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Eating Contest Art Trade by pikatwig
Eating Contest Art Trade
For an art trade between me and my good buddy :icondandyandy1989:, I had to draw a picture of Garfield (from the comics by Jim Davis) and Kirby in an eating contest. I chose to throw in more details so the picture could have more... 'life' to it, so to speak.

Along with Kirby and Garfield, we have three other competitors who have gotten to full to keep going, being Yoshi, Pac-Man and Scooby-Doo. I drew them off to the side, so as the focus could still be to Kirby and Garfield. Kirby and Garfield are both about to eat their favorite food, a watermelon and lasagna respectively, and while Garfield is tall enough to stand at the table, Kirby's sitting in a chair. Also, around Kirby's mouth is a bit of jelly from a pie he had already eaten, so you know.

Kirby belongs to Hal Labratories, Garfield belongs to Jim Davis, Yoshi belongs to Nintendo, Pac-Man belongs to Namco Bandai, and Scooby-Doo belongs to Hanna Barbra (I think...)
Neptune and Nepgear simply looked at their finished pile of work, both of them happy that they were finally done and could get some R&R.

“So Nep Jr. what do you wanna do first? Play some video games? Eat some snacks? Watch cartoons?” Neptune asked.

“Well… I just happened to hear that Histoire finished cleaning the kitchen floor…” Nepgear smiled.

“Ah. So… a little floor skatin’ contest again? So, what’s our bet this time?” Neptune asked.

“The loser has to be the winner’s servant for the rest of the day,” Nepgear responded.

“You’re on!”

With that, the two hurried for the kitchen, now only in their socks, smiling and ready to get started, with Nepgear readying a timer.

“Okay Onee-chan, you start off. Ready… GO!” Nepgear stated, with Neptune moving off, skating around the kitchen.

With this, Neptune decided to show off, spinning around like a ballerina, but she eventually got dizzy and lost balance. But she continue skating around, jumping for a few moments, before she slipped by a chair, falling flat on her butt.

“Owchies…” Neptune whimpered.

“Five minutes, two seconds.” Nepgear stated.

“Aww… I lasted a lot shorter than our best record of eight minutes twenty seconds,” Neptune stated, as she got up and switched positions with Nepgear to do their little contest.

“Okay, here goes,” Nepgear muttered before she started skating like a pro olympic skater!

She managed to move around swiftly and gracefully like a dancer, before eventually actually incorporating some dance moves into her skating, such as a tango and salsa. She eventually stopped and posed gracefully, with Neptune in total shock at the time.

“Ten minutes, forty-two seconds…” Neptune gawked, “And you didn’t even fall over once…”

“I win,” Nepgear giggled.

“Ah mou~” Neptune whined.

“And you know what that means, Onee-chan,” Nepgear giggled, “Now then… for the rest of the day, I’d like for you to call me your Mistress, okay?”

“You do that everytime you win, you know that?” Neptune blinked, before seeing the glare her sister was giving her. Neptune gave an annoyed sigh, rolling her eyes for a moment, before clearing her throat, “I apologize for sounding rude, Mistress. But I must ask… how did you get so good?”

“Oh. I take skating lessons with Ram and Rom the second, third and fourth weekends of the month. I do it so Blanc can have a break from them every so often… I owed her a favor, and yea,” Nepgear explained.

Neptune gave a small sigh, before wondering something.

“Well… if you do it on those weekends, what do you do on the first weekend?” Neptune wondered.

“Goof off with you. And it’s not every month, and the weekends occasionally rotate, we primarily go on the second weekend every month. But we also go on other weekends if we can. Rom and Ram are really good, and I wish Blanc could come and see them sometime…” Nepgear stated, “I didn’t tell you because I was sorta embarrassed. I thought you might think it would be girly,”

“Don’t you ever wonder where I came up with Sonic’s skating moves in Lost World? You. I saw you practice one time, and that’s where the idea came from,” Neptune admitted.

Nepgear and Neptune then sat in silence for a moment, Nepgear thinking of what to do next.

“Neptune, let’s go to our room and relax for a little while, okay?” Nepgear told her sister.

“Hai, Mistress,” Neptune responded, as they headed for their room.


Chapter 2: The Ticket Mistress


Nepgear sat on her bed, watching TV with Nepgear sitting on the floor by her younger sister, simply watching as Nepgear flipped through the channels, trying to find something good to watch.

“Onee-chan… why didn’t you schedule Sonic Boom at a better time?” Nepgear whined.

“Cartoon Network didn’t give me many time slots…” Neptune admitted, “And what’s something stupid, the first ad for the show actually didn’t air until after the first episode aired!”

“Yea… stupid,” Nepgear sighed, as she blinked for a moment, giving up after a moment, just landing on the news and muting the TV, “Oh Servant-Onee-chan… listen up.”

“Hai?” Neptune stated, turning to her sister, seeing Nepgear take off her shoes and socks.

“Massage my feet for me, please,” Nepgear told her sister.

“Yes, Mistress,” Neptune sighed, getting started. Nepgear was pleasantly surprised by how good her sister was, starting to relax at the feel.

“This is… really good… when did you get so good at this?” Nepgear asked.

“I had to do something while you were off at your mystery activities, so, I got a part time job at a Leanbox onsen,” Neptune informed, “Hey wait… those mystery activities are your ice skating practice, aren’t they?”

“Yep. Hey… that explains where you’ve been when I get back,” Nepgear realized.

The two giggled for a moment, as Neptune continued massaging Nepgear’s feet, with Nepgear feeling really relaxed as Neptune did so. Nepgear actually began to doze off a little bit, feeling her eyes start to close, when she accidentally unmuted the TV as an ad began to play.

-Welcome minna, 5pb. here! On Saturday, March 17th, at 7:30pm I’ll be performing at Leanbox, in the Leanbox Theater, showing off all your favorite hits! Hope to see you there.- the girl, who was fair-skinned with pink eyes and having a mole below the left one. Her blue hair is about elbow in length and worn straight, with bangs that stick up from the center and spike downward to frame her face. Worn over her hair is a pair of black headphones with silver and pink accents and a small black microphone attached to the left ear piece. She also has black painted nails and a black music note with a heart piece tattoo on the left side of her stomach.  Her outfit is rather showy in comparison to most of the cast but as an idol, she is supposed to be appealing to the audience. It consists of a black bikini top with very thin silvery vertical lines, black ruffled lining and button pieces on the straps that have small silver spots along them. The ruffled skirt matches the top with white straps and black and pink buckles, a pink belt with a pink bow on the back and black lining of the skirt, and two smaller frilled layers of it, one being pink while the other is black. Her black boots have white strappy stripes and white and black stripes underneath, along with a frontal pink design. One boot is almost covers the entire leg with tears in the material, while the other boot is short with fishnet stocking material, resembling a garterbelt, she also wore multiple accessories, such as small below the shoulder bands with pink frills and silver music notes going around the center, a black and pink bracelet on each wrist, a black frilled choker with studs and a heart piece with her icon on it.

“5pb.-san,” Nepgear giggled.

“Oh yea… wasn’t she one of your party members when you saved me and the others from the Gamindustri Graveyard?” Neptune asked.

“That’s right,” Nepgear nodded, “I haven’t seen her for a while now, I’ll admit. Oh and… who said you could stop the massaging? Your Mistress is displeased…”

Neptune whimpered before she continued her work, making Nepgear smile.

“Don’t worry… you’re forgiven,” Nepgear informed, petting Neptune’s cheek with her foot.

“Okay… that’s kinda impressive,” Neptune admitted, as she continued. She kept it up for a moment, before muttering, “And I can’t wait for today to be over…”

“I heard that,” Nepgear responded, rather annoyed.


The following morning started out rather sour for Nepgear, as she heard her sister crying and complaining.

“Neptune, you are acting like a five year old,” Histoire complained.

“Histy… there’s nothing good to eat… there’s no chips, no candy, no ice cream and no sodas!” Neptune responded.

“But there is a bunch of food that is good for you… much healthier, and some even good tasting,” Histoire sighed.

“Yea, but most of it is nasty-tasting. Can’t you go out and do the grocery shopping?” Neptune responded.

“And give you an excuse to slack? No way Neptune,” Histoire blinked.


“Say another word, and you’re gonna see eggplants in this house,” Histoire threatened, making Neptune instantly run and hide herself in the bathroom.

“NO!  ANYTHING BUT EGGPLANTS!” Neptune screamed from the bathroom.

“Nice, Histoire-san.  You know how much she hates eggplants,” Nepgear giggled, walking on in.

“But… Neptune is right about one thing for all of her complaining. We are running low on food. Nepgear, if it isn’t too much trouble, can you go and do the grocery shopping?”

“Hai, Histoire-san,” Nepgear smiled before she was handed a small list and headed out.


Nepgear simply finished within twenty minutes, though she did buy herself a little snack to eat on the way back, as she had yet to eat any breakfast that morning.

“...maybe I shoulda ate before I left… ah well, ya live and learn,” Nepgear shrugged, as she began to hum the beat to the theme from a certain game with that title.

However, as she hummed, she heard something like a car screech before seeing a black limo drive by and it was being knocked around by some Dogoos.

“Tch… great…” Nepgear muttered, putting down the groceries and dusting herself off for a moment, “Onee-chan’s not here… looks like it’s my time to step up to the plate. Yosh… Hard Drive Divinity Candidate Henshin!”

Nepgear was then surrounded by rings of data before they shattered, followed by her clothes vanishing in a manner similar to Neptune’s.  Her hair grew a bit longer and some shades lighter as her gloves, boots, then main armor appeared, finishing with the wings.

When Nepgear was finished, she had hair that was almost a shade of pink, going down to her knees  while her bangs and side parts before the ears also lengthen. Her eyes turn a bright blue color and her hairclip is now a round white piece with a blue center. Her primary HDD lilac glowing pieces. The top/chest part is connected around the neck while her gloves and boots are above elbow and knee length. The hair piece is black.

Nepgear flew up, holding her weapon, what looked like a gun but also had a long blade attached to it, making it look like a gunblade, starting the battle by using her weapon to shoo away the enemies away from the limo.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now,” Nepgear assured the people inside, the enemies muttering something, “Eh, you don’t know who I am? Well… you will know my name. So listen up, and carve this into your hearts! Atashi was, Nepgear, CPU Candidate of Planeptune, Purple Sister!”

And thus, she charged in, attacking first by blasting her foes like her weapon was a gun before slashing away at them. Once she saw they were weakened, she prepared her weapon for the hissatsu attack.  She then rushed in, slashing them multiple times before they dissipated into data.

“May be a five hit combo, and one of my weaker moves… but hey. Weaker doesn’t always mean it’s useless,” Purple Sister smiled, landing to the ground and turning back to normal.

“Nepgear… is that you?” someone asked, approaching Nepgear.

“Ara?” Nepgear stated, turning around to see 5pb. “Oh! 5pb., it’s been a while,”

“It certainly has. You look a little taller than the last time I saw you… just a little,” 5pb. giggled.

“Yea… wait… was that limo yours?” Nepgear asked.

“Sure is,” 5pb. giggled, smiling, “So… how could I thank you for this…?”

“Oh no. Helping people is it’s own reward,” Nepgear responded.

“Oh, I insist Nepgear. Let me see… a new song inspired by you? No… that takes a while… a girl’s night out… no, I don’t have the time… oh! I know,” 5pb. smiled, as she quickly walked back to her limo and rummaged around for something, she then brought Nepgear an envelope and smiled, “I was planning on giving these to one particular lucky person… but here. Tickets and backstage passes to my concert on Saturday,”

“Oh… thank you,” Nepgear giggled, taking the envelope, “This is just very generous 5pb., thanks a lot. I’ll be sure to be there,”

“Thank you. I’ll see you there,” 5pb. smiled, as she headed back for her limo.

Nepgear saw her depart, before getting the groceries and walking back for home. She thought for a moment about what to wear for the concert, before she took a moment to use the envelope to cover herself from the light from the sun for a moment, but noticed the shadow casted from the inside.

“Wait…” Nepgear said to herself, opening it up, seeing there were only two tickets and two backstage passes, “There’s only two?! ...I shouldn’t be complaining but… who am I gonna bring with me?”


Neptune just gave an annoyed groan, sitting down and doing her work, while Compa, IF, Blanc, Vert, Noire and Histoire were all watching her to make sure she didn’t go anywhere.

“...stop staring at me… you’re kinda scaring me…” Neptune told them.

“Can’t let you leave not being watched. Otherwise you’ll just bail on us,” IF stated bluntly.

“But can you not stare at me?” Neptune whimpered.

“Honestly, she acts like such a little kid sometimes…” Blanc stated.

Histoire then muttered something that was inaudible to everyone else, but Noire saw her mouth move.

“Did you say something Histoire?” Noire asked.

“Oh… it’s nothing,” Histoire responded.

Nepgear then walked through the door, simply muttering to herself as she stared at the envelope in her hands.

“Oh Nepgear, you’re back,” Histoire stated, taking the grocery bags from Nepgear, before she noticed the envelope, “Oh? What’s that?”

Nepgear blinked for a moment, confused until she remembered the envelope.

“Oh, uh… this? Uh… do you want the short version or the long version?” Nepgear asked.

“The version that’ll get us your answer as quick as possible,” Noire stated.

“Okay… uh… I protected 5pb. from an attack, and she gave me tickets and backstage passes to her concert,” Nepgear explained.

“No way!” everyone gawked.

“But… she only gave me two…” Nepgear informed, “But I still have five days to decide who I want to go with me,”

Nepgear then walked away to hide the tickets and passes in a safe spot until she made her choice, making everyone in the room blink for a moment.

“Nepgear is certainly a lucky little girl,” Neptune stated.

“I’d love to go and see the concert,” Compa admitted.

“Heh. Get real Compa, there’s nobody here who’s a bigger 5pb. fan than me,” IF stated.

“...really Ai-chan?” Compa blinked.

“What?! I’ve only gone to all of her concerts since… her debut!” IF stated.

“I remember seeing you there actually,” Vert admitted, “But you’re not getting that ticket IF,”

“Like you’re gonna get it,” Neptune stated, “I’m her big sis. So, Nep Jr.-nee-chan is gonna invite me for sure,”

“What makes you so sure about that?” Noire asked.

“Minna, just let her decide who to pick.  I’m sure we’ll be able to get tickets ourselves,” Blanc insisted, as she simply blinked for a moment, “And thus, I’m heading home/”


Later that evening, Blanc decided to look through the sites to buy tickets for herself and her sisters, knowing they’d like to see 5pb. as well.

“Uh… Onee-chan, did anything… come in the mail, for me?” Rom asked, walking into her sister’s room.

“Oh… sorry, I didn’t check the mail. Gomen,” Blanc responded, “But I’ll check it soon. I promise,”

“Hai,” Rom nodded, as she walked off, while Blanc finally found a website with the tickets, however…

“Oh no! Sold out?!” Blanc gawked, “No… it can’t be. That means the only ticket left is… Nepgear’s second one… ugh… I can’t believe I have to resort to begging and bribery to get to that concert… better not let those little pests learn that the concert is sold out.”

“Too late!” Ram shouted, standing by her sister’s doorway with a smirk on her face, “I know that Nepgear’s got the only ticket. And it’s gonna be mine, all mine!”

“Ram, please calm down. You’re so hot tempered and… weren’t you the one who assumed that Nepgear was an ‘evil goddess’ back when you first met her?” Blanc responded.

“Uh… w-well… th-that was… shut up! I’m getting that ticket!” Ram told her sister.

Meanwhile, Rom was simply sitting by the TV, simply looking at the TVs recorded shows for playback, just trying to find something to watch, not hearing what her sisters were talking about.

“...when is that gonna get here?” Rom muttered to herself.


The date soon became the 16th, one day before the day of the concert, and Nepgear had still yet to make her choice. Currently, the purple haired girl was fast asleep, giggling at whatever she was dreaming of, when the sound of someone walking in caused her to wake up.

“Huh? What the…?” she muttered, looking around, when she saw Neptune walk in, carrying a plate with her.

“Good morning, dear Mistress. Did you sleep well?” Neptune asked.

“...Neptune, we haven’t had our floor skating contest. You don’t need to call me that…” Nepgear responded.

“Does it really matter? You’re my darling little sister, and it doesn’t matter if we have our contest,” Neptune stated, putting down a plate of pancakes and a glass of strawberry milk.

“Aww… these are my favorites. Thanks Neptune this is really sweet… to sweet. What do you want?” Nepgear asked.

“Does an older sister have to want something to do something nice for her younger sister?” Neptune asked back.

“...not always,” Nepgear shrugged, before she glanced to her calendar, which had the next day circled, and the word ‘concert’ written on it, “You want the extra ticket, don’t you?!”

“ I that transparent?” Neptune asked.

“I’m sorry Onee-chan, but I don’t know who I’m giving it to yet. And you doing this for me didn’t help… but I am thankful for the food,” Nepgear admitted, as she began to eat.


Later, Nepgear walked over to what was essentially hers and Neptune’s office, Histoire hovering above her desk.

“Oh, hi Histoire.  I’m just about ready to do my workload for the day,” Nepgear smiled about to pick up some paperwork.

“Oh no, no need for that, dear. In fact, you don’t have to work for the next two days either,” Histoire smiled.

“ that why my pile is bigger?!” Neptune snapped.

“Well, someone has to pick up the slack while she takes the break,” Histy teased Neptune.

“Histoire-san… that’s not really fair and… is this your attempt to get the ticket?” Nepgear responded.

“Eh?!  H-How’d you…?”

“Onee-chan already tried to get it. But… can you two just let me think, extra favors aren’t really helping,” Nepgear told them.

“Hai,” they nodded, as Nepgear walked off to get a snack.

“...that ticket is mine Histy!” Neptune told Histoire once Nepgear was out of earshot.

“Who said it’s yours? Especially if your workload is so big.”

“So, you’re pullin’ a Cinderella on me? Not cool Histy,” Neptune stated.


Almost two hours later, Nepgear sat outside and looked at the sandwich she was making for herself, taking out the ketchup and mustard, shaking the containers so she could get a good squirt.

“Okay… hmm… man… who should that ticket go to…?” Nepgear muttered, as she began to squirt ketchup on her plate, “There’s Onee-chan, IF-chan, Compa-san, Histoire-san, Noire-san, Uni-chan, Blanc-san, Ram-san, Rom-chan, Vert-san… well… uh… uh… maybe I could give somebody else my ticket… but still, that’s eight people who won’t be happy…”

“Uh… have you decided?” Histoire suddenly asked Nepgear.

“NO I HAVEN’T!” Nepgear shouted in annoyance.

“No… on your condiment. You’ve been squirting the plate for a few minutes now, and I kinda need some for my lunch,” Histoire explained.

“Eh?” Nepgear responded, looking down at her plate, realizing she had made a mess with the ketchup while she was thinking out loud, “...yea. Sorry.”


Nepgear had soon walked off from her home to continue thinking while she ate her lunch… or at least was going to, when Compa smiled at her, walking over.

“Hi Nepgear-chan, I just wanted to say you look really nice today, but… you know… I think you could look better,” Compa admitted, making Nepgear turn to her for a moment.

“Uh… okay? Can this wait, I’m kinda hungry for lunch…” Nepgear stated, about to start eating, when Compa sat down by her, “And no it can’t… ugh…”

“Don’t you think you should get a small trim, or at least style your hair in a special way?” Compa asked.

“No thanks. I keep it long so you can tell me apart from Onee-chan,” Nepgear pointed out, “If I cut it too short, Onee-chan will try and switch places with me. She’s done it before,”

“Well… at least maybe style it differently. I know a great stylist,” Compa admitted, with Nepgear realizing what she was getting at, but Compa picked her up and dragged Nepgear off, causing Nepgear to accidentally let her lunch go flying into the garbage can.

“Oh, COME ON!” Nepgear whined.


Soon, Nepgear was at a hair stylist that Compa was friends with, having her hair done.

“Another reason I don’t like getting my hair done… I really just don’t want to sit still while others have their hands on my head…” Nepgear told Compa.

“Just relax a little, it’s a lot of fun,” Compa giggled, having her hair trimmed a little bit, while barely noticeable, it was a nice trim.

In the meantime, Nepgear was having her hair done in a rather unique style, but she couldn’t see it at first, only knowing that people were tugging at her hair for a bit, making her wince a little in pain. After they stopped, they held up a mirror, showing that Nepgear’s hair was now done in an odango style.

“...ara? Where have I seen this before?” Nepgear said to herself, as Compa paid for it.

“I thought you’d like it,” Compa giggled, “So… uh… how about we talk dresses?”

“...wait a second. This is your attempt to get the extra ticket! Grrr! COMPA! I’m not sure who to give it to, and this isn’t helping me!” Nepgear shouted, running off, leaving Compa blinking for a moment.


Nepgear gave an annoyed groan, hearing her stomach rumble, she held her stomach for a moment, when IF walked up to her.

“Oh hey. Have you seen Nepgear? I’ve been meaning to talk with her for a little,” IF stated.

“IF… it’s me, Nepgear,” Nepgear informed. IF squinted for a moment, gasping for a moment.

“Gear?! When did you get an odango hairstyle?” IF asked.

“Blame Compa for it. She made me get my hair done, and part of her silly attempt to get the other ticket. And right now I’m not really in the mood to talk, I’m starving… I had breakfast almost two hours ago,”

IF began to think a little bit, before she took Nepgear’s hand and guided her for the train bound for Lowee so they could get food.


“Ramen?” Nepgear asked, confused why IF picked that place to eat, “We have good noodle places back on Planeptune… so why come here?”

“Because this ramen is the best in all of Gamindustri,” IF smiled as she placed in an order for them both, with IF getting a plain bowl with some soy sauce on it, while Nepgear’s had beef, broccoli, some rice and a small dash of soy sauce, just the way Nepgear liked her ramen.

“Oh… it looks so… yummy-tastical…” Nepgear giggled, smiling as she reached for some chopsticks, and noticed there were some dumplings set up as well, “Oh… this all looks so good! I can’t wait to eat it and… wait a minute…”

“Don’t wait, your food will get cold,” IF stated, slurping down some ramen.

Nepgear was silent for a moment, looking at IF suspiciously, not sure how to react or if she should just shut up and start eating, since she was starving, and it was her favorite… but she just looked at IF, and then at all of the food she had.

“You’d never order this much food for anybody unless you wanted to ask a favor and… it’s the ticket, isn’t it?” Nepgear asked.

IF was silent as she finished a noodle and then looked at Nepgear, “Look… I’ve gone to all of 5pb.’s concerts… and I’ve just been so busy practically babysitting your sister that I couldn’t order the ticket for myself… so please, please, please! At least consider me…”

Nepgear just sighed and looked to her food, “...well… you are… or maybe were… I’m not sure yet… high up on my list for my choice. Look… I’m just not sure, and… *sigh* just, let me think, okay? You’re probably the last person I’d ever see begging…”

“Maybe, but… can you just consider it?” Compa asked.

“Just… no more favors, okay?” Nepgear responded, “No extra favors, and I’ll consider you, okay?”

“Seems fair, “IF smiled, as Nepgear sat there, “Uh… are you going to eat? I bought all that food for you… so…”

Nepgear gave a blink, and then just began to eat all of the food IF had ordered for her, before accidentally burping, she began to wipe her mouth with a napkin, rather embarrassed about it.

“Okay, you are totally Neptune’s sister,” IF laughed.


Later, as Nepgear walked around, now at Lastation to look at the machinery.

“Man… Lastation always looks so nice. Maybe I could build something for Onee-chan… something that would make her… more… uh… what’s the right word?” Nepgear muttered.

“Un-slack-erish?” Noire asked, walking over.

“Oh! Noire-san!” Nepgear gawked, as Noire guided her along to her home.


“So… I was looking for somebody to test out the prototype for a big PS4 game… so, why not you?” Noire smiled, handing Nepgear a controller, and taking out the disk, which Nepgear saw, and gasped at.

“That’s… Kingdom Hearts III…” Nepgear gawked, “That beta still isn’t even finished…”

“I just want to keep the audience in suspense… especially given… ahem… hackers…” Noire stated, “Everything here, top secret. So… how about testing KHIII for me?”

Nepgear reached for the controller, but stopped, realizing what was going on.

“Wait… you too, Noire? Really? You’re using hype to try and get the ticket?! You doing these extra favors for me isn’t helping! And if you want a prototype tester, get Onee-chan or Vert-san!” Nepgear shouted, about to run off, when someone began to tug on her odango hair “Ite… ite ite…”

She looked to see it was Uni, who led her outside and began to walk with her.

“Uni-san… let go of my hair!” Nepgear told her, wincing in pain as Uni let go, and put a shoulder around Nepgear, “Thanks… owie…”

“Sorry about that. But I needed some way to get you over here so we could talk,” Uni stated, “Older sisters can be such a pain at times, can’t they?”

“” Nepgear blinked, “What’re you talkin’ about? I mean… sure, Onee-chan’s a little lazy, but I love her, and you love your sister,”

“I said ‘at times’ didn’t I?” Uni responded, “But seriously, Neptune’s lazy, Noire’s too much of a workaholic, Compa and IF both have jobs, Histoire’s just… Histoire, Vert would just probably fall asleep, Blanc would just be staring at a book the whole time, and Ram and Rom… eh, I don’t know what they’d do. But really, I’m the only one mature enough to go to a concert with you.”

“...If this is about my ticket, the answer is no, I still l need to think it over, and while you did give me some reasons… I have to think for myself,” Nepgear stated, as she ran off quickly, making she her new hairstyle wouldn’t drag behind and let Uni catch her again, “And at least the others were trying to do something that wasn’t slinging mud at somebody else!”

Nepgear ran as fast as her legs could carry her on foot, she was getting really drained from having to run all day, eventually stopping when she thought she was safe. However, where she stopped just happened to be the train bound for Leanbox.

“Oh goodness… I accidentally got into a train… well… at least Vert-san won’t be pestering me for the ticket…” she sighed with relief as she soon sat down to catch her breath.


Nepgear was soon walking around Leanbox, enjoying the fresh air of the area, finding a spot where she thought she could be alone, and sitting down. However…

“Good day Nepgear-nee-chan,” Vert smiled, getting Nepgear’s attention, making Nepgear sigh a little bit.

“You know I’m not your sister… you really need to stop joking about that in front of others…” Nepgear stated.

“You could be my little sister. Just dye your hair green, replace all the purple on your outfit with green, and we’ll be sisters!” Vert smiled, causing Nepgear to groan, instantly figuring out Vert’s reasons, “And once you do, maybe we can have a little sister bonding experience…”

“At a concert? Vert, this isn’t really helping your case… plus… green hair? I’ve had my hair messed around with enough for one day!” Nepgear stated.

“I was actually about to comment about that. Sailor Moon, huh? Or should I call you Sailor Purple Sister?” Vert joked.

“Oh… that’s who I was reminded of…” Nepgear realized.

“Yea… anyways, you wanna read some of it with your ‘Onee-chan’?” Vert asked.

Nepgear then ran off, getting really sick and tired of everyone’s attempts to get the ticket.


Nepgear had hidden in an alleyway and was out of breath by this point, really just ready to be done with this mess.

“...maybe I should just return the tickets to 5pb., this has just been so much trouble…” Nepgear muttered, when she heard Vert gasp by her, “Okay, how did you find me?!”

“Odango hair is not hard to miss Nepgear,” Vert responded, with Nepgear parkouring her way up and above Vert, making sure to try and hide herself when suddenly…


Nepgear fell to the ground, having bumped into somebody. Nepgear groaned, looking up to see Blanc instead of Vert, making her sigh.

“Nepgear? What are you doing here?” Blanc asked.

“It’s a really long story… what are you doing here?” Nepgear asked.

“Purchasing a long story,” Blanc responded, showing a book, “Somethin’ the matter?”

“It’s a long story… but I need somewhere to hide for a little while!”

“Oh… I see… I have a good place to hide out when I don’t want my sisters to pester me… follow me,” Blanc smiled, guiding Nepgear someplace.


The place the two were later in was an amazing looking place, which looked like some sort of dojo for one large half while the other looked like an office with people programming stuff, and what took Nepgear back was a poster with various characters on it.

“What… is this place?” Nepgear asked.

“This, Nepgear-chan, is where I do my planning for the Super Smash Brothers series,” Blanc informed.

“Sugoi… no wonder you said this was a safe place. Nobody would dare try and bother you here,” Nepgear giggled, as Blanc guided her to a programming room.

“Here, is where we make DLC for the game…” Blanc informed, “It’s a… very slow process, given how many gigs tend to go into a Smash Bros game.”

“So… is the Rayman DLC real or no?” Nepgear asked.

“Oh that? At the moment… no. But I have been planning to have somebody suggest another DLC character… and maybe have a tournament where the winners gets to have a character of their choice… within reason, be DLC. So… Rayman’s not outta the realm of possibility…” Blanc informed, as she sat Nepgear down by some paper, “But… I wanna hear what you think. Do you have a character you wanna see in SSB4? Write it down, and I’ll see what I can do about putting he/she/it within the game,”

“Suge…” Nepgear giggled as she thought for a moment, “Maybe Shantae… or maybe Spyro… maybe Amaterasu from Okami... Oh! Maybe even NiGHTS-chan and… wait a minute…”

Nepgear thought for a moment, looking around before gasping, looking at Blanc.

“Is this all a trick in order for me to give you my extra ticket?” Nepgear asked.

“...partly. I have been meaning to ask for ideas…” Blanc admitted, “… ticket or not, can I at least get your thoughts?”

“Well, I guess. Maybe-” Nepgear began, when someone grabbed her hair and ran outside with her.


Nepgear looked and saw she was now outside and that Ram was the one who dragged her out.

“Gimme the ticket! Gimme it, gimme it, gimme it!” Ram shouted.

“...Ram, really?” Nepgear blinked.

“I’m a HUGE 5pb fan, and Blanc-onee-chan never takes me! Come on, gimme the ticket!”

“Ram…” Nepgear started.

“Gimme it! Please, I beg of you, let me have that ticket!” Ram shouted.

“Ram!” Nepgear responded, trying to get her attention.

“PrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPretty Please~~??!!?!?!?!?!”

“RA~~~M!” Nepgear shouted at the top of her lungs, “At least the others tried to be subtle about wanting the ticket!”

“...where’s the fun in subtly?” Ram asked.

“Ugh! That’s it!-”

“Ticket, what ticket?” somebody asked, as they turned to see a small girl with fair skin and bright chocolate brown eyes. Her hair almost matches her eyes and is shown to be very short, just framing her face. Her most noticeable feature is her giant white bunny cap. Her dress that she wore is light blue with princess-puff sleeves and ruffled lining. At her neck and the bottom of the dress is a big brown segment along with black marks and a gold buckle. Her pocket is very big, like a kangaroo pouch at her stomach and above it are gold buttons. She also wears plain brown boots and white, rabbit themed glove.

“Nepgear has an extra ticket for 5pb.’s sold out concert!” Ram shouted foolishly.

“Gust wants the ticket!” the girl, Gust, shouted, as she ran over to Nepgear, “Let Gust be your plus one!”

Someone random from the crowd pulled Nepgear aside, and soon, people began to almost dog pile Nepgear, and began to get sort of violent, as they began to tear at Nepgear’s clothes, leaving her clothes torn up, people able to see her pink and white striped panties, and all that remained were some tears near her legs and most of her top. She was able to jump up and run away rather comedically, crying the whole way.


Soon, news spread around all of the nations about Nepgear’s extra ticket, and the young CPU Candidate had to spend the rest of the day running and hiding from people trying to get her ticket. It was getting near 8:50pm, and thus it was getting rather cold in Lowee, due to the lack of clothing due to the crowd, Nepgear was freezing cold. She wanted to get to someplace warm, but couldn’t out of fear of people attacking for the ticket. Nepgear was now hiding in an alleyway, and she was shivering by this point. She felt somebody tap her shoulder, making her jump up in fear for a moment.

“PLEASE!  L-Leave me alone!” Nepgear shouted, cringing in fear.

“Miss Nepgear-chan? ...are you okay?” a soft voice asked her, making Nepgear turn to see Rom.

“Eh? R-Rom-chan?” Nepgear blinked, surprised to see Rom, but also worried that she would be asking for the ticket.

“It’s kinda cold out here, isn’t it? Why are you… uh… dressed like that?” Rom inquired.

“It’s a long story… but I’m really cold right now…” Nepgear informed, “Just… p-please… don’t ask to be the extra.”

Rom gave a confused blink, tilting her head in confusion, “The extra what?”

‘...she must not know. Oh… thank Celestia she doesn’t...’ Nepgear thought, sighing with relief, “It’s nothing… n-nevermind.”

“Why don’t… I take you home with me? I can make sure you’re… you know… dressed for this weather,” Rom offered.

“...Th-Thank you…” Nepgear smiled, as Rom took out a blanket from her bag and used it to make Nepgear look decent enough to walk around outside.


The two soon arrived at the White Sibling’s place of residence, with Rom leading Nepgear up to her room, which had a bed that was big enough for both Ram and Rom, had white sheets on the gray frame, the room itself having light power blue painted walls, white floors, a small table with various toys, papers, crayons, colored pencils and stuff situated in a corner, and a stack of games in another along with a small TV and a Wii U hooked up to it.

“This is a nice room. Do you and Ram share it?” Nepgear asked.

“...we used to. Blanc placed us in different rooms a while back… it gets lonely… but… I think that it’s kind of… quieter in here, without Ram. You… won’t tell her I said that… will you?” Rom responded.

“Of course not,” Nepgear smiled, as Rom went into her closet and picked out a mainly pink and white outfit.

“Sorry, we don’t have much in your size right now, but it should be enough to keep you decent,” Rom told her, “The bathroom’s just across the hall.”

“Thanks, Rom-chan,” Nepgear smiled, taking the outfit and walking for the bathroom.

‘I still can’t believe that Nepgear wound up like that. What kind of a Pokey like creature did she encounter to cause that sort of damage…? And more importantly… why didn’t she go back home?’ Rom wondered.

As she thought of this, not sure of what might have caused this at all. She gave a shrug, and sat down to work on a little drawing she had been working on.


Later, Nepgear walked out of the bathroom, now wearing a pink and white version of her usual outfit, with a pink hair pin, and she tugged at it slightly, it just being a little too small for her, despite looking like her normal outfit.

“Well… at least I’m wearing something…” Nepgear muttered, walking back into Rom’s room, but she noticed Rom wasn’t there, “Hmm? Wonder where Rom went…”

Nepgear sat down and looked at some of the things Rom had in her room, some toys from some Kamen Rider and Super Sentai seasons, a few things from the Sailor Moon series, and then one of the most notable things, were the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys that were taking up a small corner in the room.

“Heh… pretty cool,” Nepgear smiled, as she looked to some pieces of paper, seeing on them were various sketches that, the sketches having images of various characters from the toys, along with some characters from video games, some of the more noticeable ones were from games made by the company WayForward, such as Shantae and Patty Wagon, and Nepgear noticed one sketch that had Patty in a sort of Super Smash Bros style combat, “Heh… these are so cute…”

Nepgear then sat back down, when she heard Rom walking up. She saw Rom open up the door and walk in with a small tray of snacks.

“Wait a minute… Rom… is this for a reward?” Nepgear asked suspiciously.

“,” Rom blinked, “...Onee-chan tells me and Ram that CPUs are supposed to be polite when they have guests… I’m only trying to be a good hostess… and a good friend,”

“Oh… okay. Sorry… it’s just, people were doing me extra favors to try and get something from me almost all day…” Nepgear informed, as Rom moved the small plate of snacks by them, “Also, shouldn’t it be ‘Ram and I’ not ‘me and Ram’?”

“’re one to talk about grammar, Ms. ‘what the goodness’,” Rom joked, actually getting Nepgear to laugh, “No offense…”

“None taken…” Nepgear giggled, “...Thanks for everything, Rom-chan. You’re really sweet.”

Rom smiled, before the two of them began to have the small snacks that Rom had prepared for the two of them, the two just ate in silence for a bit, before Nepgear chose to make some small talk.

“So… has Blanc ever showed you how she makes the Smash Brothers games?” Nepgear asked.

“ She thinks if she showed us, we may accidentally cause damage,” Rom admitted.

“...really? So… why does the new one have a 3DS version?”

“It’s… because she missed us so much while she was captive… she wanted to make something special to show us… she loves us.”

“Aww… that’s really sweet.”

“Yes… it is,” she admitted, “Even so… she didn’t take our ideas… for characters.”

“What do you mean?  Who did you have in mind for characters?” Nepgear asked.

“Well… Ram wanted to have some Square Enix character… I can’t remember who… maybe… Chrono from the Chrono Trigger games… but me? Uh… have you heard of a game called… Mighty Switch Force?” Rom started, before asking Nepgear a question.

The CPU Candidate of Planeptune began to think a little bit, tapping her head before looking back at Rom.

“The name sounds familiar, but… I can’t figure out why,” Nepgear admitted, “Sorry… but I’m not sure if I remember it…”

“It’s a game made by WayForward. You hear of them?”

“Yea, I have. They made the Shantae series, without a doubt their most well known game, but they also made the remakes of games like A Boy and his Blob and Ducktales,” Nepgear responded.

“They made Mighty Switch Force… it’s my favorite game,” Rom informed.

“Oh… okay. I think I get it, you wanted the lead from that game to be in Smash Bros 4, right?” Nepgear figured out.

Rom nodded, before sighing a little bit, “I don’t know why Onee-chan didn’t listen to us about our character ideas. I mean… we helped her with games before…”

“Don’t worry,” Nepgear told Rom, hugging her, “I’m sure that she’ll reconsider,”

Rom smiled, hugging Nepgear back. The two smiled happily, before they let go of each-other, Rom then picking up some of her toys she had by the corner, showing some of them to Nepgear. Soon, it got late, and Nepgear wasn’t sure if she should try and risk going home, or stay with Rom for the night. She sighed, not sure what to do before Rom let out a small yawn, getting into her bed and sitting down, not seeing Nepgear was by her.

‘...I guess… I could spend the night, and leave in the morning...’ Nepgear thought, as she made sure Rom was tucked into bed.


Meanwhile, 5pb. was just sitting in a hotel room, simply trying to relax as it was the day before a concert. She had turned on the TV and turned to the news, but she gasped upon seeing what the big story was.

-This just in, all of Gameindustri is in a huge uproar.  As usual, the tickets to 5pb.’s concert have sold out, and people are desperate. However, today we have seen the lengths of how far they’ll go as people attacked a young girl who had the only known extra ticket for the sold out concert… if anyone sees this girl…- the announcer started, before pausing, -PLEASE! Let me have that ticket!-

“Nepgear? Oh man… I didn’t realize how far this would go. Wait a moment…” 5pb. started with worry, when she saw something sitting on the desk, a smile forming on her face as she walked over to get it.


The following morning, Nepgear woke up with a yawn, she looked to see the time was 5:15am, and she knew this would likely be her best chance to get back home unnoticed.

“...alright, better get going,” Nepgear whispered as she got up when…

“Ms… Nepgear-...chan?” Rom asked, waking up as well.

“Hmm? Oh… sorry Rom, I didn’t mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep, okay?” Nepgear told her.

“ going home?” Rom asked.

“Yea… and it’s early, so, hopefully, I won’t get noticed by the people…” Nepgear stated, as she stretched a little.

“...Ms. Nepgear-chan… let me help you home,” Rom offered.

“Really?  Wow… thank you Rom…” Nepgear smiled, as Rom got up and quickly took out a blue robe and walked out with Nepgear.


The two skillfully avoided the people of Lowee and Planeptune who were looking for Nepgear, eventually, the two made it to Nepgear’s home, but went in through the back door, just to avoid waking up anybody.

“Ms. Nepgear-chan… why are you hiding from those people?” Rom asked.

“Well… I got an extra ticket to a sold out concert… and now everyone’s trying to get it from me,” Nepgear answered before Rom gave a confused look.

“...a concert? Oh. Well… don’t worry, I won’t ask for the ticket…” Rom responded, about to walk out.

“Oh, hey, Rom?” Nepgear started, before Rom could leave.


Nepgear gave a motion and whispered into Rom’s ear, with Rom blushing a little bit after Nepgear had stopped talking.

“ Really…?” Rom gawked.

“Yea, you.” Nepgear giggled, “So… what do you say?”

“...sure,” Rom giggled.


Later, Nepgear went to check her mail, keeping a hood over her head to avoid being recognized. She took out the mail, some of it being political for her and Neptune to sign, some of it was bills, but what got Nepgear’s attention, was an envelope from 5pb. of all people.

“Hmm? What’s this?” Nepgear wondered, opening it up, to reveal, another ticket! She gawked for a moment, before she looked at the letter, “‘Dear Nepgear- I’m sorry about what happened to you yesterday. Luckily… I found another ticket. Just… one more. Sorry… and I’m really sorry for the hassle you got into. Still hope to see you there- 5pb.’ ...hmm? One more ticket eh?”


Neptune, Histoire, Compa, IF, Noire, Uni, Blanc, Rom, Ram and Vert had all gathered to hear who Nepgear was going to invite with her to the concert.

“You can all just sit back ladies. My little sister is so gonna pick me,” Neptune smiled.

“Your younger sister? I think she’d rather be the sister of somebody more… mature,” Vert told Neptune, making Neptune fume.

“Who cares about that! I don’t think she’d want to spend time with you giant lot of jokers for something formal,” Noire responded.

“Ta hell with ‘formal’! If she doesn’t want to go with you guys, she’ll go with me!” Blanc shouted, “And what’s with that reference to a game for my system?!”

Nepgear cleared her throat, as she walked out, dressed up wearing a white and lavender dress with red bows and tassels, yellow accents, gloves, boots, and headband, “So… do I look nice?”

“Uh… is that what you’re wearing to the concert?” Neptune asked.

“’s the nicest thing I own… but, enough about that. You all might wanna hear who’s coming with me? Well… it is…” Nepgear informed, pausing for dramatic effect.

The room was filled with silence for a grand total of almost five minutes, when...

“Nepu… spit it out, the suspense is killing us!” Neptune stated.

“Okay… my guest will be… Rom!” Nepgear informed.

“Mou~!” the others groaned, with Rom giving a little giggle, walking over to Nepgear’s side. Nepgear gave a small giggle, before she then did something nobody expected, and moved the extra ticket she had, to reveal a second extra ticket, making everybody gasp in surprise.

“Surprise? 5pb. gave me this one after she heard of what happened to me yesterday…” Nepgear informed, “And this one goes to… IF!”

“What?!” the others gawked as IF gasped in surprise, Nepgear handing her the ticket.

“I thought it over… and I realized, you and Rom are two of my closest friends… so I figured, why not?” Nepgear giggled, with IF smiling.

“Really? ...thank you Nepgear,” IF giggled.

“Plus, me and Rom do need somebody to make sure we stay out of trouble on a Saturday night,” Nepgear joked.

“Shouldn’t it be ‘Rom and I’?” Rom joked.

“Oh Rom-chan,” Nepgear giggled, hugging her.


That night, Nepgear was the first to arrive at the concert, and was looking for seat A010, and making sure to remember to have seats saved for Rom and IF. She sat down, seeing she was one of the few people by the front row. She looked over to the person to her right, just curious. Nearby a tall girl with pale-fair skin and red blushy cheeks was looking at the concert stage. Her eyes look to be a light green, covered by glasses, while her hair appears to be a pale-silver color. Her hair consists of very neatly combed bangs that reach her ears, framing her face. She has strands of hair, very straight and worn down, reaching her chest. The rest of her hair loosely flows outward and seems to be about waist length. She is seen wearing a black suit-top with a white undershirt and black tie, with big black and white piece shoulder attachments and a loose white belt. An odd skull is shown directly below it, along with a thin white cloth over her lower half. The end of the jacket almost resembles a skirt or dress, and she also has on black leggings/pants, and tall white boots with X-shaped black laces.

“Hello there,” Nepgear smiled, the person next to her turning to look.

“Oh, good evening. Say… weren’t you the girl attacked for the extra ticket?” the woman inquired.

“E-Eh?! ...hai,” Nepgear nodded.

“I’m sorry to hear that…” the woman apologized, petting Nepgear’s head a little.

“HE~Y! NEPGEAR, WHERE ARE YOU?!” Nepgear heard IF shout, getting Nepgear’s attention. Nepgear began to wave, getting IF’s attention, and thus, she and Rom headed down to where she was and Nepgear saw what Rom was wearing a white dress with gold trimmings, red zigzagged accents, a red bow, matching shoes, and she had a red and white berret on her head.

“Nice to see you all… awww… Rom… you look so adorable,” Nepgear smiled, making Rom blush, as Rom and IF took their seats to watch the concert.


“Well… at least we can see the concert still…” Neptune stated, as they found a channel would be broadcasting the concert.

“...still… it’s a bit of a bummer we won’t be there in person…” Vert sighed.

“I know… well… at least one of my sisters is happy,” Blanc blinked.

“...Onee-chan… I’m sorry I said bad things about you to try and convince Nepgear to let me have the ticket…” Uni apologized to Noire.

“It’s alright, this time. We were sort of competing for it… but expect me to increase your workload later this week for that,” Noire told Uni.

“Noire-san… I… uh… wanted to say… that you would’ve been a choice for me if I got tickets… more than two tickets,” Neptune admitted, making Noire blush a little bit.

“Really?  Aww… thanks,” Noire giggled happily.

“Shh, the concert’s about the start,” Compa smiled.


A sort of elevator began to rise up from below the stage, 5pb. smiling as she soon came up to the top.

“Hikare! Yume no hoshi (mitsukedasou! ) Oubaarimitto! (I dream of stars (Let’s find them) I’m over the limit)

Genkai nante koete ku yo kitto (I know I’ll keep surpassing myself)

Darenimo makenaikara! (I won’t lose to anyone!)”

People in the crowd began to cheer like nuts, with Nepgear, Rom and IF cheering the loudest.

“Ano Murasaki no daichi aoi sora (mau midori) (Purple is the land and blue the sky (Green leaves are in the air))

Nee anata to mitsumetai mouichido (nandodemo) (I want to gaze at it once more with you (forevermore))

Anata no yasashi-sa nukumori (kanjitai) (Your tenderness, your warmth (I want to feel it))

Ima wa tōkute mo itsu ka... ! (You might be far away now, but we will meet again)

Hikare! Yume no hoshi (mitsukedasou!) Oubaarimitto! (I dream of stars (Let’s find them) I’m over the limit)

Yurugi no nai ishi (omoi) kitto (gureishii sutaa) (My love will not waver (Gracie star)

Meguru ryuusei no (bifrost) (Comets circle the world (They are bifrost))

sashishimesu Genkai nante koete ku yo kitto (I know I can cross the barrier they are)”

Nepgear began to tap her foot in melody with the song and hum along with the beat, both Rom and IF noticing she was perfectly in tune with the song. Then, as the song approached the final lyric, Nepgear, unknowing stood up and sung it in perfect harmony with 5pb.

“Darenimo makenaikara! (I won’t lose to anyone!)”

Everyone cheered, and they actually all heard Nepgear sing with 5pb. due to the mike picking up her voice.


“Was that… Nepgear?” Vert blinked.

“Eh? That was Nepgear?” Noire blinked.

“I didn’t know nee-chan was such a good singer,” Neptune giggled.

“Well… you made that idol video with her once… so you at least had some prior knowledge about her being a good singer,” Blanc responded.

“Please… don’t bring that mess up…” Histoire requested.


Soon, the concert had ended and 5pb. was starting to sign autographs, when she heard somebody else singing the song she had sung while on stage.

“Eh?” she wondered, as she looked over and saw that it was Nepgear singing a few lines, “Hey, Nepgear-chan!”

“Eh? Oh! 5pb.-san!” IF smiled, as she led Nepgear and Rom on over to speak with her, “You did an amazing job today. But I didn’t expect any less from one of the best performers in Gamindustri.”

“Thanks, but I wanted to compliment someone who may be a better singer than me,” 5pb. stated, making everyone look in confusion, “Nepgear. I’m… talking about Nepgear,”

“Eh? …A-Atashi?!  W-Well, I… n-no! It’s not me! I can’t sing…” Nepgear responded sheepishly, trying to hide.

“You were amazing… who knows, maybe all of the CPU have great singing voices, I may need to consider helping you all become idols someday,” 5pb. giggled, with Nepgear hiding behind IF nervously.


Soon, the three were on their way to get back to Planeptune, but Rom was starting to get sleepy, having trouble keeping her eyes open, so Nepgear ended up picking her up and carrying her on her back.

“Thanks… Ms. Nepgear-chan…” Rom yawned.

“Nepgear, you can really sing. Why are you so embarrased about it?” IF inquired.

“I… well I… if Onee-chan found out, I think she may try and exploit it. Remember when we did that idol video to get some shares?”

“That one that lead to a popularity debate between the four CPUs? Yea,”

“I wasn’t singing with my best voice… just because I knew Onee-chan would try and use it for her own gain…”

IF blinked at Nepgear, a bit confused at that before she saw Nepgear yawning a little bit. IF just gave a small smiled, placing her hand in Nepgear’s to help guide her back home.


Meanwhile, the person who Nepgear, Rom and IF were sitting by at the concert had walked into a coffee shop of sorts that was on Leanbox. She hooked up a small mini-camera to her laptop, uploading some info about 5pb. onto it. She then opened up Sochat, putting on a headset and getting on contact with somebody.

-So… how did it go?- a voice asked from the other side of the call.

“It went well… I was able to get info on 5pb., she is a performer that normally does concerts on Leanbox. She has a guitar for her main weapon, and is actually able to use her voice to hypnotize people, though she doesn’t use it very often.” the person told who she was calling, showing various pictures of 5pb. via the call.

-Good. Now then, get more info on the little helpers of the CPU, and report back to me ASAP.-

“Hai,” the person nodded, closing the call and walking off.


Neptune (Narrating): Next time on Sisterhood Stories…

Histoire: I’m so sick and tired of Neptune acting like she’s Nepgear’s younger sister, when she actually isn’t!

Noire: If only it was the other way around, maybe Neptune would actually do her job.

Vert: Or, if Nepgear was actually the older sister, she could get Neptune to work..

Neptune (Narrating): Nepu… I don’t like the sounds of that…

Nepgear (Narrating): They have a point you know…

Neptune (Narrating): Oh be quiet you!

IF: Why’s Neptune claiming she’s Nepgear’s younger sister?

Histoire: Well… uh…

Neptune: Onee-chan, help me!

Nepgear: On my way, nee-chan!

Neptune (Narrating): Nepu! Something bad may happen!

??? (Narrating): Who knows… it sounds interesting…

Neptune (Narrating): Eh? Who was that?

Nepgear (narrating): Tune in next time to find out!

Episode 3: Sisterhood Switcharoo

Neptune & Nepgear (narrating): Keep calm and game on!
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisterhood Stories Ch 2
After rescuing an idol, Nepgear gets two tickets to her big concert, only thing is, she only has one extra ticket! So, who will she give the other one to?

Heads up, there's some Japanese in this story, and minor cursing, so viewer descrition is advised.

The intro and outro were cut to fit, so, this chapter, and some others, will not contain Dimension Tripper and Go! Love and Peace.

Hyperdimension Neptunia belongs to Compile Heart and Idea Factory, we do not own anything, apart from the idea to make this story.
(Twilight’s POV)

With a heartfelt goodbye, I stepped through the portal,  but much like the last time, I had lost my balance once getting back home. My friends back home were all really happy to see me, as I moved the book to close the portal for a little while, wouldn’t want any people accidentally stumbling over here.

The others all began to bombard me with questions about what happened in the other world, much like the last time. I did want to begin to explain what had happened, but it had been a little while since I had a moment of quiet, with singing practice, performing, saving another world, the usual.

Carrying the book with my magic, I headed off to my quarters to relax for a little while, while my friends chose to take their leave.

Trotting back over, I eyed the book that Sunset Shimmer had used to contact me about what was happening in the other world. The book was sent over from the Canterlot Library, with Princess Celestia’s Cutie Mark on the front of it, so it made sense this book belonged to her…

Upon arriving in my quarters, I sat down on my bed to try and see what this book was all about. I opened it up to see that it was filled with lessons, not unlike the Friendship Reports that me and my friends used to send to the Princess. Recalling when I first went to Celestia’s Academy for Gifted Unicorns, I was told that I had to write in a special book.

It was fairly easy to connect the dots, this book was Celestia’s, to receive all of the lessons from her students, but I never got one since I have Spike by my side. I couldn’t help but peek on into it, just wanting to see some of the ponies who had worked with Celestia, aside from myself and Sunset.

With a few flips of the book, I saw some names that I knew, some I didn’t. One name I recognized was Trixie Lulamoon, a… sort of rival of mine, I didn’t know that she was in the Academy of Gifted Unicorn. That’s interesting, if I see her again, I should ask her about that… next name I saw in the book was on Lyra Heartstring. Never heard of her before… maybe I should try to find that pony. After a bit of flipping, I saw another unfamiliar looking name that looked… foreign.

The name read ‘Mitsuishi Usagi’. It’s a fairly… odd name, but I’m guessing she’s foreign, since other landmasses actually say their last name first. Regardless, I continued to flip through the book, seeing that the more recent and quite possibly, the most plentiful entries in this book, were from this… Usagi, and Sunset Shimmer.

With a look of interest, I continued to flip forward in the book, my eyes resting on the last page that was written on by… I think Sunset, since it appeared almost like… an apology letter, but it was clearly incompleted. I flipped through it to see another thing written by Usagi, and after that, the pages were blank.

I just flipped through the pages, seeing the letter from Sunset Shimmer telling me about what was going on in Canterlot High, but after that, every single page was blank. It wouldn’t surprise me, given how Celestia hasn’t taken on any new students aside from me. Something in my mind wondered if it wasn’t me to be the bearer of the Element of Magic, and a Princess… would it have been any of these other ponies?

After moving the book aside, I saw that the sun had set, with Princess Luna raising the moon into the sky. It had been that long since I had gotten home and begun reading? Maybe I should get some sleep now…


To say my dreams were normal… was a giant understatement. My dream was really… interesting. It was… a role-reversal, in a way. I was the one who was Princess Celestia’s former student who had ran off into an alternate reality, while Sunset Shimmer stayed, met my friends, became the Princess of Friendship, and… I was the one who stole the Element of Magic… I was the one who had turned into some sort of monster when I put the Element on… I was the one who destroyed the harmony at Canterlot High... I… I… I… I was the one who… tore my best friends apart.

I began to cry a little bit, this dream… I guess I know how Sunset Shimmer feels about it. This… made a new thought enter my mind. Did Princess Luna send me this dream so I could better understand her… honestly, I couldn’t really figure it out myself.


A few days had passed, but I had yet to put the book back in the slot to head back to Canterlot High, mainly because I’ve seen the damage a 24/7 opened portal could do, not just to a world… but to some ponies. Sometimes I hope that Celestia was okay… I could only say that… love hurts sometimes.

Honestly, I did want to go back there, see my friends, see Sunset Shimmer again… but I knew I had other things here in Ponyville to do, as the Princess of Friendship.

After just… aimlessly roaming around my castle, I read over the book that Celestia used to contact with her former pupils again, just simply because I needed something to think about. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was at all possible for any of them to be the Alicorn I am right now.

I’ll admit… I’ve kinda gotten my head in where it shouldn’t be, because I’m honestly not sure if Princess Celestia even meant to give me this book. Sure, she wouldn’t have a need for it anymore but… still. I set the book down to head out to Ponyville to get something to eat, because honestly, I think that I should start getting out of the castle a little bit more often, since I got that book, I’ve been up here, reading it again and again. Bad habit, I know. I’m trying to get out of it, just trust me.


It was nice to get out of the castle, Pinkie had gotten giddy and gave me way to many cookies… again. But, not like I was complaining to much, these marshmallow chocolate chip cookies are really good. When I had returned to the castle and put my snack down, a guard who was assigned here recently told me there was something… glowing, in the conference room.

Wasting no time, I dashed up to the room, seeing that it was just the book that Celestia had sent me. After a moment, I told the guards to leave me for a moment to see what was up with this book. I flipped through it for a moment, finding one page after Sunset’s note to me from earlier… there was a new one.

Dear Princess Twilight,

Missing you already, and I hope you’ll be back soon. Things are definitely looking up for me here at Canterlot High. But I know I still have a lot to learn about friendship. Hope you don’t mind if I write to yu for advice when I need it.

Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.

This was… a very sweet thing. I was the one receiving a Friendship Report this time around… I could just feel a tear about to form by one of my eyes. I wiped it off, a smile forming on my muzzle. But… I knew one pony who would love to see this even more than I do.


With my snack and the book in tow, I flew off for Canterlot, seeing the land as I flew, I began to get an idea of why Rainbow Dash loves to fly so much. As I flew, I did a few tricks here and there, but nothing that wouldn’t stray me off course or damage anything in my saddlepack.

It wasn’t very long after that, I arrived at the castle, simply smiling as the guards let me in to see my mentor, who seemed pleasantly surprised that I was there. I smiled at her, and she smiled on back. After nibbling on a few more of the cookies, I used my magic to show her the book, which she was even more surprised to see. Princess Celestia admitted that she actually forgot about the ‘Message Carrier’ Book, since me and my friends didn’t use it. She states that when a student leaves, is dismissed or graduates, they leave their books in the library, but she knew one was missing.

She also added she actually thought that Sunset took her Message Carrier Book, while Celestia had Sunset’s. I couldn’t help but giggle at this comment, before I showed her the most recent entry in the book that was from Sunset Shimmer. Princess Celestia gasped at this entry, smiling and tearing up a little bit.

“She’s fine,” I told her with a smile, as she then moved over another Message Carrier Book, and suddenly… it bore my Cutie Mark…
A Twinkling Sunset
Set after Rainbow Rocks. Twilight returns home and begins to ponder a few things, when she gets a rather... neat message from a certain friend of hers...

I don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust and the like.
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I'm trying to upload the next chapter of Sisterhood Stories, but it won't work. I'm typing it in the "Enter Text" thing, and it just says "JPG, No Preview" and I can't upload it.
“Hello. And welcome to a world that is hidden from normal human eyes. A place where the video games you know and love are taken into a new realm of existence. Four lands, representing four consoles and companies, the land of Lowee, representing Nintendo, the land of Lastation, representing Sony, the land of Leanbox, representing Microsoft, and Planeptune, representing SEGA. This reality is one of many realms known… as the Hyperdimension, and-”

“Histy!” a voice shouted, opening up a door in the black background, as in walked a fair skinned girl with light purple eyes and a matching shade of shoulder length hair with somewhat messy bangs with many strands sticking up and few framing her face, wearing two gamepad-shaped hair clips, a deep purple dress with lilac lining along the bottom, center, top, and pockets, along with white spiked edging at the hem, a white, short-jacket over this with a big N button, purple plug-like strings, and purple lining and buckles on each shoulder sleeve, around her neck she wore a simple white choker, her lilac shoes having blue and white accents and were also worn with blue and white striped stockings, and on her wrist she has white bracelets with a soft spiked material and small powder blue spots in the center.

“Oh goodness! >.< Neptune! I’m trying to narrate!” the voice responded, as the girl, Neptune, walked over to a black curtain, showing a girl that was sitting on a floating book-er… tome with a brown cover and a green gem on it, the girl herself being fairylike in size and appearance, a fair skinned (maybe lighter) girl with dull blue eyes and lightly soft blonde hair. Her bangs curling in both directions, with two, longer curled pieces of hair that reach her chest. The rest of her hair is worn up in pigtails held by a white, black, and blue head piece that covers her ears, and a pair of purple and gold ribbons. Wearing a short, well fitting light purple dress with a blue and white tie and white cuffs. She is also shown wearing long white socks and shoes. The pieces surrounding her have also changed and she gains blue and purple wings, “Neptune…”

“I have to ask… how many Hyperdimensions are there?” Neptune asked.

The girl thought for a moment, actually muttering numbers under her breath before stopping, making the taller girl, Neptune, look in anticipation.

“In terms of exact numbers…” the fairy, Histoire, started, getting Neptune excited, “... I actually have no idea.”

“HUH?!” Neptune gasped, somehow slipping on nothing and falling onto her butt, “But you’re supposed to know everything Histoire!”

“I know all of what this Hyperdimension has in terms of knowledge, it doesn’t expand too much beyond many others.” Histoire informed, “Now, if you can please leave… I have to narrate!”

“Fine…” Neptune responded, walking off.

“Thank you,” Histoire smiled, “Now… where was I?  Ah, yes. *clears throat* This reality is known as the Hyperdimension, and one of the girls you just saw, believe it or not, is one of the goddesses of this land, Neptune, the Goddess of Planeptune, or CPU as they are called here (initials for Console Patron Unit). Next, there is Noire, the Goddess of Lastation, Blanc, the Goddess of Lowee, and Vert, the Goddess of Leanbox. The battles of the companies translate here as well… but it was transferred in the form of a literal war between the goddesses. But at this time… there is peace… which… I don’t know how much longer it’ll last.”

Histoire then smiled a little bit, as she looked out a window and then she heard a song begin to play, “Oh… memories…”


(Cue Intro Theme: Dimension Tripper; Neptune the Animation Theme)

*As the instrumental goes on, there was a focus on the sky, with Neptune standing at the ground, a wide smile on her face, before turning to her friends and the fellow CPUs before the camera panned back up and the Title appeared.*

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisterhood Stories

Imi fumei moji noraretsu (An incomprehensible code sequence)

*Neptune and Nepgear sat down together, smiling before picking up controllers and playing a game*

Oshiete KONPAIRA (Tell me what what it means, Compiler!)

*Noire and Uni were busy working before Uni tripped and the papers fell all over the two. The two begin to laugh a little bit.*

matomaranai BAINARI- TSURI- (I can't make sense of this binary tree)

*Blanc was working on something while Ram and Rom were drawing a sketch of the three of them, until Blanc saw it was drawn on a book. Blanc growled in anger at them, before her eyes turned red as the area around them turned black in her rage as Ram and Rom scampered off*

0 to 1 dake ja nanimo tsutaerannai yo ne… (Just 0s and 1s won't help you communicate)

*Vert sat at a table, drinking a tea, and a girl wearing green sitting next to her and the girl was actually Nepgear, who simply tried to drink the tea before she gave an awkward look at Vert.*

Pingurinku! tsunagaru KIMI to ATASHI-tashi ga (How nice it'd be if our hearts could connect.)

*Neptune held out a purple disc, Noire a black disc, Blanc a white one, and Vert a green one before they absorbed them.*

Hitto chekku! KIMERU nara ima (And we were on the same page.)

*Then, we see scenes of the girls transforming (them all being colored black but highlighted in different colors), their clothes shattering into pixels, their hair growing and changing color before adjusting, wings sprouting, new suits forming, before finishing off with a victorious pose as they revealed their CPU forms.*

Hapi furu pyua You're a dimenshon torippa-! (Eveything's pure. You're a Dimension tripper)

*Purple Heart flew off, followed by Green Heart, Black Heart, and White Heart before they are seen fighting Arfoire’s forces, each with their own weapon before turning to see Arfoire, Rei, Underling and Pirachu. In the background watching, a few girls watched the battle, but they are all silhouetted out.*

Jigen no tobira, kettobashi oide yo (Kick open the dimensional gates and get over here!)

*Neptune and Nepgear ran forward, quickly meeting up with their friends at a park, Compa and IF both smiled at the sisters, happily joining the two.*

KIRA KIRA no kocchi no sekai he (In this sparkling world)

*Neptune, Nepgear, Compa and IF were then joined by Noire, Uni, Blanc, Ram, Rom and Vert. They were then joined by Nisa, Gust, Tekken, 5pb. and Cave.*

Kizuna hyakubai no saikyou PA-TI- "KIMI MO NAKAMA DA" (We can just form the strongest party. And you'll be one of us!)

*Neptune jumped up into the air, cheering the others on before the camera panned to the sky to see Vert, Noire, Blanc, and Neptune posing*


Chapter 1: The Pilot


It seemed like a normal day as Neptune was playing a new game with a girl older looking than Neptune; a fair-skinned girl with long lilac-purple hair almost waist in length with few loose strands of long hair curling down. Her bangs are usually kept neatly brushed. Her eyes are slightly darker. Nepgear's outfit is somewhat similar to Neptune's but with more reserved styling, almost resembling a school uniform consisting of a white jacket-dress with purple lining consisting of thin double white stripes. A white choker, and around her neck is a pale yellow ribbon/ascot like piece with a N in the center. At her chest is a small pink marking while the pockets and buttons are purple. On her right leg is a white belt like purse object and she wears pink and white striped socks with white and purple shoes very similar to Neptune's own. In her hair she wears a single direction pad button. In the game they were playing, Sonic was battling NiGHTS in a Super Smash Bros style of game, and the other girl won the fight.

“No way you’re winning today Nepgear!” Neptune shouted, as she looked frustrated, her cheeks puffing out, and gasped in worry as she lost.

“Yahoo!  Looks like I won again, Onee-chan,” Nepgear, smiling in victory, “Now… about our bet.”

“No matter how many times we bet it, the answer is always, no! I will not replace Sonic with NiGHTS as the mascot of SEGA!” Neptune told Nepgear.

“Mou!” Nepgear whined.

Neptune just gave a groan in annoyance, before she turned off the game and sat down, “So… what do you wanna do now?”

“Well… I guess…” Nepgear started, before she got a little bit of a mischievous grin on her face, she then tackled Neptune and began to tickle her, “Tickle fight!”

Neptune started laughing out of control in response to this, Nepgear able to tickle her all over the place, before Neptune was able to pin Nepgear down and turn the table before she began to tickle Nepgear back.

“Onee-hahahaha-chan… please stop…!” Nepgear laughed.

“No way, sis.  You started this, so it’s your turn!” Neptune shouted, as she began to tickle Nepgear’s legs, making Nepgear scream louder in laughter.

Histoire floated over and hid behind the corner leading into the room the two girls were in, smiling at their antics, but then letting out a small sigh, knowing she would have to stop them.

“Alright you two, let’s stop this little game, and let’s get focused; we have work to do,” Historie responded, making Neptune groan.

“Aww… but you said we’d get a five minute break,” Neptune responded.

“I did. And it’s been a half an hour,” Histoire informed.

“Really?  Wow… time must’ve flown by fast… that or my watch is broken.”

“Let’s go you two…” Histoire sighed, picking Neptune up off of Nepgear and guiding them into another part of their home.


At that moment, two figures were walking towards Neptune’s place.  One of them is a fair skinned girl with emerald eyes and light brown hair that is about waist length. Most of her bangs are long and reach down to her eyes, curling outwards or inwards to her face, with a split on the upper corner side. A few parts of hair frame her face while more of it reaches her chest, about the length of the hair she wears in a ponytail, held with a leafy green hair piece.  She wears a black, tank top and short-short style one piece with silver detailing and a belt around her waist. This is worn underneath a dark blue, oversized jacket with black, silver, and white detailing. It is worn open and has a big loose belt that she keeps all of her cellphones on. She wears matching boots. The colors of her cell phone carriers are blue, light blue, green, black, magenta, white, lime green, orange, and light pink.

The other was a fair-skinned young girl whose most noticeable feature was that she has one of the biggest bust in the group.  Her hair a light creamy pink color that is somewhat long and curls along the edges worn with a black headband with a C patched on the side. Her eyes match her hair color. She wears a tan-white wool styled tank top with big neck and un-attached sleeves and matching styled boots, but with small ribbons/fuzzy balls at the top. Compa also wears a red plaid skirt, a black choker with a small heart on it, black-brown kneesocks with light pink heart cut frills, and often carries a black hip purse, and heart shaped buttons. Like her headband, both her purse and the heart on the choker has a C logo.

“So Ai-chan, do you think Neptune and Nepgear can use their break to hang out with us?” the pinkette asked.

“Most likely not, Compa.  Knowing Neptune, they’d probably over extend their break and are now working,” the other girl shrugged as they arrived at where Neptune and Nepgear lived.

“Yea, you’re probably right,” the first girl, Compa, sighed before knocking on the door anyway. There was a pause, before the other girl simply pressed the doorbell, just to make sure they were heard.

Histoire soon arrived at the door, opening it to reveal the two girls.

“Oh! IF-san. Compa-chan. It’s good to see you two… Neptune and Nepgear are currently busy with their work as CPUs… but I do have a mission that I was about to ask if you two could take care of,” Histoire told the two.

“Of course. You can count us in,” IF smiled.

“But do come in so I can tell you,” Histoire insisted.


Neptune sat at her own desk, simply looking over the huge pile of papers she had to work on, feeling overwhelmed, groaning as she had to look through them all and sign each and every one.

“Isn’t this fun?” Nepgear asked, as she was almost finished with her pile of papers.

“ that supposed to be sarcinism?” Neptune asked.

“Do you mean sarcasm?” Nepgear checked.

“Yea, that,” Neptune nodded.

“It’s no big deal, really. I can really understand why Noire and Uni like to work so much… but not to the point of exhaustion,” Nepgear informed.

Neptune just banged her head against her desk.

‘Anything… anything to get out of doing this for the rest of today… please… just one small distraction to get me outta here...’ Neptune thought.

As if on cue, Histoire hovered in with IF and Compa, making thw two sisters smile.

“Good morning IF, Compa,” Nepgear greeted.

“Compa, Iffy, it’s so good to see you two!” Neptune smiled.

“Same here, Nep-Nep,” Compa smiled and waved while IF simply turned to Histoire.

“So, what’s going on Histoire?” IF inquired.

“It’s simply a matter of getting Noire, Blanc and Vert to make an agreement on collaborations in matters apart from video games, I have already managed to get the paper notarized, I just need the signatures of Noire, Blanc and Vert. Do you think you two can head over to the other three nations to get this signed?” Histoire asked, handing the paper to IF.

“Sure thi-” IF started, when Neptune got up from her desk and stood by Compa and IF.

“No problemo Histy!” Neptune smiled.

“And what do you think you’re doing, young lady?” Histoire asked in annoyance.

“Gonna go help them out, for old times sakes? I’m a CPU myself, and I should have a say in this paper and knotirization,” Neptune stated.

“Notarizing,” Histoire corrected.

“And sides, Nepgear can handle my work load,” Neptune added.

“Onee-chan~, that’s so unfair~” Nepgear stated.

“Did you say somethin’?” Neptune asked.

“’s so fair that you get to go outside and get this paper done, while I sit inside and sign all of your papers for you,” Nepgear stated sarcastically.

“I’m glad you think so too! I’ll meet you two on the train to Lastation!” Neptune told Compa and IF as she quickly ran out the front door.

“Nep doesn’t understand sarcasm, does she?” IF asked.

“Not a bit,” Histoire and Nepgear confirmed.

“Note to self, teach Neptune sarcasm,” IF muttered, typing it down on her phone, “Come on Compa, let’s go and get this done,”

“Hai, Iffy-chan,” Compa smiled, as they headed out the door.


The trio was soon on the train bound for Lastation, with Neptune jumping up and down in the train like a little kid would.

“Man, you two won’t believe how good it is to get outta that stuffy office,” Neptune smiled.

“You say that everytime you sneak out of there, Nep-Nep,” Compa pointed out.

“...well, so what?” Neptune responded.

Compa and IF just sighed in annoyance for a moment, with IF motioning for Neptune to sit down.

“Look, we’re not going over to play. We’re on a mission, we have to get Noire, Blanc and Vert to sign this paper, and then it’s straight back to Planeptune, get it?” IF asked.

“I got it…” Neptune responded, ‘Oh no!  I don’t want this to go on forever again.  If we get this done lickity split, then I’ll be forced into the office… and on such a nice looking day. I need to get that paper away from them… ding!’

The train soon came to a stop, and the trio headed off of it, with Neptune quickly grabbing the paper they needed to get sign from IF and running off with it.

“What the hell Neptune?! Get back here with that!” IF shouted, as she gave chase.

“If I run, we can get this done a lot faster Iffy!” Neptune shouted.

“I don’t care. It’s you! You’re bound to do something stupid with that paper!” IF responded.

“IF, that wasn’t very nice,” Compa told IF, “It may be true… but that doesn’t mean it’s right to say.”

IF turned around to look at Compa, but when she looked forward, she saw Neptune was gone.

“Gah! She’s gone!  C’mon, we gotta find her before something happens to the paper!” IF stated.

She and Compa ran off to try and find Neptune, unaware she was hiding in an alleyway.

“Perfect, and now,” Neptune stated, hiding the paper in her back pocket, and grabbing a blank paper from off of the wall, before she sent it right into the air, “A double that they won’t notice isn’t the paper we need signed.”

After she saw the blank paper was a good distance into the air, she walked out of the alley and gave a whistle, getting the attention of IF and Compa.

“There you are Nep-Nep,” Compa smiled.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” IF shouted in anger.

‘Oh… angry IF. Not good… better deploy the upset strategy,’  Neptune thought, as she turned around and made it seem like she was crying.

“Oh no, not this again,” IF groaned until she saw tears dripping down, “Oh… oh… uh… I’m sorry for yelling at you Neptune… you know I sometimes have trouble controlling my anger…”

“Iffy… why do you have to be so mean~” Neptune whimpered, making a convincing crying act.

“...*sigh* Look, if it’ll make you feel better, we can get some ice cream before we get the paper signed here, okay?” IF responded.

“Uh… I think we may have a problem…” Compa informed, pointing at the decoy paper Neptune tossed into the air, “Uh… Nep-Nep, is that the paper we need to get signed?”

“Huh? Uh…” Neptune started, looking up to see her decoy, ‘Let’s see… ice cream now, or trick them so we can go on a wild goose chase and have some first chapter fun? Hmm… Meh, we can get ice cream on the way, so… wild goose chase it is.’

“...yes,” Neptune said in a squeak voice.

“...are you kidding me?” IF groaned.

“Sorry but I tripped and… then you started to yell at me so I couldn’t explain right away… and… I’m sorry!” Neptune responded, before she began to cry.

“Oi vey!” IF groaned.

“But we can go after it! I can see it going!” Neptune informed, as she began to run after it.

“Let’s go Ai-chan!” Compa smiled, as they followed after Neptune, the two friends following her. They soon stopped by an ice cream store called ‘Royalty Heart Ice Cream’ with Compa and IF looking around for the paper.

“Where’s the paper Nep?” IF asked.

“I… lost sight of it around here…” Neptune informed, as she looked around, “But… as long as we’re here… can we get that ice cream?”

IF gave an annoyed sigh, but realized that if Neptune was going to get serious about searching for it, she had best do what Neptune wants.

Neptune smiled as the three walked in, the sunset backdrop of the place being a nice welcome. Neptune quietly grabbed a flyer for the place, but quickly grabbed a second one, seeing that it mentioned a cheaper prices on Saturdays, and thought it would be nice to keep in mind.

“...three sea-salt ice creams, and on one of them, put a little chocolate syrup on it,” IF ordered, the lady behind the counter tallying up their order, being 20 Credits. IF sighed and took out the money needed and got the ice cream to her friends.

“This better be good,” IF groaned as she and Compa bit into theirs, and both smiled in genuine surprise, “Salty… but sweet.”

“So good…”

“Whenever Histy allows me and Nepgear-nee-chan to get ice cream, we always come here and get this flavor,” Neptune informed, “It’s one of the best by far…”

Compa and IF just enjoyed their ice cream, with Neptune quietly sneaking out and getting ready to let the second flyer fly, but not before she enjoyed her ice cream, getting some chocolate on her lip, making her giggle. After finishing her treat and disposing of the stick, she let the second flyer fly into the air.

“Minna! I see it!” Neptune shouted, pointing to the second flyer.

“After it, quick!” IF shouted, moving her ice cream out of her mouth, thusly she and Compa followed Neptune, though IF came to a sudden stop, holding her head in pain, “Aw… brainfreeze…”

“Shouldn’t have removed it so fast,” Neptune giggled before she saw the flyer was out of sight, and they just so happened to be right in front of Noire’s house, she then quickly took out the real paper they needed to get sign and showed it to Compa and IF, “Hey! I got it!”

“Good job Nep-Nep,” Compa smiled.

“Well… that’s a relief,” IF responded, holding her head in pain for a moment, “Nep, you go on ahead and get Noire to sign it, we’ll catch up in a moment.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie,” Neptune smiled, heading on for the door of the house, giving the door a good knock and waiting, but much like an impatient child, she was having trouble waiting, tapping her foot on the ground.

“I’ll get it,” someone said from inside, the door opened up, revealing a light skinned girl with long black (almost light blue colored) hair with most of it worn down reaching her chest with some of it worn in pigtails held with light blue and black ribbons. Her eyes are red, and she was wearing a black dress with milky blue lining, an odd belt like piece with a bow behind it and a big circle with white lining connecting the dress to her collar. She wears long fingerless black gloves with milky blue coloring at the top and similar short boots. On the left side she can be seen with a small device that is most likely a cellphone (or even a PSP in reference to her theme).

“Oh, Uni-chan,” Compa smiled, heading up, with IF following.

“Hello there, Compa-san,” the girl, Uni, smiled, “IF-san, Neptune-san. What brings you here?”

“Just some business regarding your sister,” IF answered.

“Yep… boring business as usual,” Neptune sighed, with Uni nodding.

“Noire-onee-chan… Neptune’s here,” Uni called out.

“Why is she here?” an older female voice asked.

“Official CPU business,” Uni responded.

“Is she accompanied by anyone?” the voice asked.

“IF and Compa,” Uni informed.

“Let her in,” the voice responded as Uni let the three inside, Neptune in awe at the inside of the house, there being quite the number of rooms, very spacious, decorated in a very steampunk yet Victorian style with chandeliers above, and nice furniture, but the building was dark along with pipes everywhere.

“This place always looks so cool…” Neptune giggled.

“You know what we say, we only do everything,” Uni responded.

“Too true,” Compa nodded, making Uni blush a tiny bit as she stopped by a room with a glass window.

“My sister’s just down the hall and in the first room to your left. I need to make sure my gun skills aren’t rusty,” Uni informed, “Hey… you wouldn’t mind watchin’ me Compa-san?”

“Maybe another time, I’m kinda busy,” Compa responded, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay… I understand,” Uni sighed, as she headed on in and got to practice.

The trio soon arrived at the room that Uni had instructed them to go to. Neptune gave a knock at it, and soon someone opened it, this person being a pale-fair skinned girl with very long black hair about waist length, worn up in long pigtails with two-piece black and blue ribbons. Her bangs are neatly combed, framing her face and she has very noticeable red eyes. She wore a fancy dress consisting of dark blue, white, red, and small amounts of gold lining and buttons. The dress part covers a red with black spiked lining cloth while the breast part is white, along with the skirt which has black lining on both layers. Behind this is a blue bow, matching a smaller one worn around her neck attached to a black and white collar. In the center is a gold piece. It's revealed in an image that this is like a bustier and can be unbuttoned from the front.

“Hello Neptune,” the person, Noire, said simply, “Compa, IF. So… what brings you here? Wanted to visit in order to get some new pens so Neptune can actually do her job?”

“Ha ha. You know as well as I do that Lastation has the best pens… but that’s not why we’re here… right now, anyway,” Neptune responded, pulling out the paper, “Histy-chan wanted you and the other CPUs to sign this.”

“Oh yes, I remember that… but I was told only Compa and IF would be coming to deliver the paper,” Noire replied, “Does Ms. Slacky need a reason to get out of her office and have fun frollocking throughout Gameindustri?”

“Shaddup,” Neptune blinked, handing her the paper.

Noire couldn’t help but giggle a little bit before clearing her throat and looking at the paper, “So… this paper is about us CPUs teaming up and stuff? Haven’t we worked together before?”

“...yea… but… uh… don’t question it. It’s a simple plot for a pilot,” Neptune responded.

Noire just didn’t know how to respond to this, and raised an eyebrow, Compa and IF just blinked.

“It’s to say collaborations are… more able to occur. Say… diplomatic issues, the CPUs can collaborate on stuff like that,” IF informed, “It’s just to allow collaborations in areas aside from fights and video games.”

“I see… well… in that case…” Noire started before signing the paper, “Why do I get a feeling that this is important for Neptune due to her being… her.”

Neptune simply gave an annoyed growl, with Compa and IF walking off with the paper.

“Hey Noire… do you have any blank pieces of paper I can borrow?” Neptune asked.

“Yea… why?” Noire asked in confusion, “Do you need them to actually write up papers or reports of your own?”

“Yes indeedy,” Neptune nodded.

“Uh huh… well… glad to see you’re finally taking your job seriously…” Noire smiled, handing Neptune some paper.


“Now… as long as nothing stupid happens, we can get this done,” IF stated, just glad they were able to get out of there.

“So, I’d assume our next stop would be to Lowee, right?” Compa checked.

“Yea. The train should be heading off soon, so we can go there and get Blanc to sign this paper,” IF nodded, with Neptune walking up and following them, looking at the small stack of papers Noire had given her.

“So… did you two know that Lowee has the best ramen in all of Gamindustri?” Neptune asked.

“Yes,” Compa and IF nodded.

“Maybe we can get some when we go there,” Neptune figured, making IF and Compa blink.

“If we have enough time Nep-Nep,” Compa responded.

‘Oh… I’ll make sure we have plenty of time...’ Neptune thought, a mischevious smirk forming on her face as the three got onto the train bound for Lowee.


Later, on Lowee, the trio walked off the train, ready to get to work, Neptune now wearing a big white hoodie-like dress with purple striped cuffs, lining, and a purple hood. The outfit had pale, ice blue and light lilac accents. As well as a zipper section, two big round pockets, a big zipper with an N on it, and strings resembling a plug.  And all of that was mainly to keep her warm in Lowee’s colder climate.

“Nep-Nep… I really like your other outfit a bit more… but I’m just saying,” Compa informed.

“Yea, but again, Lowee’s a Winter Wonderland, and this is the warmest thing I had on me,” Neptune replied, looking at one of the papers she got from Noire, before lunging forward to get the paper they needed to get signed, and taking off.

“Not again, damn it Neptune!” IF shouted, as the gave chase.

Neptune was once again able to hide in an alleyway.

“Perfect and now… blank’s away,” she said to herself, sending a blank paper flying.

However, Compa was busy talking to IF when she saw the paper flying.

“Uh… Ai-chan…” Compa started.

“Don’t tell me… that baka lost the paper again?” IF responded.

“She did,” Compa responded.

“I asked you not to tell me…” IF groaned before they rushed off after it, Neptune giggling to herself before she popped out and joined up with them, “ can you lose something two times in one day?”

“...dunno,” Neptune shrugged, “Butterfingers?”

“Just catch that thing!” IF shouted, as Neptune ran forward and was able to catch it, but she saw she was in front of the ramen hut she had mentioned earlier.

“Hey… we’re right by it…” Neptune stated, “And all that running did work up quite an appetite.”

“How can you think of food at a time like this!?” IF shouted until she heard her stomach growl, making her blush sheepishly.

“...I think our stomachs can speak for themselves…” Compa stated.


Much to Neptune’s joy and IF’s annoyance, the three went into the ramen hut to get some food, Neptune smiling at how great it was.

“So warm… so yummy…” Neptune smiled, slurping up the noodles, “Place me in a kimono and let me work here and I’d be a happy, happy girl.”

“You’d really do any job if it didn’t involve paperwork, wouldn’t you Nep-Nep-chan?” Compa asked.

“You could say that,” Neptune nodded, as she continued to slurp her noodles down.

IF simply ate her own bowl and just gave a bit of a sigh, knowing A, how much this meal would cost, especially since Neptune was on her fourth bowl, B, that they would be late getting the paper signed, and C, Blanc would get really mad if she knew they stopped for ramen.

“Can you please hurry up Nep?” IF asked politely, the CPU of Planeptune nodding and quickly slurping up the last of her noodles.

“But let’s not forget my fortune cookie,” Neptune smiled.

“Can you please take it, and read it on the way?” IF asked.

“Okay,” Neptune nodded.


After paying, the trio was now back on the trek to Blanc’s house, Neptune opening her fortune cookie, and after eating the cookie part, she looked at her fortune.

“‘Trickery and deceit will only wind you up in trouble. Be truthful and you will prosper.’ Heh… fortune cookies are odd sometimes, aren’t they Compa?” Neptune asked.

“But sometimes they’re true, I remember one time I got a fortune that read ‘Watch the sky, for you will meet a dear friend’, and that night, I met you… or rather… you fell from the sky before I found you and nursed you back to health,” Compa giggled.

“Well… we’re here,” IF stated, “Hey… you two go on ahead and get the paper signed… I gotta respond to a text really quick.”

“Okay, suit yourself,” Neptune nodded, as she and Compa headed for the door, while IF just sat back by the gate, looking around the city, admiring it’s Japanese-style feel while also showing a sort of mushroom like village in a way.


Neptune and Compa entered the house, only to hear a young girl talking. They walked over to the living room and saw two young girls, twins in fact.  One of them has shoulder length brown and dark blue eyes. She also wore a winter jacket over a plain gray and white overall dress. The jacket is pastel blue, the jacket itself having puffed sleeves and a frilled center part with many golden buttons, a collar with a big bow and six puffballs strategically placed. At the ends of the cuff is white fur lining and a big golden button. She wears a cap like Blanc's and have boots resembling their jackets. She also both wears shoulder purse, the extra color is hot pink.

The other looked almost identical, having longer brown hair that goes down her back reaching her chest. She has dark blue eyes like her sister has. She was also wearing a pastel pink winter coat over a plain gray and white overall dress, the coat having puffed sleeves and a frilled white center part with many golden buttons, with a big light blue bow on the collar and six puffballs strategically placed. At the ends of the cuff is white fur lining and a big golden button. She wears a cap like her older and twin sisters and has boots with a similar color scheme with her coat. She has a light blue purse on her right shoulder, while the other has a pastel pink one on the opposite side (the pink and blue on their color schemes are inverted)

“Rom… you’ve had the TV all day, and it’s been nothing but that silly pony show! It’s my turn to watch TV!”  the long haired girl wearing pink shouted.

“...N-No! I… want to keep watching… you had TV all day yesterday…” the short haired girl in blue, Rom, told her sister.

“So what?!  There wasn’t anything fun on yesterday! Today the Adventures of Spyro is on!” the girl in pink shouted back.

“Ram… please… I haven’t had TV in days now… you hog it like a pig…” Rom responded.

“So what?!  You could watch that pony show all the time online; they upload the episodes as soon as they finish airing on TV.  Adventures of Spyro doesn’t have that luxury yet, so fork over the remote!” the girl in pink, Ram, shouted back.

“Times like this… I’m greatful I only have Nep Jr.,” Neptune whispered to Compa.

“I can see that… and you mean grateful, don’t you?” Compa responded.

“Whateves, it’s all the same,” Neptune responded.

“WOULD YOU TWO SHUT THE HELL UP!?!?!” a new voice shouted, as a short, pale skinned girl with short sandy-brown colored hair reaching her neck and dull blue eyes walked in, wearing a big white cap with light blue ruffles and a brown and gold under and center piece, a white dress with dark brown lining and markings on it. Around her neck is a light blue choker with a single white stripe in the middle and blue gem/badge in the center. She also wears power blue sandals with a white ribbon around in her right leg resembling a bandage.

“And there’s Big Sister Blow Up,” Neptune muttered.

“I’M TRYING TO WORK, PLUS, NEPTUNE’S LITTLE HELPERS ARE GOING TO BE HERE WITH SOMETHING IM...portant…” the girl shouted, before she looked to see Neptune and Compa standing there, “Oh… uh… hello,”

“Hi Blanc,” Neptune waved, “How’re ya doin’?”

“Oh… Neptune… Compa… where’s IF? Isn’t she with you?” the girl, Blanc, asked.

“She’s waiting for us outside… for some reason,” Neptune informed.

“So… can we please hurry this along so that Iffy-chan won’t get sick?” Compa asked, as Neptune handed Blanc the paper.

“We can, as soon as I know what this paper is all about,” Blanc responded.

“Just some collab-stuff, allowing us to collab in more than just fights and games,” Neptune answered, “It’s mostly for laws and the like,”

“And I’m assuming Histoire is making this because-” Blanc began to ask when...

“Make a joke at my expense, I will fight you,” Neptune growled.

“Well… you’re as angered by my teasings as I am yours.  Fair enough.  You don’t anger me, I won’t you,” Blanc stated, smiling a little bit.

“Just sign this dumb paper already… please,” Neptune responded, Blanc nodding as she did so.

“Give me that remote Rom!” Ram shouted, as Rom ran with the remote.

“...I need to ditch one of them with Vert one of these days…” Blanc muttered.

“Just give em somethin’ to do so that they won’t focus on silly little sibling things…” Neptune told Blanc.

“...did you just give me helpful advice?” Blanc gawked.

“Well… yea, kinda,” Neptune smiled, taking the paper back from Blanc once she signed it, “Nintendo and SEGA may be rivals… but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly rivals…”

“...thanks Neptune, I owe you one,” Blanc giggled.

“Oh hey! Before we leave, quick question I have to ask,” Compa started.

“Fire away,” Blanc shrugged.

“Is that Rayman leak for Super Smash Bros 4 real?” Compa inquired.

Hearing this question took Blanc back, and made her eyes turn white with a black rim around them,  “The what leak for Smash Bros 4?”

“Just look online, there’s this leak with Rayman in the character selection screen for Smash 4,” Neptune informed, making Blanc take off for her computer.


Compa and Neptune headed back outside and they met back up with IF, who was currently putting one of her phones away.

“So… how’d it go?” IF asked.

“We got it signed,” Neptune informed.

“...uh… I was talking to Compa and about that leak. Did Blanc confirm it real or fake?” IF inquired.

“Well… yea, we got the paper signed, as for the leak… she… uh… didn’t know,” Compa informed.

“Darn,” IF sighed, as they headed off for the train station to get to Leanbox.

“Hey… do you two know what Leanbox is famous for, apart from it’s beautiful landscape?” Neptune inquired.

Both IF and Compa took a moment to think, neither of them having really had to take the time to look at Leanbox, due to being there mainly for mission purposes, so, they gave a shrug.

Neptune sighed at this for a moment, internally fearing there’d be nothing to distract the others with, before she remembered, “It’s pastries and fashion.”

“Neptune, we don’t have time to stop for fashion, so for once, actually TRY to hold onto the paper, and don’t take us halfway around the landmass just to get our job done… pretty please?” IF asked.

“...I’ll try…” Neptune responded.


Soon the trio arrived at Leanbox, Neptune now back in her normal attire, and were actually still on course, when IF’s phone began to ring.

“Hold on a sec, I need to take this,” IF informed “Yo, what’s up?”

-IF, where the heck are you three?! You’ve been gone almost two hours now!- Histoire demanded to know.

“Oh… Histoire.  G-Gomen, Neptune was being little Ms. Butterfingers and lost the paper, twice! Once on Lastation, and once in Lowee, getting us sidetracked along the way,” IF answered, “We’re on Leanbox, though, so it shouldn’t take us any longer to-”

IF stopped, seeing Neptune and Compa running off.

-IF, you still there?- Histoire asked.

“...and Neptune lost the paper… again…” IF sighed, as she began to hurry after them, “I’ll have to call you back!”


The trio was now outside a pastry shop, with Neptune looking at all of the baked goods.

“I really hope that the patisserie isn’t such as… overly-dramatic or excessively passionate about his or her work,” Neptune stated.

“You’d never know… people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,” Compa stated, as she and Neptune headed on in, when bells and whistles went off.

“Congratulations! You’re our 1,000th customer! You win a fabulous prize, a free outfit of your choice from Lumiage Fashion, plus your order today will be free!” the lady greeting customers smiled, making Neptune cheer as she was handed a ticket.


-What’s going on?- Histoire asked over IF’s phone as Neptune and Compa were placing their order from the pastry shop.

“We’re at a pastry shop…” IF informed, “Neptune lost the paper… again, and led us to… ‘Belle-Vert Pastry’. Ugh! And now she’s going to get a free outfit from some outfit store,”

-Wait… how many times has Neptune lost the paper you need to get signed?- Histoire inquired.

“Everytime we’ve gotten to the landmass…” IF informed, “She’s lost the paper, and we’ve made detours before she’s found it.”

-UGH! >: ( *sighs* -_- Neptune’s been faking you two out so she doesn’t have to get back to work.- Histoire informed.

“Wait… what?” IF responded.

-Yea… that’s why I was only asking you two to do it, so you could get it done without getting sidetracked like Neptune. -_-’ ...just… get Vert’s signature and get Neptune back here… I’ll punish her when you get back…-

“Alright… see you soon,” IF responded, hanging up. She felt like she was about to explode, and even felt like her hair would catch fire, but then IF took a moment to inhale and exhale, calming down for a bit as she gave an annoyed groan.

“Here,” Compa smiled, handing IF a doughnut.

“Thanks…” IF sighed, as she took a bite out of it, before she saw that Neptune had a box of doughnut holes, cupcakes, mini pies, eclairs, and a huge bag filled with macaroons.

“This just spectacular! Leanbox has the best treats in all of Gamindustri! Come on! Let’s get to Vert-chan’s place already!” Neptune giggled as she showed the paper they needed signed and walked off.

“Man… Nep-Nep’s always so ecstatic when we go to see Vert, isn’t she?” Compa asked IF.

“...I never noticed,” IF shrugged, “Hey Compa… I’m just gonna tell you this now, Neptune never lost the paper we needed to get signed,”

“...really?” Compa responded.

“She faked us out so we wouldn’t get back to Planeptune so soon…” IF informed, before she groaned, “Compa… how long have we known Nep?”

“Almost five years now,” Compa responded.

“And yet we still fall for her tricks…” IF sighed.

“...I guess?” Compa sighed as well.


The trio continued to walk, still eating their food along the way.

“Have you ever wondered why Neptune’s stomach doesn’t get puffy given how much she eats?” IF asked Compa curiously.

“...I dunno. Maybe she exercises a lot… her company is the owner of the world’s fastest hedgehog,” Compa responded.

“Or maybe all that sugar and stuff goes someplace else?” IF shrugged.

“Maybe it goes into her henshined assets,” Compa joked, making IF laugh.

“Okay… that’s actually kinda funny,” IF laughed, “And maybe that’s why Vert’s are so big. I mean… this pastry stuff is all on her landmass.”

The two just laughed a little about their joke, before calming down once they arrived outside the quiet abode of Vert, seeing there was someone sitting outside sipping tea.  This woman having fair skin like many others, being the most curvy and busty of the girls, having long curled light blonde hair with long bangs neatly framing her face. She has sad blue looking eyes, usually not fully open. She wore an emerald green dress with gold markings. Big/loose light green and white gloves and along the top part of her skirt is a big peach/orange bow. Around her neck she wore a big piece of white collar with green lining around the bottom and a very thin white cloth connecting the dress and neck piece together. At the center is a gold circular piece with a small blue gem in the center and tiny red ribbon with gold in the center.

“Hi there, Vert-chan!” Neptune waved, smiling happily as she did so, getting the blonde’s attention.

“Neptune-san, it’s good to see you,” Vert smiled, “So… what do I owe this nice unexpected meeting?”

“First off… I got you some macaroons,” Neptune informed, handing a box to her, “Second off… some paper that needs your signature.”

“Oh yes, I was wondering when Compa and IF would bring this my way. So… what took so long? You get distracted with the loveliness that is Leanbox?” Vert inquired.

“...maybe,” Neptune shrugged, “Not like… something lovely isn’t before me right now,”

Vert blushed at this compliment, smiling a bit as the two goddesses stared at each other for a while until…

“Ahem!  Not to be rude, Vert-san, but we need that signature as quickly as possible; we’ve wasted enough time as it is,” IF pointed out, handing Vert the paper.

Vert simply gave a nod and wrote her signature down on the paper, before handing it to Neptune, causing the CPU of Planeptune to blush a little bit, before handing the paper to Compa. Neptune just smiled a little, before IF picked her up by her shirt collaer and dragged her off.

“See you later Vert-chan!” Neptune shouted as IF dragged her off, Compa running to catch up with the two.


“Okay, we’re finally back,” IF sighed before seeing the papers Noire gave Neptune before swiping them, “I’ll take those.”

“What was that?” Neptune responded.

“Look Nep we need to talk-” IF started.

“Shh…” Neptune responded.

“No, you need to hear this!” IF responded.

“No, no seriously, be quiet,” Neptune stated, as she listened closely.

“What’s going on?” Compa whispered.

“Monster attack,” Neptune stated, as the train came to it’s stop, Neptune quickly ran out, with Compa and IF quickly following.

“Oh boy,” IF groaned, pulling out some blue blades she held in her hands while Compa summoned a giant syringe. The trio arrived to see a swarm of small blue slime creatures that had a raindrop-like body shape with the ears, tail, and face of a dog.

“Dogoos… that’s what’s causing a panic?” IF asked.

“Well… they can be threatening to Level 1-ers,” Neptune responded with a shrug.

“So… what’s our turn order look like Nep-Nep?” Compa asked.

“Hmm… well, how about you first, then IF, then me and we sweep em up!” Neptune responded.

“Sounds like a plan,” IF nodded.

“I’m goin’ now!” Compa smiled, rushing forward and attacking the Dogoos, poking them with her weapon before injecting them with something that made them dissolve into data. She then dodged something moving close to her, she then looked to see that they were blue and pink colored ghosts with a bow at the head.

“Oh great… those Ms. Blinky things,” IF groaned.

“You’d think that the people who own Pac-Man would be kinda ticked by these things,” Neptune commented.

IF just shrugged Neptune off and hurried forward and attacked the Ms. Blinkies, taking them out with no problem.

“That was almost too easy,” IF noted before they heard a cawing sound, and then they saw some sort of giant partially mechanical bird flying overhead, “ and my big mouth…”

Neptune gave a smirk, and dusted herself off.

“No need to worry… this is just the job for a CPU Goddess,” Neptune smiled, as she posed, “Hard Drive Divinity Henshin!”

She then posed… and absolutely nothing happened.

“Eh? Uh… Hard Drive Divinity Henshin!” she shouted, and still nothing, “...What the heck is happening here?!”

The bird then swooped down and knocked Neptune into a nearby tree.

“Compa-chan… I need healing…” Neptune informed.

“Do you really?” Compa responded, “Or are you just lying?”

“Compa, what are you getting a-” Neptune started, when she saw Compa give her a glare for a moment, “What?”

IF and Compa didn’t respond, as they charged forward at the bird, trying to take on the bird themselves, however, it unleashed a wave of fire attacks right at the two.

“Compa! Iffy! What are you doing? You know you can’t take that thing on your own! Let me help, I can beat this thing!” Neptune shouted, with IF walking over to Neptune for a moment.

“Or can you, you liar?” IF responded.

“What are you talking about?! I’m not a liar!”

“That’s a lie. See?” Compa blinked.

“What’re you talking about?! I never lied to you once in my whole life; we’re best friends!” Neptune shouted, as she took a hit from the bird.

“...think long and hard…” IF told Neptune, as she jumped up and hit the bird while it was doing a swooping attack.

Neptune had no idea what her friends were getting at, thinking she’d always told them the truth. But then, it hit her. Her actions all throughout the day. The bird then picked her up with it’s claws and carried her up into the sky.

“Compa! IF! HELP!” Neptune shouted.

“Tell us the truth, and we will,” IF told Neptune.


“Better,” IF nodded before she used a long range lightning spell to hit the talons of the bird, and then she quickly jumped up and caught Neptune before she hit the ground.

“This outta help you,” Compa smiled, as she healed Neptune.

“Arigato gozaimasu… and I can’t tell you two how sorry I am…” Neptune responded, tearing up a little bit.

Both girls raised an eyebrow at Neptune, thinking she was faking it.

“...I really am crying this time…” Neptune responded, as Compa looked and sure enough, Neptune had no real way to fake it.

“She’s not faking. Bloodshot eyes, quivering lip, genuine tears of sorrow, expression of regret and shaky body.” Compa informed.

Neptune sighed, as a purple glow came from Neptune’s heart. She took out a purple disk, seeing it was her HDD henshin disk.

“Hey Nep. Remember your fortune from that cookie?” IF asked.

“Uh…” Neptune started, “‘Trickery and deceit will only wind you up in trouble. Be truthful and you will prosper.’ Really? This has never happened before now… eh… must be a first episode gimmick,” Neptune stated, “Hey… can you two leave this to me? I think it’s time Purple Heart gets into this.”

“Go right ahead Nep-Nep,” Compa smiled.

“Guess it’s your stage now,” IF added.

Neptune smiled and held out the disk, before shouting out, “Hard Drive Divinity Henshin!”

After what appeared to be some purple water ripples appeared, Neptune was surrounded in a black void in her eyes while others saw her turned into a bright white light, before she posed, causing a purple platform to appear under her before it shattered when she jumped.  Her clothes turned into pixels as her hair glowed and grew, readjusting itself as her new outfit appeared after the forming of some wings.

When the light faded around her body, Neptune was now in the form of an older-looking woman, her hair having become a dark lilac-purple while her eyes turn blue. Her hair becomes very long and is worn in twintail braids while her bangs and the hair that frame her face are somewhat longer. Her hairclips turn into small black circular pieces with glowing blue x's on them. Her figure is more mature/curvier, only losing out to Vert, her suit resembling a black skintight leotard with purple segments and silver pieces along it. The boots/leg armor were above the knee.

“It worked!” Compa smiled.

“Now that monster is in for it!” IF added.

“Heh, I’ll show all my foes the real power of a CPU!” Purple Heart smirked, pulling out a black sword with a long purple blade, and then charging in the blade glowing with a bit of energy. Purple Heart slashed at the bird, causing it to squeal in pain. It then charged forward and began to hit Purple Heart with a barrage of pecks, almost knocking Purple Heart out of the sky.

“Nep!” IF shouted, jumping up and hitting the bird’s wings, while Compa quickly rushed in and healed up Purple Heart.

“Minna…” Purple Heart smiled.

“Don’t worry… we got your back, we always do!” IF smiled.

“We’re your friends… it’s what we always do,” Compa added in.

“Arigatou… now… leave this to me,” Purple Heart smiled, as IF jumped out of the way, allowing Purple Heart to ready her sword for her final attack, “And now for the finisher! Hissatsu Waza: Neptune Break!”

With that, she charged in at the bird, executing multiple strikes, first along the bird’s neck, then around the chest, followed by close to the wings, before hitting it with an uppercut slash, flying up and knocking it down to the ground with a purple wave of energy.

“Wow!” Compa gawked.

“That was a 52 Hit Combo!” IF gawked, as the bird blew up in a data explosion, “That’s impressive,”

Purple Heart smirked, giving her friends a thumbs up, before she shone with purple energy, reverting to normal, high fiving with her friends.


Unfortunately for Neptune… she was now in punishment time, sitting at her desk working hard… with her legs tied up to the chair, along with her waist and her stomach.

“So… how long does this go for?” Compa inquired of Histoire.

“Depends on what she does shirking. So for today… no more than three hours,” Histoire informed.

“That’s whatcha get for ditchin’ work, Onee-chan,” Nepgear giggled.

“Can I take a break now?” Neptune asked.

“No,” Histoire responded.

“But I have to go to the bathroom and I can’t hold it any longer…” Neptune whined.

“Is that you being honest, or are you just trying to shirk your duties again? Any more shirking for today will get you another hour tacked on,” Histoire pointed out.

Neptune didn’t respond, jumping up and down to try and get moving to the bathroom.

“Yea… can someone take her to the bathroom?” Histoire asked.

“I’ll do it,” Nepgear shrugged, as she took the chair and pushed it forward to the bathroom.

“G-Gomen, Nepgear, if it makes up for it, I won’t lie anymore…” Neptune stated, as Nepgear led her to the door.

“And that… is more or less a normal day around here. Neptune and Nepgear shirk, I put them to work, Neptune sneaks out somehow, and gets punished. That’s how things tend to be around here… it’s not everyday, but it’s a fairly normal day around here,” Histoire narrated.

“Who are you talking to?” IF asked.

“I’m just narrating,” Histoire responded.

“Why? There’s nobody here but us,” Compa responded.

“...>.<” was all Histoire could respond with.

Nepgear waited by the door for her sister to finish her business in the bathroom, sighing at what she ended up doing the whole day, but she started to get a bit impatient.

“Onee-chan? Are you in there?” Nepgear asked.

No response.

“Onee-chan?” Nepgear asked, knocking on the door.

Again, no response.

“Onee-chan, you’re in there, right?!” Nepgear asked.

Once again, no response. Nepgear put her hand on the door when…

“AH! I’m still in here Nepgear!” Neptune shouted.

“AH!  G-Gomen-ne, I wasn’t sure if you ditched us somehow…” Nepgear responded.

Neptune just sighed, as she finished up and walked out, “Okay, now that that’s done… is that all the work I need to do, or do I need to keep sitting and working?”

Nepgear just pointed back to the seat and rope, making Neptune sigh in annoyance.

“Just cut to the ending song already…” Neptune said.


*As the ending instrumental began, we see the girls appear, starting with Neptune and Nepgear in their respective HDD forms, initially looking like holograms before they became solid, and started dancing, slowly joined by the other girls.*

I wish deatta kono basho de (I wish we met here, at this place again.)

*Neptune took IF and Compa by their wrists, and they ran off to Compa’s house, with Neptune recalling how she met Compa.*

Go fight inochi ga moeru made (Go fight blossom your life as far as is)

*Nepgear walked over and pulled her sister into a hug, before the two were joined by IF, Compa, Noire, Uni, Blanc, Ram, Rom and Vert.*

I don't forget hateshinai tabi e (I don’t forget our endless journey)

*Neptune stood with Blanc, Noire and Vert, before the four looked over their four landmasses with smiles*

Promise to you chikai wa hitotsu ni (Promise to you I will be near as one with you)

*Neptune slipped down from something, but before she could fall to the ground, Nepgear caught her, and she was aided by the other CPUs and the CPU Candidates.*

"Kanashimi no kazu dake kizuna ga musuba reru" (“Sadness, sorrow, grief, lament bond with harmony and tied together”)

*Neptune and Nepgear were then shown in their room back at home, both of them playing a videogame, with Histoire watching them goof off from behind a corner. Histoire looked at a picture in her tome, and then at the two girls.*

Megami-sama ga oshiete kureta (Goddess please lend me your help)

*Purple Heart stood before the night sky, holding her sword. She looked at it and sighed, seeing there were many enemies before her.*

Everybody now kioku no sora (Everybody now, sky of our memory)

*Purple Heart then flew forward to fight them. She then looked and saw that they were all dead already. She looked up to see Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart and Purple Sister there, they waved and smiled at her.*

Happiness? Lucky? Your smile?

*Purple Heart giggled and smiled at her friends.*

Darenimo makenai egao ni aitai (I won’t give up, till I can see you smile)

*At a cliff, stood several figures that were silhouettes, several of them female,and some of them male. They all looked at Neptune playing around in a park, and they smiled at her.*

Everybody know akiramenai (Everybody know, don’t give up)

*Neptune and Nepgear began to dance together, before it cut to show them being asleep at home. It then cut to them working in the office part of their home, Neptune being less than thrilled at this.*

Happiness? Lucky? Your smile?

*Neptune looked at a picture sitting at the side of her desk, which was of herself, Nepgear, IF and Compa smiling.*

Mirai o tsukamou... Love&Peace (Let’s grasp the future. Love&Peace)

*She giggled and the camera focused at this as the song came to it’s end, finishing off with the girls dancing from the start of this ending sequence, ending with their hands together, the spaces forming hearts.*


Neptune (narrating): Next time on Sisterhood Stories…

Nepgear: I got tickets to 5pb.’s concert!

Neptune, Vert, Noire, Blanc, Uni, Ram, Rom, Compa, IF: YAY!

Nepgear: But… I only have one extra ticket…

Neptune (narrating): So… am I gettin’ that ticket Nep Jr.-nee-chan?

Nepgear (narrating): AH! You’re just gonna have to wait and see… and all these people doing me extra favors isn’t exactly making this easy.

Ram (narrating): This seems so familiar… doesn’t it?

Rom (narrating): Kinda does…

Neptune (narrating): Tune in next time to see what happens!

Episode 2: The Ticket Mistress

Neptune & Nepgear (narrating): Keep calm and game on!
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisterhood Stories Ch 1
My first fic that is actually uploaded here... I wish it could've been something else, but hey, what can ya do. I just learned how to do this stuff today thanks to my good buddy :icontknrkrgaim:, who also helped me co-write this story.

This is the first chapter, so it's a basic plot, as Neptune herself put it in this chapter. In this chapter, Neptune, Compa and IF have to get a piece of paper signed by the other CPUs, but Neptune has other plans to avoid going back to work...

Heads up, there's some Japanese in this story, and minor cursing, so viewer descrition is advised.

Hyperdimension Neptunia belongs to Compile Heart and Idea Factory, we do not own anything, apart from the idea to make this story.


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I'm trying to upload the next chapter of Sisterhood Stories, but it won't work. I'm typing it in the "Enter Text" thing, and it just says "JPG, No Preview" and I can't upload it.

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