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Runaway Guys 3D World by pikatwig
Runaway Guys 3D World
Today, TRG uploaded the first part of their Super Mario 3D World LP. This is my personal favorite Mario game, and I drew this in honor of it. Masae (as Peach) is throwing a boomerang at the item box, with NCS (as Luigi) trying to skid to a stop with Luigi's slippery shoes. Jon (as Toad) is running over to try and get to the items when they emerge, and Chugga (as Mario) is at the flag, simply relaxing. By the flag, is the 1st Place Crown.

Over by a bell tree, is me (as Captain Toad) watching, along with Rosalina and Luma.

I don't own Mario.
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I can't be logged in when I'm looking at an image or a story... and it's not just me, my buddy :iconseanzilla9999: has been having that same problem. If you're able to, leave a message below if this has been happening to you, and see if you can pass this onto the higher-ups of this site.
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A plan for a top secret project. Something similar to how Hasbro released many shorts for Rainbow Rocks, for the super-duper top secret project I've had in works for a while... will be getting something sort of like it.
Takeshi and Thundah Paladin, walked around a street, Takeshi’s knight keeping a close watch over Takeshi, making sure nothing could hurt him. Takeshi just looked around the city, seeing it was still looking almost a little damaged, but still stable enough. He looked around and saw various samurais and ninjas on posters.

“Commander Takeshi,” Thundah Paladin replied, getting his commander’s attention, “Thera is a good place for us Fantasee Knyghts, but I do not know if it is a safe enough place for a human. I suggest that we return to Earth as immediately as possible.”

“I have a feeling you might be right. I don’t know when someone could end up attacking us… problem, I don’t know how to get home from here,” Takeshi sighed. Thundah Paladin looked around for a moment, before seeing something. He guided Takeshi over to what appeared to be data particles of sorts.

“I recall you used a special card against some shadows… and I will assume that these particles can be used to return you to Earth,”

Takeshi remembered the card and searched his person for it, and after a moment, found the mysterious card with the T on it. He held it up to the sort of particles, and sure enough, it changed into the sword portal that would lead back to Earth.

“Well, I guess I’ll talk to you next time I come by. Until then, Thundah Paladin,” Takeshi bid before he entered the portal, and his knight reverted back to its card shape and followed him back.

However, unknown to the two, somebody happened to be watching them. This figure was one of the cloaked figures from the mysterious meeting, and by this person, was a ninja Fantasee Knyght, the person’s garbs being red and the Fantasee Knyght had a sort of camera, looking at pictures of Takeshi and his Fantasee Knyght.

“Hey, Mistress… what should we do with this guy? He’s guarded loyally by the knight when here, so…”

“We don’t bother him. Come on… let’s go home,”

With that, the person revealed the T card and headed through the portal and down a different pathway than Takeshi.


Takeshi soon re-emerged in the real world, finding himself back at school somehow… in the locker room. He simply looked around in confusion, seeing the clock read 4:25pm, school had ended…

“Have I been gone that long?” he questioned, checking his watch to see the time was 7:25am, “What the?! How the heck? I was only gone for like nine minutes, and yet like… nine hours passed?!”

“Takeshi?” Kota’s voice asked, as Takeshi’s best friend walked over to him, “Where were you? You’ve been gone the whole day! I had to take notes for all the classes you missed out on!”

“Kota!” Takeshi smiled, getting up and hugging his friend.


Takeshi and Kota were on their way home, and Takeshi had yet to explain where he had been all day.

“Seriously dude, where were you? When you were on your way to school, you were talking away about the game like nobody’s business, and yet now after nine hours of you being gone, you practically remain silent!”

“...I’d rather not tell you…” Takeshi admitted, as Kota gave an annoyed sigh.

“Fine… but can you at least explain to me some cards again?” Kota asked, as Takeshi was more knowledgeable in the cards than he was. Takeshi gave a nod, with Kota taking out two cards: being the same T and C cards he had found that morning, “Are those new card? I never saw them before.”

“Well… I don’t know…” he admitted, with Takeshi slowly walking ahead of his friend, “Hey… I need to get home a bit early… I’ll talk to ya later, alright?”


Takeshi took off, leaving Kota confused before the latter shrugged and decided to check the card shop again.


“Blade of Fire,” a male voice began, being the circle of eight cloaked figures from before, “So, did Test Subject 01 enter Thera successfully?”

“Yes, he indeed did, Blade of Light,” the female with the ninja Fantasee Knyght informed.

“Excellent. Blade of Thunder, you keep on eye on Test Subject 01 and assure he doesn’t cause any… trouble,” the first person, the Blade of Light, told another male.

“Gotcha, boss man.”


That night, Kota was in his room organizing his Fantasee Knyghts cards.

“Defense of Blizzards and an Ice Wave would be a good strategy… but that cooldown time would leave MystikalMystikal Mahoutsukai open for punishment... maybe if I used the Charge Ice to boost defense and then a Skating Booster to increase agility... I could... *sighs* I’m not that good with pre-planning these things  ...Though, I do wonder… where did these cards even come from… I mean, they’re all amazing.. but, who could’ve come up with a game like this, with all these rules, different card types, elements, and even these monsters?”

He sighed and put the deck of cards down, leaving his mage card, along with the C and T cards at the top of the deck. Kota climbed into bed to try and get some rest, but he felt it hard to fall asleep as his mind kept wandering.


Takeshi just looked at Thundah Paladin’s card for a moment, still thinking back to how he met the knight on Thera… but he was still confused as to how Thera could even be real.

“...Was I dreaming all that? ...It felt so real, but I… don’t know. I mean, Kota had those same cards...”

He paused and yawned, simply shrugged it off, placing Thundah Paladin back with his deck.

“I’ll think about it more tomorrow,” he figured, as he lied down on his bed.


The next day was Saturday, so Takeshi and Kota met up at a local ice cream parlor. They had tried to order their usual flavors, but couldn’t, due to some ice cream having to be recalled for some reason. Takeshi just sighed as he looked back at his card, seeing his primary monster, Thundah Paladin, along with a Wind Elemental card that would gift his knight the wind sub-element.

“...So, Takeshi, remind me what that card does?” Kota asked, pointing to the wind card.

“Oh, you mean The Sub-Aero Charge? It’s a card type that can grant any monster of your choice with your preferred sub-element. And rather oddly… you’re the only one I know that doesn’t have a Sub-Element,”

“...I just don’t know what to pick…” Kota admitted.

Takeshi gave a shrug, when suddenly, everyone was escorted out, and a sign was placed on the door reading ‘Sorry, no ice cream’.

“Well that stinks,” Takeshi sighed, walking along, with Kota following him.

“Aww… I was looking forward to having some cotton candy ice cream…” Kota sighed.

“I will never understand how you like the ice cream, and yet you claim real cotton candy is too sweet for you,” Takeshi admitted with a chuckle.

“Well, it just is, okay?” Kota responded. However, before they could continue speaking, Kota saw a mysterious black shadow roaming around, and Takeshi noticed Kota looking at something.

“What’s up, man?” he asked.

“...I thought I saw something. And… I think I saw a silhouette of a Striker Knight…” Kota told Takeshi.

Takeshi tensed up at this, realizing that Kota was seeing the Fantasee Knyghts that lived on Thera just like he could.

“Wait… you can see them too?”

Kota just nodded, before he walked over, seeing the shadows that would form into the gate. He saw the T card glow, and took it out, and thus, the sword shaped entry point and the card scanner appeared. Kota did the swipe of the card, causing the portal to Thera to open, making Kota gasp before he slowly walked up to it.

“Kota-san!” Takeshi shouted, dashing in after him, the portal closing up.

“, we have our Test Subject 02,” the Blade of Fire muttered, having watched this.


Back on Thera, Takeshi landed right after Kota, who looked stunned by what he saw, seeing the small Chisana-Knights roaming around.

“...Chisana-Knights? Takeshi-san… where are we?” Kota asked.

“...This was where I was most of the day yesterday, Kota.  Welcome… to Thera,” Takeshi informed.

Then, Thundah Paladin appeared behind Takeshi, which Takeshi noticed via his shadow.

“Oh… Thundah Paladin… I want you to meet my friend… Kota Hikari,” Takeshi informed, making Kota turn and gasp, seeing the Fantasee Knyght.

“Pleasure to meet you, friend of the Commander. I am Thundarus Windstrike the Paladus of Heroics, the ally of Takeshi,” the Knyght greeted Kota, causing the boy to gasp for a moment. Suddenly, Kota saw the card of Mystikal Mahoutsukai glow, it then shaped and became a physical being.

“Kakoui… he became real,” Kota gawked.

“He? HE?!” the mage snapped, having a female voice.

“Oh boy… uh… Kota… maybe now would’ve been a good time to mention that… well…”

“Thou ist a woman?” Thundah Paladin gawked, “...dear Princess of the Knyght… my humblest apologies madame,”

“...Yea… the mages attires don’t often make it clear which are male and female, but…” Takeshi started before pulling out a book labeled “A Guide to Fantasee Knyghts”, “This book clearly states the mage that Mystikal Mahoutsukai is, is a woman.”

The mage just scoffed, turning away from the two of them, and looking at her partner, “...sorry. It’s just… I get sick of hearing it.”

“Gomen…” Kota apologized.

“...It’s okay, master. My real name is Usa Lancia, I am a Mystik Mage,” Mystikal Mahoutsuaki informed, helping Kota up.

“I see… Uh… you don’t mind if I keep calling you that nickname, right?”

“Not at all,” she smiled, as she moved a little bit of the hood that covered up the right side of her head, revealing a long blue ponytail that was actually tied to the left side of her head instead of the back.

“Oh wow… you look kind of pretty, dear miss,” Thundah Paladin stated.

Mystikal Mahoutsukai just scoffed at him, taking out her staff and smacking him upside the head. She then saw the Striker Knight that Kota had saw earlier, turned to them upon hearing them speak.

“Heh, a spark of a conflict. Seems like a lotta fun, ikuze, ikuze, ikuze!” Mystikal Mahoutsukai announced, actually SKIPPING forward into battle!

“What the…?” Kota and Takeshi gawked before she began to use ice magic, attacking the Striker Knight rather quickly.

“...shall I aid the young mage?” Thundah Paladin asked.

“Uh… y-yes. Go,” Takeshi nodded as Thundah Paladin ran forward, ready to attack. He attacked quickly, however, the Striker Knight quickly summoned forth an Earth spell, which was the weakness of the Thunder element, causing Thundah Paladin an intense amount of pain.

“Windstryke!” Takeshi gasped, as he was about to take out his deck, but the cards were seemingly stuck in it.

“...that’s just like the game… wait… this subdimension, it must be where the Fanatasee Knyght battles take place!” Kota realized, as he took out the deck and put Mystikal Mahoutsukai’s card into the reader, which suddenly changed shape, instead of looking like a sort of 3DS, with the bottom screen having a card insert for enhancement cards, it now looked like some sort of smartphone with a card scanner built-in on the side, he gawked for a moment, before he smirked, “I See… The Fanatasee! Fight by my side Knyght!”

Suddenly, a sort of light blue glow came from Mystikal Mahoutsukai, and she had her powers charged up.

“Alright… Enhancement Card, Ice Wave!” Kota announced, with Mystikal Mahoutsukai smirking and then using her staff to shoot blasts of ice forward, actually managing to freeze up the Striker Knight’s legs.

“That puts him on ice,” Mystikal Mahoutsukai punned. Suddenly, the Striker Knight was able to use a mace to break free.

“I See… The Fantasee! Fight by my side Knyght!” Takeshi announced, “Enhancement Card. Screech of Thunder!”

With the first call, his card reader upgraded to the same model as Kota’s, and with the second, he scanned the card he named before Thundah Paladin took a deep breath, and unleashed a sonic screech, enhanced with electricity.

“...okay?” Mystikal Mahoutsukai said in confusion.

“That was a new card I got recently… I don’t get it either,” Takeshi shrugged, with Thundah Paladin being a little winded.

“Commander… please… never make me do that again…” Thundah Paladin told Takeshi.

Takeshi nodded, before gasping, seeing a fifteen second cool down time came from the use of that card.

“Oh c’mon! Really?” he gawked, not really happy.

“Mystic-chan, looks like it’s up to you and me. You game?” Kota asked.


With that, the mage stood ready for battle, with Kota looking at a new card he had obtained recently, being the Darkness Sub-Type card, he looked at it, and then at his partner.

“You think you’d be good to work with darkness?”

“Dark isn’t always evil, aibou-san! Ikuze!”

Kota nodded, as he loaded the card into the reader.

“Sub-Type go! Mage of Ice and Darkness!”

Thus, Usa Lancia gained some violet highlights, and she smirked, fluttering her now violet eyes.

“Takeshi-san, watch this! Double Enhancement Cards! Ice Walls and Darkness Jumping Boost!” Kota announced, loading in two cards at the same time, with Mystikal Mahoutsukai nodding, using her staff to create ice blocks around the Striker Knight. She followed up by actually doing a sort of wall-jump manuver across them, kicking the Striker Knight rapidly. She stopped after jumping along 10 ice walls, before she snapped her fingers, and all of the damage she did caused the Striker Knight to go down, unconcious.

“Yosha!” Mystikal Mahoutsukai smiled, as she skipped over to Kota, “That was great work, aibou-san!”

“Whoa…” Takeshi gawked, seeing that the two had won with such ease.


“There’s a second test subject?” the Blade of Light asked.

“Yes. His name is Kota Hikari, the friend of Test Subject 01, Takeshi Narumi. They just came across the portal about five minutes ago,” the Blade of Fire informed via a report.

“So… two boys? And how come, apart from us, no girls have gotten the Transport Card?” another female voice, belonging to the Blade of Earth, inquired.

“...I do not know,” the Blade of Thunder responded.

“And have either of them used the C Card yet?”

“Not just yet.” the Blade of Fire informed with a small tone of regret


“That was too close,” Takeshi panted, as they had sat down to relax.

“I won a battle… I’ve never done that before… unless you threw it.” Kota informed.

“Yea, that was a close one, I will admit… though… I’ll also admit those shadows… I’ve seen them before,” Takeshi informed, “Even before I got this card that sends us to Thera…”

“Really? ...when?”

Takeshi took a deep breath, recalling the day where he saw a knight at a young age… it was really tall to him back then… and now, he remembered a girl screaming in fear, calling out ‘monster’.

“...the day Hana disappeared…”
Fantasee Knyghts Chapter 2
Now, the mysteries of Thera are starting to take a sort of seat in the lives of the heroes... but how will things go now that two can go to and from this mysterious world?

Me and KKD own the concept of the Fantasee Knyght story.

I own Kota Hikari and Yoko Mirai.

KKD owns Takeshi Narumi, Hana Narumi and Luna Hashimoto.


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I can't be logged in when I'm looking at an image or a story... and it's not just me, my buddy :iconseanzilla9999: has been having that same problem. If you're able to, leave a message below if this has been happening to you, and see if you can pass this onto the higher-ups of this site.

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