t like it when Neptune keeps a secret from me. Last time she did, I wound up trapped by the enemy for years on end…”

“I… see…” Vert nodded, realizing what Nepgear was referring to, “But uh… anyway… I see you’ve been watching some TV… you’re an otaku?”

“Not as much as you. But… yea, I do admit that I am a bit of a closet otaku.” Nepgear admitted, “But it’s more… child like things, like Kamen Rider and such… compared to… whatever it is you’re into.”

Vert chose to not push this issue any further and walked off, leaving Nepgear to her thoughts, when a knock came from the door.

“Eep! What was that?”

“I’ll go and get it, sister dear,” Vert assured.


“Hiya Verty-chan,” Neptune giggled, “...focus Neptune… focus. Uh… have seen Nepgear recently?

“...Nope. I have not,”

“...I see Nepgear sitting right there,” IF stated bluntly.

“Where?” Vert asked nervously.

IF pointed to the window that had it’s blinds and curtains moved aside, and sure enough, there sat Nepgear.


Neptune ran inside and hugged her little sister, “Gear-chan, I’m glad you’re alrig-”

“Get away from me!” Nepgear shouted, shoving Neptune off of her.

“Ge-Ge?” Compa gawked in worry.

“You… you kept a secret from me! Sisters don’t do that!” Nepgear shouted.

“Yea, well… sisters don’t run away for petty garbage! That stuff was no reason for you to actually run away!”

Neptune and Nepgear glared at each-other, and were about to draw forth their weapons.

“Okay… if you’re going to get physical, do it where you can’t damage my belongings…” Vert requested.


The two both stood in a field, staring each other down and glaring at each-other.

“Nep-Nep, Ge-Ge, don’t fight! You’re sisters… and sisters shouldn’t fight,” Compa told them.

“Stay out of this, Compa. This is between me and this older sister failure!” Nepgear growled.

Neptune simply remained motionless, keeping her hands in her pockets. The two just glared at each other before Nepgear ran forward, her beam-sword in hand. She began to slash near her sister, but Neptune was easily able to duck underneath the attacks.

“Grr… Mirage Dance!”

Nepgear then slashed at Neptune multiple times before attempting one powerful slash. Compa and IF looked on at Neptune in concern, but saw… Neptune did something to prevent any sort of damage from the attack.

“Nep-Nep… how are you doing that?” Compa asked.

“A great heroine never reveals her secrets…” Neptune smirked.

Nepgear growled a bit at this, getting a bit upset with her older sister, “Grr… HARD DRIVE DIVINITY CANDIDATE HENSHIN!”

Nepgear was then surrounded by rings of data before they shattered, followed by her clothes vanishing in a manner similar to Neptune’s.  Her hair grew a bit longer and some shades lighter as her gloves, boots, then main armor appeared, finishing with the wings.

Purple Sister took into the air and was ready to attack. She flew forward, but… she hesitated.

‘What… what am I doing? Why did I get so angry? ...keeping a secret. No… I won’t let such a stupid things… make those nightmares become reality!’ Purple Sister thought, as she floated to the ground, tears forming in her eyes.

“So… you finally ready to surrender little sis?”

Purple Sister growled a bit, as she took aim, but, she couldn’t fire… she couldn’t dare fire at her own sister. She dropped the henshin and reverted back into Nepgear.

“Again I ask… you surrender?”

“I’m… sorry…” Nepgear whimpered, “...I… I… I was just… upset…”

“Reason I kept it a secret is two fold. First off, it’s a surprise. Second off… I didn’t know if I could actually do it… so, I didn’t want to get your hopes up…”

“Really? Oh.” Nepgear sighed.

“But… before I can give you this surprise… I need to punish you!” Neptune informed.

This caused Nepgear’s eyes to widen, “Uh… punish me for what?”

“All your failed attempts to get me to talk, you running away, becoming Vert’s sister and oh yea… trying to attack me!” Neptune told her sister, before grabbing Nepgear by her ear, “Our room, now!”

“Ow, ow, ow, my ear… ow!”


After Nepgear got returned to her normal looks, she saw Neptune had a seat pulled up and was waiting for her.

“So uh… you gonna lecture me?” Nepgear asked.

“Nope. Lie down on my lap little missy!”


“You’re gonna get the biggest punishment a little kid can get! ...a spanking!” Neptune informed.

“Wh-Wh-What?! Oh no! Please Onee-chan, reconsider!”

“Nope. You’ve been a very naughty and bad little girl. And as such, you deserve the punishment I deem worthy.” Neptune informed, “So, get on my lap…”

“...I don’t want to…” Nepgear whimpered.

‘Such a cute look… no. No. You need to be strong Neptune, you have to discipline her. If you want to be a good big sister, then you need to punish her,’ Neptune thought.

“Please don’t… I’m so sorry… if you need to punish me… send me into a time-out, ground me, do anything but give me a spanking!” Nepgear whimpered, trying to dissuade her sister from doing this.

“’ve been a bad girl. And what you did was at the very tip of the bad girl spectrum. So… so… so… I will…” Neptune paused, “...I’ll dial it back a bit. I know… I’m a coward. But… here’s our little deal-io. I’m still going to punish you… but if I do, and I’m not saying I will… if I do end up needing to spank you… I’ll at least make sure it’s not on screen.”


“But for now…” Neptune began, moving the chair into a corner of the room, “Sit. I need to talk to Histy a moment…”

“Okay,” Nepgear nodded, sitting down.


“So… you plan to… discipline Nepgear?” Histoire asked.

“That’s the plan, anyway.”

“...Neptune, I am honestly proud of you.”


“You are taking responsibility for your little sister’s behavior and showing you can be a good big sister… sometimes. So… what are you going to do to her?”

“That’s the thing Histy… I ain’t so sure if I should just place her in a time out… or if I should spank her… I did pull that threat out… but I don’t know if I should do that. I trust your judgement Histy. She ran away, she tried to make herself somebody else's little sister, and she almost attacked me… should I spank her, or dial it back?” Neptune inquired.

“Hmm… well, judging by what it is that Nepgear did… and some parenting books I’ve read-”

“You read parenting books?”

“I look after you. Sometimes I think I need those things…” Histoire admitted, “But… I think a spanking may be in order. Just… don’t do it so hard… and since there’s an audience, don’t do it in front of them.

“Good point.” Neptune nodded.


Nepgear’s wails of pain could be heard all throughout their home, with Histoire looking at their locked bedroom door, Neptune’s voice trying to sound stern and determined.

“You’ve been a bad little sister! I’m sorry… but I have to do this!” Neptune’s voice shouted.

“That’s my lin- OW!” Nepgear began, before she whimpered in pain.

“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl!”

This continued for a short time, with Neptune and Nepgear walking out not so long after that.

“I’ll get you some ice Nepgear,” Histoire told her.

“And then… you’ll be having a bit of a time-out, and it’ll be… uh… fifteen minutes. But after all that… we’ll go to your surprise.” Neptune told her sister.

“Okay… I-I guess…” Nepgear winced as she took the ice pack Histoire gave her, “OW… it hurts to put it down so it’ll stop stinging,”

“Here. I’ll help ya.” Neptune assured, moving the ice pack a bit, “So… did you learn something here today?”

“ my big sister… and don’t run away?” Nepgear asked.

“Ping-pong-bingo,” Neptune smiled.

Nepgear just smiled in response before she felt the ice set up in a way it wouldn’t sting very much.

“So… nobody saw us?” Neptune checked in a whisper.

“Kept your door locked, and made sure camera was focused on me,” Histoire assured.

“Oh good, because I don’t want the readers thinkin’ anything about it, and-... oh shoot, they were probably reading about this whole thing…” Neptune gulped.

“...don’t worry about it all that much.” Histoire shrugged, “Just get ready for your little surprise.”

“I will… but first…”


Nepgear was currently sitting in a corner, with a kitchen timer ticking as she sat there. The young purplette simply twiddling her thumbs and waiting for the timer to finish its ticking.

‘Well… at least my henie doesn’t hurt anymore...’ Nepgear thought.


After the fifteen minutes had ended, Neptune, Nepgear, Compa and IF were walking through Planeptune City, Nepgear looking rather confused at the moment.

“Um… wh-where are we going?” Nepgear asked.

“It’s called a surprise for a reason Nee-chan. So keep quiet and just wait...” Neptune insisted, as Nepgear sighed a bit.


The four soon arrived in front of a movie theater, and Nepgear gasped as she saw one of the posters.

“ were listening to me when you said I wanted to see this?” Nepgear gawked.

“‘Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Drive & Gaim, Movie War Full Throttle’. Oh. I remember you saying you wanted to see this movie,” Compa remembered.

“...I booked the entire theater for us to see it. Yep, we get this entire theater just for us to see it,” Neptune smiled, making Nepgear gasp in amazement.

“ managed to book an enitre theater for just us four?” IF asked.

“Not just us, Vert, Noire, Uni, Blanc, Rom, Ram, Nisa and Gust are here too. They’re already inside waiting for us.” Neptune informed, “But I’ll state, it wasn’t cheap and I honestly wasn't sure if I’d get permission to do this… but I happened to be friends with the owner of the theater, and he actually owed me for saving his life, so here we are,”

Nepgear wasn’t there listening, as she ran into the theater already.


“So Nisa… watch this movie very closely,” Gust began, “Then you’ll see who have been unknowingly ripping off for years now,”

“...I don’t get what you mean by that Gust, but whatever,” Nisa shrugged.

“Why does Gust even bother?” Gust asked herself.

Soon, Neptune, Nepgear, IF and Compa all walked in and sat down, all of them ready to watch the movie

“Oh boy… I’m so excited…” Nepgear giggled in joy.

The movie began, and after the usual Toei logo by the waves, Nepgear gasped at the site of a planet that was in the movie.

“Wow…” Neptune gawked.

“So that’s what the planet is looking like now… awesome,” Nepgear giggled.


-This planet has been harmonized with the Megahex.- a robotic being announced to a person wearing all white.

This person moved his cape out of the way, and as he did so, a belt buckle appeared on his waist, being the Sengoku Driver. After it fully materialized, he sliced open the Lockseed that was already inserted into it.

-Further resistance… is futile.- the robot, Megahex, told the man in white, who took out a sort of key like object that was silver and gold, and had the images of various fruits including an orange, a pineapple, a strawberry, a grape, a banana, and a muskmelon.

“Henshin!” he announced, pressing a button on the key.


He quickly inserted it into the giant orange Lockseed currently in his Driver, and turned it, making the image from the opened Kachidoki Lockseed change a bit.


Suddenly, several zippers appeared in the air, with various armored fruits dropping down from the zippers.


The fruit armors began to circle the main white, before converging into Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms.



“The Master Arms is here… the unmatched, peerless, grand warlord!” Neptune giggled, getting a bonk on the head from her sister.

“Don’t try and have translations for the pure Japanese stuff the Drivers announce… it just makes it sound silly. Plus, not many people can agree on what it’s supposed to announce.” Nepgear stated.

“Who’s the guy with that spear?” Ram asked Nepgear.

“The lead from the previous Kamen Rider season, Gaim. He’s one of the coolest Riders I’ve ever seen and is currently my favorite season” Nepgear smiled.

“And who’s the robot there?” Uni added.

“I’m gonna guess he’s the main bad guy, from his ‘all individual things must be merged with the Megahex’ bit,” Nepgear shrugged.


“Micchy-san?” Nepgear blinked, “Oh right… duh, last guy on Earth with a Sengoku Driver.”

“...that guy?” Rom asked.

“Yea, oh, shh…” Nepgear shushed Rom as they turned their attention back to the movie.


-We will now modify this planet so that it may assimilate with the Megahex,- the robot stated as he landed on the ground.

Micchy, in anger, pulled out his Sengoku Driver and got ready for anything.

“What did you do to Kouta-san?!” he demanded.

-The Sengoku Driver… a truly remarkable system.- Megahex stated, ignoring what Micchy asked. His forehead glowed for a moment, suddenly causing two Sengoku Drivers to appear in mid-air in a blue light. Said light traveled up a bit, and then became two Kurokage Troopers.


“The Kurokage Troopers?” Nepgear gawked.

“The what now?” Neptune asked.

“Basically the main grunts for one of the bad guys,” Nepgear explained as they watched Micchy turn into Kamen Rider Ryugen and beat the Kurokage Troopers, revealing them to be robots, “...oh wow. Didn’t see that coming…”

“Were they all robots?” Uni asked.

“No. Otherwise, I would’ve liked them a bit more,” Nepgear shrugged.


-More data is required to create a more advanced combat lifeform,- Megahex stated, as he caused another cyan light to emerge, which formed into an all to familiar looking person.


“Oh… no. No, no, no no no! He can’t be…” Nepgear gasped in worry, “...he is. He brought him back.”


“It can’t be…” Ryugen gasped.

-We meet again… Mitsuzane-kun.- the robot duplicate stated.

“Omae wa… (You…)”

-Sengoku Ryouma, collect the necessary data.- Megahex ordered him, and with that, Megahex vanished from sight.

Ryouma wasted no time taking out an Energy Lockseed that looked different from the other ones as it’s main form looked a transparent red instead of the usual blue, and the front had the bright red exterior of a dragonfruit on it.


= DRAGONFRUITS ENERGY! *dubstep warble sound* =

A zipper appeared above Ryouma’s head, before a large metallic dragonfruit lowered itself from the hole the zipper made. He then put the Lockseed into the Genesis Driver and pushed the lever.



The dragonfruit armor dropped down onto him, forming his Rider suit, which was a cyan color, silver and black accented, and had a knight motif, but the dragon fruit theme of the added armor was noticable, with the armor being set across his chest, a bit on his back alongside a cape, and on his shoulders, with the right shoulder pad being a lot bigger than the one on the left.

= DRAGON ENERGY ARMS! *disco techno beat* =

Ryugen readied his weapon for battle, but a single thought remained in his mind, “Where did you get that new Arms?”

-Megahex made it for me. It’s magnificent.-


“Well, that explains why it reads ‘ELS-HEX’ on it.” Nepgear shrugged.

“Who is this guy?” Blanc inquired next.

“He’s the guy who made the Sengoku and Genesis Drivers.”

“And he named them after himself… almost as egocentric as the SEGA Neptune…” Blanc shrugged.

“HEY! I resemble that remark!” Neptune rebuttled.


After a bit, everybody remained silent as the movie continued.

“So… how does this machine know Micchy’s brother?” Neptune asked.

“...they were once friends.” Nepgear informed.

“Oh… they’re gonna try and fight him outside of Rider form?” Neptune gawked, but then saw she was wrong, “Nevermind.”


Ryugen headed on ahead, leaving Zangetsu to fight Duke on his own. Duke managed to pin Zangetsu by a railing and smirked under his helmet.

-A Sengoku Driver can’t beat a Genesis Driver. You of all people should be aware of that.- Duke stated smugly.

“I wouldn’t be so sure!” Zangetsu shouted back.


“He should know firsthand after what happened in Gaim’s show,” Gust pointed out.

“Oh? I didn’t know you watched Kamen Rider,” Nepgear gawked.

“Gust tries to convince a certain somebody she’s ripping them off,” Gust stated, nudging Nisa a bit.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nisa shrugged.

“Is Megahex seriously going to leave his base’s front grounds unguarded?” Nepgear groaned, before she noticed the cyan lights in the movie, “Okay… I stand correct and… the Romuides? Really?”

“The what now?” Neptune blinked.

“They’re the bad guys of the current season. Well… if Megahex is smart, he’ll use their ability to slow down time to his advantage.” Nepgear stated bluntly, before seeing this didn’t happen, “What an idiot!”


-Now… let us put an end to this!- Duke shouted.

“Very well… to the end!” Zangetsu responded.

Duke pushed the lever on his Driver, while Zangetsu again sliced his Lockseed.




“Go Takatora!” Nepgear shouted, as the sounds of clashing happened, “No… don’t leave us hanging… dang it.”

The group simply continued to watch, all of them watching the next few scenes play out, everybody simply amazed by what happened. As they watched, Nepgear continued to explain a few things to them.

“So… is the bad guy winning?” Rom asked.

“I think so…” Nepgear nodded, before the next part unfolded, “...of course that thing remains, and Micchy never once thought to use it for a Jinba Mode…”

“A what mode now?” Neptune asked.

“I’ll explain later…” Nepgear sighed, as they all watched Zangetsu-Shin and Ryugen fight Megahex. After seeing a scene of Ryugen hesitating, they all gasped to see the Kiwami Key was now no longer in Meaghex’s grasp.



“I will never give up!” a voice shouted.

Megahex blasted at Mai, Takatora and Micchy, but luckily, a giant golden orange armor surrounded them and protected them from the blast. It unfolded into all of the fruit and nut armors, and went flying.

-THIS DEFIES CALCULATION!- Megahex shouted as he was attacked by the armors.


“This can’t be…” Nepgear gawked.


“Koke kara wa… ore no stage da! (This… is my stage now!)” they heard Kouta’s voice shout out from the explosion. As it faded, Kouta was right there, alive.


“He’s back! Totally awesome!” Nepgear giggled, “Oh… it’s time!”



The armor parts appeared above them, before the Lockseeds were activated in the Drivers.


Thus, Gaim Kiwami Arms, Zangetsu-Shin and Ryugen all charged forward, ready to finish off Megahex for good.


“Go Gaim go!” Nepgear shouted in joy, “Oh. Triple Rider Kick… this is so cool!”

“She’s almost as big an otaku as you can be, Vert-san,” Neptune joked.

Nepgear’s eyes widened at what just happened, seeing there was more than a single Megahex, seeing all of them drop down into the scene, “Oh… crud. Wait… oh that’s his planet. Hmm… is planet goes bye-bye… so does Megahex. Guess that’s where Gaim and Drive are gonna go when they meet up,”

-The Slowdown, a phenomenon where reality seems to come to a near halt…- a male voice in the movie started as the movie was shifting over to it’s second segment, -When it happens, it means a monster is wreaking havoc nearby…-


“And the Tokujōka (Special Crimes Unit) responds. At least… we usually do. But lately, we’ve been dealing with a much more… unusual, perpetrator.” Shinnosuke stated in his thoughts as he was currently driving, “The legendary thief, Ultimate Lupin.”


“So, this is the guy who fights those Romuide guys?” Neptune checked.

“Yep,” Nepgear nodded, “And before you ask, yes, he’s driving a car. He’s one of the first Riders in years to drive a car.”

They watched as the scene continued, with the villain, Lupin managing to slip away from the Tokujōka. But luckily, several minicars flew in to slow his progress down.

“What the…?” Neptune blinked

“The Shift Cars,” Nepgear smiled.


The Shift Cars moved over to the Tridoron, with Shinnosuke taking Max Flare, Funky Spike and Midnight Shadow into a holster for the mini cars.

“That’s far enough, Ultimate Lupin!” Shinnosuke shouted.

“Appears the rumors are true, he can cause the Slowdowns,” a female added.


“Who’s the chick?” Neptune asked.

“His partner, Kiriko.” Nepgear informed.

“She his girlfriend?” Uni asked next.

“...she’s like Noire, a tsundere.” Nepgear stated after thinking it over for a moment.

“Hey! I'm nothing like her, ok?!" Noire snapped.


“We’re up, Belt-san!” Shinnosuke stated, as he readied his Driver.

=Okay Shinnosuke! Start Your Engine!= his belt announced. Shinnosuke took out a red mini-car, flipped it around and insert it into a small brace of sorts.

“Henshin!” he announced, flipping it upwards.

= DRIVE: TYPE… SPEED! *upbeat jazz music* =

Thus, with a tire flying forward and attaching onto him, Shinnosuke became Kamen Rider Drive.


“Okay… that is one odd looking suit…” Neptune blinked.

“You get used to it after a while,” Nepgear shrugged.


“Kamen Rider… how good it is to finally meet,” Lupin stated, currently in a Roidmude like form.


“How come he didn’t say ‘Kamen Rider Drive’? I mean… there are other Riders, right?” Uni asked.

“...I blame the script.” Nepgear shrugged.

They watched as Lupin was able to slip away, and the chase was on to try and find him, eventually leading Shinnosuke into an old mansion, where Lupin revealed he had managed to fuse with a Roidmude known as the Cyberoid.


“I took up the interest of becoming a hero… and what did I discover?!” Lupin boasted, as he was fighting Shinnosuke man-to-man, “A feeble minded fool who reduced himself to menswear, and his partner, a mewling whelp who relies on that fool like a crutch!”

Lupin then punched Shinnosuke down, and gave another smug look, “That… was the true identity of you, Kamen Rider. Absolutely disappointing!”

“Nandato?! (What was that?!)” Shinnosuke shouted in response, running forward and attempting to attack him, but Lupin easily over powered.

“The anger I felt… drove me to commit my latest crime spree!” Lupin shouted.


“Hoo boy… this guy’s a total jerkhead. Wanting to steal the title of Kamen Rider… you’d at least think he’d be smart enough to attack other Kamen Riders… just sayin’,” Neptune shrugged, as she ate some popcorn.

“Onee-chan… that’s actually a rather smart observation.” Nepgear gawked.


“Prepare yourself, human thief,” a person dressed in purple and black told Lupin.

“...Shinigami?” Shinnosuke blinked in confusion, “What are you doing here?”

“Humans must not be allowed to wield the power of the Roidmudes for themselves,” he responded, as three Roidmudes walked up to him, being numbered 014, 020 and 061, “He must be eliminated,”

With that, this person took out a sort of weapon, holding some sort of purple and silver gun handle without a barrel and a button on the front., which he pressed down with his other hand, activating a standby tone. He then let go of it, and raised into the air.


With that, he raised his weapon into the air, and became a warrior in purple, black, and silver armor with orange eyes looking like a mix between a car-themed Rider, a kaijin, and a robotic warrior.

Lupin simply chuckled and smirked at this, as he took out a gold and red version of the Brake Gunner.

“You managed to steal the data for my Brake Gunner?!” Machine Chaser growled.

“I shall be replacing you two as the hero who strikes down evildoers,” Lupin told Shinnosuke and Belt-san, as he readied his weapon, “Henshin!”

He pressed down on the muffler part and let a standby sound play for a moment, he then seemingly shot the air, causing all sorts of holographic precious items to appear, before he posed.

=LU~PIN! *suspenseful jazz end-riff music*=

With that, the items converged, forming a suit, which looked similar to Mashin Chaser to an extent, but looked like a red, black, silver, and gold magician of sorts, having a black and red top hat and cape.

“Kamen Rider Lupin enters the scene,”


“Cheese and crackers, who the heck is this guy?!” Neptune gasped.

“...Lupin turned into that knock off…” was all Nepgear could say, as she watched Lupin easily kick the butt of three Romuides, “...okay, this guy is dangerous.”

They all watched as Lupin was easily able to kick Machine Chaser’s butt, much to the shock of not only the group watching the movie, but Shinnosuke as well.

“He wants the title of Kamen Rider… oh no… so scary…” Neptune stated sarcastically, as they watched Drive attempt to fight off Lupin, but easily get knocked around like a rag doll, “...but then again, he might lose…”


=Shinnosuke, look out!= Belt-san shouted, leaping off of Shinnosuke’s waist and jumping into the air to protect him from the blast. He landed on the ground with an echoy thud.


“...Belt-san… this can’t be…” Nepgear gasped, tears starting to form in her eyes, “This can’t be…”


“Belt-san, dajibouka?!”

=*chuckles, before gasping for breath* For someone who accused me of being deceptive… you certainly seem concerned, Shinnosuke…= Belt-san said weakly.

“Of course I am!” he told Belt-san.

=Sh-shinnosuke… stop… Lupin… at this rate… he-he’ll be a greater threat… th-tha-an… the Romuides…=

“I can’t… not by myself!”

=Tha-that-that’s… not true… I know you can… I am certain of that. Becau-use… because y-y-you…= Belt-san spoke, before his image disappeared off of the screen of the Driver.

“No… Belt-san… Belt-san!” Shinnosuke shouted, shaking the belt, “Belt-san! ...Belt-san… BELT-SAN! ...Belt-san…”

Lupin just watched this, before picking up Shinnosuke and moving the Lupin Blade Gunner up to his neck, “The title of Kamen Rider now belongs to me!”

He punched Shinnosuke aside, knocking him out in the process.


“Belt-san…” Nepgear whimpered, simply shocked that this happened. They all watched the following scene unfold in the Drive Pit, and when Shinnosuke left said area, a person in a white suit walked in, “It… can’t be…”

-My my… dropping out of the race so early.- he spoke, walking over to Belt-san, -Drive?-

“...Mach?” Nepgear gasped.

“Mock? He doesn’t sound like he’s mocking him…” Uni responded.

“No. Not that kind of mock. Like… mach speed,”



Everyone was in awe at how Shinnosuke was able to figure out Lupin was impersonating somebody in the Tokujōka, and was able to knock him out of hiding. However, Lupin had a contingency plan, and it was in action.


Shinnosuke was currently free-falling, and attempted to start up Belt-san, turning the Ignition Key on the Driver, but it did nothing.

“I’m not giving up yet!” Shinnosuke shouted.

He turned the key, nothing happened.

“Even if it doesn’t work…”

He turned the key, nothing happened.

“As long as I’m wearing this… I’m…”

He turned the key, nothing happened.

“I’m…” he shouted, before screaming, and turning the key again, and it started to work.

With that, all of the Shift Cars surrounded him in a circular motion, actually going so fast, they formed a red loop around him, similar to the symbol that appeared on the screen during the stand-by sound on the activated Driver.

“I… am Kamen Rider, DRIVE!” he shouted, taking the Type Speed Shift Car and inserting into the Shift Brace, “HENSHIN!”

He flipped it forward, and it caused a red light to surround him…

=Okay Shinnosuke! Start Our Engine!=


Shinnosuke crashed through the roof of a building, turning into Drive Type Speed, looking to see the Type Speed Tire go in and attach onto him.


“Uh… why is that tire not wet?” Neptune asked.

“Well… it does spin rapidly enough, I guess it dried itself off,” Nepgear shrugged.

“I guess,” Neptune shrugged.

They watched as Chase aided Drive in fighting Lupin and as Drive finished off Lupin with a Rider Kick.


“...Tomari Shinnosuke, I’m giving it back. The title… of Kamen Rider.” Lupin stated as his Rider form blew up, and a core slipped away from the Cyberroid’s body.


“Go Shinnosuke!” Nepgear cheered happily, accidentally sending her popcorn flying into the row behind her.

“Nepgear…” Noire, Vert, Uni and Compa sighed, all four of them covered in popcorn.

“Hmm? Whoops… sorry…” Nepgear apologized.

And so they got back to watching as they saw Kiriko denying that she was smiling.

“See? She’s just like Noire can be sometimes,” Nepgear joked.

“She’s not wrong. This Kiriko girl is almost as much a tsundere as you are Noire,” Neptune added.

“You know I’m right here, right?” Noire asked.

“Yes, yes I do,” Neptune nodded.

Thus, the third portion of the movie began, and Nepgear, who had quickly ran out to get some new popcorn, was watching with great interest.

“Hey Megahex… you know those guys you copied? They can slow time down… Gaim Riders can’t resist the Slowdown… well… Gaim, maybe, he is a god at this point, but I doubt Ryugen and Zangetsu-Shin could… *groans* idiot,” Nepgear stated, pausing before she continued to eat her popcorn.


“Hey man… you got a tire stuck on you…” Gaim told Drive, who had just showed up and helped the three Riders fight off the robot doubles of the Roidmudes and Inves.

Drive turned around to face Gaim, “I’m Kamen Rider Drive, a humble civil servant,” he paused and then proceeded to point over to Megahex, “I was following that guy.”

Drive then began to look at Gaim in confusion, “And.. who are you supposed to be?”

“Ore? ...ore wa Kamen Rider Gaim,” Gaim responded, before he thought for a moment, “Let’s see… well, to put it as simply as possible… I’m some sort of Uchu no Kami-sama (Space god) now. Get it?”

“...a kami-sama?” Drive asked.

“Yea…” Gaim nodded.

“...a kami-sama…” Drive stated.

“I… guess,” Gaim told him. Drive looked around at him for a moment, the red Rider a bit stumped at this, but he shrugged it off.

“Hmm… I can’t really say I understand your story, but you seem like one of the good guys.” Drive responded, giving Gaim a pat on the shoulder.

-Gaim, Drive…-ZZZ Megahex began, having chosen to wait until the two were finished talking, -Confirmed to oppose the will of the Megahex.-

“Looks like we’ve got a common enemy,” Drive noted.

“Sure does. Let’s team up and take him down.” Gaim added, readying the Daidaimaru for combat.


“This outta be good,” Nepgear smiled, “...wait, what’s he doing now? M-m-masaka…”

“Who’s this guy?” Neptune asked.

-Kaito?!- Gaim gawked.

-Stupid Megahex… first Ryouma, and now Kumon Kaito?!- Zangetsu-Shin added, readying his Sonic Arrow.

“Who’s… this guy?” Neptune asked.


“Kazuraba… you never change. I see you’re still fighting the same battle,” Kaito commented, moving his jacket out of his way and taking out the Banana Lockseed, “Well… I haven’t changed either. Henshin!”






“Kaito…” Nepgear gulped, seeing him turn into Baron and ready the Banaspear, but she cheered in joy, and also tossed more popcorn in the roy behind her, when Baron struck ZZZ Megahex with the Banaspear, “YES! YES, YES, YES!”

“...Nepgear… you did it again,” Noire stated in agitation.

“Ah well, we ain’t payin’ for the snacks so…” Neptune shrugged, so she dumped her own popcorn in Noire’s hair.

“...Real mature there, Neptune,” Noire groaned.

“Never said I had to be,” Neptune giggled.

Noire cracked a bit of a smile at this, but she didn’t know why she did.

“Shh… I heard a lot about this part…” Nepgear told them.


Suddenly, purple shots attacked several of the duplications. Zangetsu-Shin turned around to see Brain, Heart and Machin Chaser.

“Who are you?” Zangetsu-Shin asked.

“Consider us allies… for the time being,” Brain told him.

“Erasing individual will to create a unified whole? I’d rather not live in such an uninspiring world… we Roidmudes value individuality, you see,” Heart added.

With that, both Heart and Brain assumed their Roidmude form, ready to aid the Riders.

“You’re marked for death!” Mashin Chaser told the duplications as the three of them charged forward.


“Wow, the baddie commanders are working with the good guys… don’t see that often in this franchise, do ya?” Neptune stated/asked.

“Depends,” Nepgear shrugged, as they saw Gaim and Drive attempt to fight ZZZ Megahex, however, he simply managed to heal off the damage they caused to him.

-EH?! Your belt can talk?!- Gaim gasped in shock after hearing Belt-san speak.

Nepgear began to laugh at this, before the scene changed locations to show both Drive and Gaim out of Rider form.

“Man… Kouta’s… short compared to Shinnosuke…” Neptune stated bluntly.

“First off, glad you finally learned their names. And second off, you’re right. Shinnosuke’s actor is 15 cm taller than Kouta’s actor.” Nepgear informed.


Suddenly, in rode a new Lockseed and a new Shift Car, landing in their respective Rider’s hands. After looking at them for a moment, the two looked at each-other for a moment, before nodding and getting ready to use them.

= DRIVE! =


The two then did their poses and announced a single word in perfect unison.


The sounds were initially a bit drowned out by each-other, but when the new forms took their shape and the two Riders were now back in the real world, they were heard perfectly.




“Wow… Gaim looks… uh…” Neptune began, unsure of what to think.

“Stupid?” Blanc asked.

“Yea, that’s what I was looking for, stupid.”

“And what’s with that hat Drive has? Is that supposed to be a samurai’s Amigasa hat?” Blanc asked.

-A samurai’s Amigasa hat…? Neat, how Japanese.-

“...color me impressed,” Blanc shrugged.

Everybody watched in awe as Drive and Gaim easily knocked Megahex around, before finishing him off with a Rider Double Slash, when suddenly…


“Wait… is that a Roidmude’s core?” Drive asked, having to move the hat up a bit so he could see.

Said core, being ‘ZZZ’, flew right into the zipper that lead to Megahex’s planet.

“That’s the Megahex planet… which means it’s the main processor for all of their heads,” Gaim stated, with Drive turning to face him for a moment, before looking back up at the zipper.

=The enemy has assimilated ZZZ, which means it has the same vulnerability as the Roidmudes.= Belt-san stated.

“He’ll go down if we can take the planet out!” Gaim realized.

“That’s right!” Drive nodded.

=We have to get up there quickly and destroy it!=

“Yea, but, how are we supposed to do that?!” Drive asked.

Suddenly, Tridoron drove up and stopped by the two Riders and Mai. A holographic image of the Type Fruits Shift Car inserted itself into the back port on the car, causing the tires to change into hover tires.


“Those stinkin’ thieves! They stole that from Mario Kart 8!” Blanc growled.

“Actually, I think that’s meant to reference the DeLorean,” Neptune responded.

“...oh. Never mind,” Blanc blinked.


“Oh… sugee…” Gaim gawked.

=Very impressive, now it can actually act as a space machine.= Belt-san smirked.

“What a turn of events. And it was already a two-seater! Let’s move Gaim!” Drive told him.

“Right!” he nodded, before turning to Mai, “I’m heading out,”

Thus, the two Riders headed for the doors, but… neither of them fit, due to Gaim Drive Arms shoulderpads and modified helmet, and Drive Type Fruits due to the shoulder pads attached to the wheel and the new hat.

“Uh… nope. This isn’t gonna work… uh… Gaim, normal forms!”



“About time Gaim Orange Arms shows up…” Nepgear stated, as the two Riders got in.

-Uh, Kami-sama, your seatbelt.- Drive reminded, pointing to his own to remind him.

-Yosha! Ikuze Drive!- Gaim announced, before realizing what Drive meant, -Eh? Oh, right… my seatbelt…- he then looked for it, but didn’t see it, -Uh… where is it?-

-You never used one, Kami-sama?- Drive groaned as he had to help Gaim get it on.

-Oh, there it is!-

-Come on…- Drive groaned.

Everybody began to laugh at this, before they focused on the movie again. They saw the two Riders head up for the zipper and then, shenanigans unfolded.

-Can’t this thing go any faster?!- Gaim asked.

-This is as fast as it goes, okay?!- Drive responded in an annoyed tone.

-Come on, move it!-

Everybody attempted to hold back their laughter at this, and yet it was clear they’d fail that.

-Watch out, it’s behind us!- Gaim told Drive.

-I know!- Drive shouted.

-Right, right, go right!-

-Stop that!-

-Wait, go left! Left!- Gaim shouted, -Now make a right!-

Nepgear began to burst out laughing, “Who wrote this… I think I might’ve busted a gut…”

Neptune walked over to her sister to help her back into her seat, but then…

-A bat! And the walls! Look at the walls!- Gaim shouted, -Hurry, hurry!-

-I know!- Drive told him.

Neither sister couldn’t hold back from laughing at this, with Compa and IF sitting the two back down in their seats, just in time to pay attention to the movie as Gaim and Drive unleashed their Double Rider Kick on Megahex and destroyed the planet.

All of the remaining mechanical doubles ceased functioning, with Zangetsu-Shin and Ryugen looking up to see the Megahex planet was now destroyed.

“Kazuraba…” Zangetsu-Shin said nervously.

“Kouta-san…” Ryugen added.

“Heh… looks like they did it,” Zangetsu-Shin smiled.

“I supposed the Kamen Riders have earned some applause… for today,” Heart stated as he, Brain and Chase took their leave, one of Heart’s shoulders smacking the side of an inactive Roidmude clone.


“Okay, that was pretty funny,” IF chuckled.

“Eh?” Nepgear blinked, seeing smoke come off of Baron, who fell onto his knees, letting the Banaspear fall out of his hand, “Was that just… some robotic copy?”

“Hard to say sis,” Neptune admitted.


Gaim and Drive watched as Megahex’s based set in Zawame City blew to bits, allowing the two a moment to finally relax. Both dropped their Rider forms and looked at each-other.

=Nice Drive you two,= Belt-san smiled.

“Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you,” Shinnosuke thanked, “I guess you really are some sort of kami-sama, huh?”

“ more of that ‘kami-sama’ stuff, okay? It’s Kazuraba Kouta,” Kouta smiled, before turning to look at the Tridoron, “You’re an amazing driver. You drive a race car?”

Shinnosuke chuckled at this comment, “I’m Tomari Shinnosuke. And, no, I don’t race cars, I’m a police officer,”

The two Rider shaked hands, both of them smiling.


The last little bit of the movie played, and the group smiled, applauding such a wonderful film.

“So… was it worth the wait and… everything we did the past few days?” Neptune asked Nepgear as they left the theater.

“Yes, yes it was,” Nepgear smiled, before seeing Neptune had a bag with her, “What’s that?”

“You think I don’t pay attention. Behold… the missing toys from your collection,” Neptune smirked, handing Nepgear the bag, in it was the DX Drive Lockseed & Fruits Shift Car Buncle, the DX Dragonfruits Energy Lockseed and the DX Shift Tridoron.

“’re the best sister ever, I love you Neptune,” Nepgear giggled.

“Same here, Nep Jr.,” Neptune smiled, hugging her.


*As the ending instrumental began, we see the girls appear, starting with Neptune and Nepgear in their respective HDD forms, initially looking like holograms before they became solid, and started dancing, slowly joined by the other girls.*

I wish deatta kono basho de (I wish we met here, at this place again.)

*Neptune took IF and Compa by their wrists, and they ran off to Compa’s house, with Neptune recalling how she met Compa.*

Go fight inochi ga moeru made (Go fight blossom your life as far as is)

*Nepgear walked over and pulled her sister into a hug, before the two were joined by IF, Compa, Noire, Uni, Blanc, Ram, Rom and Vert.*

I don't forget hateshinai tabi e (I don’t forget our endless journey)

*Neptune stood with Blanc, Noire and Vert, before the four looked over their four landmasses with smiles*

Promise to you chikai wa hitotsu ni (Promise to you I will be near as one with you)

*Neptune slipped down from something, but before she could fall to the ground, Nepgear caught her, and she was aided by the other CPUs and the CPU Candidates.*

"Kanashimi no kazu dake kizuna ga musuba reru" (“Sadness, sorrow, grief, lament bond with harmony and tied together”)

*Neptune and Nepgear were then shown in their room back at home, both of them playing a videogame, with Histoire watching them goof off from behind a corner. Histoire looked at a picture in her tome, and then at the two girls.*

Megami-sama ga oshiete kureta (Goddess please lend me your help)

*Purple Heart stood before the night sky, holding her sword. She looked at it and sighed, seeing there were many enemies before her.*

Everybody now kioku no sora (Everybody now, sky of our memory)

*Purple Heart then flew forward to fight them. She then looked and saw that they were all dead already. She looked up to see Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart and Purple Sister there, they waved and smiled at her.*

Happiness? Lucky? Your smile?

*Purple Heart giggled and smiled at her friends.*

Darenimo makenai egao ni aitai (I won’t give up, till I can see you smile)

*At a cliff, stood several figures that were silhouettes, several of them female,and some of them male. They all looked at Neptune playing around in a park, and they smiled at her.*

Everybody know akiramenai (Everybody know, don’t give up)

*Neptune and Nepgear began to dance together, before it cut to show them being asleep at home. It then cut to them working in the office part of their home, Neptune being less than thrilled at this.*

Happiness? Lucky? Your smile?

*Neptune looked at a picture sitting at the side of her desk, which was of herself, Nepgear, IF and Compa smiling.*

Mirai o tsukamou... Love&Peace (Let’s grasp the future. Love&Peace)

*She giggled and the camera focused at this as the song came to it’s end, finishing off with the girls dancing from the start of this ending sequence, ending with their hands together, the spaces forming hearts.*


Neptune (Narrating): Next time on Sisterhood Stories…

Nepgear: Hey Rom, what’s up?

Rom: I’m… building a fort.

Ram: That’s what you call a fort? I can build a better one!

Uni: Puh-lease, with my Lastation tech, I could build the best fort in the history of forts!

Nepgear: Let’s see who can do it.

Neptune (narrating): So, it’s gonna be a fort building contest.

Histoire (narrating): I think they may be missing the point of what a child’s fort is supposed to be...

Episode 7: The Great Fort-Off

Neptune & Nepgear (narrating): Keep calm and game on!
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisterhood Stories Ch 6
After an argument, Nepgear runs away from home. Find out what happens next.

Small warning, this chapter will cotain spoilers for Movie War Full Throttle. Read to find out why.

Heads up, there's some Japanese in this story, and minor cursing, so viewer descrition is advised.

Hyperdimension Neptunia belongs to Compile Heart and Idea Factory, we do not own anything, apart from the idea to make this story.

Kamen Rider belongs to Toei, Shotaro Ishadri and the like.


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