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The calm ocean waves splashing by the shore slowly, the breeze blowing over the beach as two people walked on by the beach.

“Onii-san… can we stop by the beach?” a young girl asked, the girl having black hair, blue eyes, a pink shirt, black skirt, and wearing pink sandals

“Well… we have two hours to get to school… and we just moved here so… I don’t even know if we’re going the right…” a male voice responded, being a blonde haired male with blue eyes, a pair of yellow goggles with blue lenses, wearing a cyan shirt, blue and black jacket, white jeans and blue shoes that lacked laces.

“Pwease Onii-san?!” the girl begged, with the male simply sighing and the two walked over to the beach, “’s beautiful like always…”

“You’ve never been here before Ai…” the male responded.

“Ai mean the beach…” she informed.

“Oh… that… well… yea… it’s always nice,” the boy nodded, “Well… we can probably sit down for a bit and look, but we need to get to school…”

“Well, how long do we have…?”

“As I mentioned, two hours…” the male informed, “ city and all that jazz… it’s confusing, you know?”

“...Ai don’t get it Kota,”

“We need to find your school first, so you can be at your school,” Kota told him.

He stood up and took his sister’s hand, Ai smiling at her big brother.


Meanwhile, a young man with dark brown hair, green eyes, wearing a blue t-shirt, blue jeans, red sneakers with white, and carrying a black backpack was walking alongside a similar looking girl with her hair in a ponytail, a white skirt, black shoes, a white shirt and red jacket.

“Hana-san… uh… are you sure that your skirt is proper school height?” the male asked.

“What? It’s decent; I’m not showing off anything,” the girl, Hana, defended.

“Just looks… shorter to me from where I stand, okay?” the boy responded in his defense.

“Yea yea, I get that, Takeshi,” Hana sighed.

The two continued to walk forward to a three story high school that was built on a sort of incline, and as a result and had various entrances and exits.

“Well, here we are,” Takeshi sighed as he walked on, seeing the sign outside of the school reading, ‘Aloha High School’.

Hana walked off to another direction, going to the school’s outdoor gym area, which had a large track and connected to the school’s football field. Meanwhile, Takeshi walked on inside and sat down by a wall and waited for the bell to ring..


Kota and Ai soon arrived at a single story elementary school, Kota having walked inside and led his little sister to room A102, which was rather small, but was big enough for a second grade class.

“Will Ai see you later?” Ai asked nervously.

“You will… I just have to go to my own school, okay?” Kota assured, with Ai walking on in nervously. Kota waved to her, and Ai just continued to wave as he headed for the exit until they were out of sight.


Kota soon arrived at his high school, Aloha High, and was seated at the principal’s office, waiting for a guide to show up.

“Sorry for making you wait, Mr. Hikari, the guide who we originally assigned is out sick, but we were able to find somebody to replace him,” the principal informed.

“Really? Who?” Kota asked before Takeshi walked in, “ I know you from somewhere?”

Takeshi gave a cold shrug, walking over to the principal.

“Hello, Principal Holt, what did you need me for?” Takeshi asked, clearly not happy.

“...the person who would be showing this new kid around school is out sick, so, seeing as you’re my usual standby for it, I’d like you to show Kota Hikari here around this school, okay?” Principal Holt told him.

Takeshi turned to Kota, pondering where he had heard the name before because it rang a bell, and his face seemed to be familiar to some extent, too.

“Alright… I guess,” Takeshi shrugged, as he motioned for Kota to follow him, the goggle headed boy taking his bag and following Takeshi around.


“Welcome to Aloha High… I guess… I’ll start off by saying the school is built on a sort of incline… hence why there are three floors and exists on all three,” Takeshi began, “The majority of the classes take place on the 2nd floor, most gym stuff and theatre stuff are on the first floor, while the cafeteria and recreational areas are located.”

“Okay…” Kota nodded.

“Lockers are rather scattered through the floors, Lockers with an ‘A’ by them are first floor, lockers with a ‘B’ by them are second floor, and lockers with a ‘C’ by them are third floor.” Takeshi informed next.

“Oh… I don’t really find a need for a locker…” Kota admitted, “I’m fine with just my bookbag,”

“Fine, whateves,” Takeshi shrugged before he looked at Kota for a moment, “...have we at all met before?”

Kota blinked for a bit, looking at Takeshi and then up at his goggles, “...Takeshi, is that really you?”

“...Kota?” Takeshi blinked.

After it registered in their minds, Takeshi’s eyes widened and he smiled before Kota hugged him with a wide smile.

“I missed ya, little buddy,” Takeshi smiled, as he patted Kota a bit, “How have you been… I haven’t seen ya in… forever.”

“I’ve been okay. Busy caring for my little sister and been moving around… a bit, so… what about you?”

“Not much. Been around Japan for a while before coming here, keeping Hana out of trouble, and Luna’s popped up here too,” Takeshi informed.

“Really now?”

“No joke, she’s really here. She’s popular… and I haven’t talked with her as much so… kinda kept to myself and Hana for a while… though I did see a new blonde girl around… she looks like she could be a twin sister of Luna. Though she’s… a bit more… uh… firey, so to speak,”

“...wait, are you talking about Yoko?”

“How’d you know?” Takeshi asked.

“...I remember her from grade school back in Japan,” Kota informed.

“Apart from me, the only other person I ever saw you hang out with was that girl in the kimono,” Takeshi responded.

Kota gave a finger motion, going ‘3, 2, 1’, and then it registered.

“...Yoko?! Wh-Whoa… that’s crazy… she wasn’t even CLOSE to wearing a kimono when I saw her…”

“...what’s she like now anyhow?”

“Well, she’s much more open, likes being barefoot, and doesn’t wear kimonos… and is a bit more… uh… revealing, so to speak,” Takeshi informed.

“What do you mean?” Kota asked.

“Uh… she got into belly dancing while she moved to Egypt and… she’s been practicing whenever she got the chance, and she’s almost been attracting as many guys and lesbian girls as Luna had…”

Kota gave a nod as they began to catch up on old times and also go explore the school for Kota’s sake, eventually they stopped at Kota’s first period class, being history.

“I hope your teacher’s cool,” Takeshi told him, Kota nodding in agreement before he walked on in and sat down in class, simply sitting close to the middle of a row, next to some boy with messy black hair preparing to just take out his phone and disregard class.

‘’s gonna be a long year’ Kota thought with a sigh.


Later that day, we see a girl with blonde hair, green eyes wearing a blue sleeveless top that showed her midriff, blue sweats, and white shoes, was walking around with a circle of other girls around her, wearing various differently colored versions of what she was wearing, creating a sort of rainbow of outfits amongst their group, Luna simply held her textbooks in her hands, Luna and her group catching the eye of many boys and lesbian chicks while talking to each other.

“So Luna-san, you hear that Takeshi guy was guiding around some kid wearing goggles? What kind of dork would wear goggles to school?” one person told her.

“Well… I did remember one guy like that when I lived in Japan… but that was Japan. In America however… not really,” Luna responded.

Unknown to her, Kota had actually been standing somewhere around when she said that, kinda surprised she said it, especially given the origin of said items…

“...Oh wait… that guy I mentioned from Japan… he was a close friend of mine… and the goggles were… oh…” Luna realized, slapping herself on the forehead for her stupidity, “How could I forget that?”

Kota sighed with relief from where he was removing the goggles for a moment and seeing some kanji written on the strap, saying ‘We’ll miss you. Always remember: You Can Do It. From, Takesh, Hana, Luna and Yoko’.

He just watched as Luna moved to library before somebody else walked over, the girl looking like she could pass to be Luna’s twin, having blonde hair similar to her’s, but she had blue eyes, a violet streak in her hair, wearing a violet colored top that showed her cleavage and midriff, black short shorts, had a violet bracelet around her right wrist, and was completely barefoot. She also seemed to garner the attention of every lesbian in the room, winking at various girls and waving at them as well. The girl passed by Kota, but came to a stop, walked in reverse and turned to him.

“...Yoko-san. Is that really you?” Kota asked, a little bit surprised to see how different she looked.

“...KOTA-SAN!” she smiled, hugging him out of the blue, much to almost every girl’s surprise.

“Yea… that’s you. A nice and comfy hug, warm and friendly personality, and a sort of rebellious spark,” Kota smiled, hugging Yoko back, “...I missed you a lot Yoko-san. You look… so different, what happened? Your dad finally relent and let you be… more free?”

“Actually, my mom divorced him. I moved around a lot after that…” Yoko informed, “Since then, I’ve been MUCH more open about what I like, and even got a lot of new interests,”

“That’s neat. So… what’s with all of the girls staring at you like some famous guy? Something I missed in the years I haven’t seen you?” Kota inquired curiously.

“Yea, you did.  See while I traveled around… and gained these new interests… I learned of some… different preferences,” Yoko informed.

“...not following,” Kota admitted.

“ terms of romance… I… well… uh… became… a lesbian.”

“Oh. I get it now,” Kota nodded, “So… uh… w-would this… change… anything… with our… status as friends?”

“Oh no. Sure… I have a record to sort of avoid boys, but I still consider guys like you and Takeshi as friends. Don’t worry,” Yoko smiled, hugging him again, “, you’re still wearing those goggles…”

“Yea… a day hasn’t gone by when I never wore them.” Kota smiled, as Yoko then walked off, waving at him for a moment.


Kota soon arrived at his third period, being computer class. He looked around the room, seeing part of it was sectioned off for filming, indicated by a green screen and some lights, and there were computers on rows of tables. However, there was a notable lack of students. Kota looked over to another part of the room, seeing some couches and tables, and just about everyone was there.

“...uh… okay?” Kota shrugged, sitting down at computer 21 and simply waiting for the teacher. He simply looked over to the other students, most of them were just goofing off, filming stuff on their phones, cameras, or playing games on their PS Vitas or 3DSs. Kota just simply waited, hearing some students mention walking out after a certain time had passed.

Finally, a brunette woman in a green and orange shirt, long black pants and normal shoes walked on into the class, most of the students groaning a bit.

“Alright class, it’s time for class to start, so get on over to your computers,” the teacher told them. Almost nobody got up, with Kota simply giving an annoyed eye roll, “Oh? Hello,”

“...oh, hello Ms…” Kota began, looking down to her name tag, “Falocember.”

“Greetings Mr. Hikari. It’s nice to meet you… and it’s nice to have a student who goes right over to a computer instead of goofing around,” Ms. Falocember smiled.

“...I always go to my seat. Although… I do occasionally get up and walk around, I don’t talk to anybody, it’s just… I feel like I need to get up and move,” Kota informed.

“Alright,” Ms. Falocember nodded, before going over to the other students, finally getting them to go over and get to their computers. Well… almost all of them, as there was one student who seemed to be too far distracted.

“Hey,” a person waved, being a male with black hair, wearing a pair of glasses, has green eyes, blue jeans, and was actually wearing a jacket themed to DC’s Flash, the hood even having the small sort of wings that were on the mask of the Flash, “Name’s Tonic.”

“I’m Kota,” Kota greeted, the two shaking hands. Tonic took a moment to help Kota log onto the computer.


After a bit, Kota began to walk around a little bit, just taking a small stroll around the classroom, getting the layout familiarized. After a bit, he just sat back down and continued to work on his assignment, being in a video editor system.

“So… you like DC?” Tonic asked curiously.

“Eh… I’ve read a few issues, and I did see Justice League when I was younger with my dad… but, I’m not really a big Marvel or DC guy,” Kota admitted.

“Oh… not too big into comic books in general, huh? That’s fine,”

“I do read the Archie Comics of Sonic and Megaman,” Kota informed.

“Sonic fan?” Tonic blinked, a smile forming on his face.

“Hai,” Kota nodded, really happy, even showing off a drawing of Sonic, “Big fan.”

“Cool,” Tonic smiled, “You know… I think we’re gonna get along just fine.”

“Yea… same here,” Kota smiled.


Meanwhile, over in a class on history, Luna sat taking notes and Yoko was seen doing the same, having finished her notes before looking over to Luna simply eyeing her a little bit.

With their work finished for the day, Luna simply pulled out her phone and began to text a friend, just hoping to keep busy. Yoko simply waved over at Luna, getting her attention. The two walked over to the back of the class to talk.

“So… what’s up with you?” Yoko asked.

“Not much, but, you see Kota-san’s back?” Luna asked.

“Yea, I have. I actually saw him today,” Yoko giggled, “I’m glad he’s back again…”

The two smiled, before the conversation sort of faded into silence, and they didn’t know what to say or do next.

“...So… um… you wanna… meet up in the cafeteria and… talk?” Luna asked, making Yoko shrug and smile.

“Yea… I would,” Yoko giggled, the two friends simply waiting for the period to be over.


Yoko, Luna, Hana and Takeshi all arrived at lunch, the 4th period which allowed them time to catch up on some things.

“So… Kota-san’s back?” Hana blinked.

“Yea, he is,” Takeshi nodded.

“Oh joy…” Hana sighed sarcastically, “I really missed the little bugger…”

“Hana! He’s my friend!” Takeshi snapped, “And honestly, I at least need another boy in the group to talk about boy things! Don’t get me wrong, I like being around you girls, but I need a breather to do something else…”

“It’s cool,” Yoko and Luna assured.

“Yea… whatever…” Hana muttered as Takeshi looked around.

Takeshi then proceeded to ask  “Come to think of it… where is he?”

“Uh… do you think he has the same lunch period as us?” Luna asked.

“Oh… he doesn’t. He actually has sixth period lunch…” Takeshi remembered, “I still find that weird how he has lunch at sixth period…”


Later on, Kota was simply on his own eating his lunch. He slowly began to eat his bread, simply looking around nervously and rather lonely. He then saw somebody walk over, being a blond haired girl with blue eyes, a black jacket, white shirt, black jeans and white shoes.

“Hey… is this seat taken?” the girl asked.

“,” Kota responded, the girl smiling before sitting next to him.

“Nice to meet you. Atashi wa, Souma Alice,”

“...Hikari Kota.”

“You from Japan, too? Neat,” Alice smiled, as she looked over at some of Kota’s food, “Oh? You bring a home lunch?”

“Always have…” Kota informed, as he continued to eat.


After bidding a farewell to Alice, Kota walked off to his creative writing class, which was much closer than he thought, and in there, he saw all of his friends there.

“Minna…” Kota gasped, getting the attention of Hana, Luna, Yoko, and Takeshi.

“Hello there,” Kota heard the teacher great. He turned to see the teacher had brown hair, a beard and mustache, was wearing a black and orange shirt, gray pants and black shoes, “I’m Mr. Fea, you must be the new student Takeshi and his friends have been speaking a lot about.”

“That’s right, this is Kota. We were friends with him when we lived in Japan,” Takeshi proudly stated, as Kota sat down by his group of friends with a smile.

“So… what’s this class like?” Kota asked.

“It’s rather free. I just give the students the occasional guidelines along with making sure they stay within school rules, but other than that, the assignments are rather free. But I would like you all to focus if I’m talking…” Mr. Fea informed, before pausing, “I said, ‘I would like you all to focus if I’m talking’.”

Kota gave a blink, before looking to see that, sure enough, most of the other students were goofing off.

“Not this again…” Kota sighed.

“Allow me, Mr. Fea,” Takeshi offered before turning to the class, and giving off a very loud whistle.

“...that actually kinda hurt my ears…” Kota admitted.

“Sorry, dude. Maybe I should warn you next time,” Takeshi apologized.

“But it worked,” Luna noted as the rest of the class stopped and turned to look at Mr. Fea.

“Thank you, Takeshi,” he smiled.


Soon, Takeshi, Luna, Yoko, Hana and Kota all turned in their assignments, while everybody else… were using their papers for other things instead of the assignment.

“ it this bad all the time?” Kota asked.

“You don’t know the half of it…” the all blinked.

“One time, somebody used their assignment paper to… uh… on second thought, I don’t think you want to know…” Luna began, before stopping.

“Yea, not worth mentioning,” Yoko agreed as the five all shrugged at what to do next.

Kota simply took out his 3DS XL and loaded up Super Smash Bros, looking through the fighters for a moment.

“Man… Nintendo went all out with the DLC, and to think there’s still more on the way…” Kota noted.

“I’ll say,” Takeshi smiled, pulling out his silver 3DS XL, “Mewtwo and Lucas… but then… in came guys like Sora, Shantae, Hoopa and my personal favorite… Spyro.”

“Yea, it’s been great to see him again, in his proper form,” Luna smiled, as she took out a 3DS XL as well.

“Agreed, but I think that, while he’s a good character… there are other good characters too…” Yoko admitted.

“You and almost always playing as an Inkling or the Octoling…” Hana stated, rolling her eyes.

“...that’s Splatoon, right? When were they announced?” Kota blinked.

“End of May, and DLC came for them in June,” Yoko informed, “And the Octolings are the foes of the Inklings, and the humanoid Octolings are all girls…”

“Interesting. I haven't played Splatoon… I don’t own a Wii U,” Kota admitted.

“Oh… sorry. But just looks, the Inklings are cute and cool, and the Octolings are… oh… so… so… kawaii and… hot,” Yoko giggled, liking how the characters looked.

“...Yea, and if you couldn’t tell, she’s a l-” Hana started when

“A lesbian, yea, she told me earlier,” Kota informed.

“...I know I’m strange…” Yoko blinked, “I can’t help but blush at them…”

Kota just shrugged, thinking he’d get used to it since she’s his friend,

“So… what do you guys wanna do now? ...I mean… once I get Ai from her school.”

“...I wanted to do a round of Smash with you,” Takeshi admitted, “You said you never played it when we first met, and we weren’t old enough to play any of them when we were younger. We all have SSB4, so… why not?”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Hana smiled, “I can’t wait to smear you’re sorry goggle head into dust.”

“I had some practice, don’t think I can’t lose.”


Soon, Kota had gotten his sister, and they arrived at Takeshi’s two story house, his mom, Midori Narumi, having provided the group with a variety of snacks.

“Mrs. Narumi… it’s been a long time…” Kota smiled.

“It indeed has,” Mrs. Narumi smiled, “You must be his little sister Ai.”

“Hai. Ai think it’s nice to meet ya,” Ai giggled.

“ she… speaking in the third person?” Mrs. Narumi asked.

“Yea. Given her name… it’s sort of hard to tell… but she is. She is only seven years old, but she’s silly, but… she is a little bit… cute at the same time,” Takeshi smiled, patting Ai on the head. Ai sat down by the first floor TV, simply smiling as the group picked their characters for the game, Takeshi choosing Spyro, Yoko choosing the Octoling, Hana picking Shantae, Luna choosing Sora and Kota choosing Megaman.

“Okay, here we go,” Luna smirked, as they picked the Artisan Homeworld from the first Spyro game,

“Sugada…” Ai giggled, Luna and the others turning to her.

“Does she know Japanese?” Hana asked.

“...a little… but she can’t say some words correctly,” Kota answered as they got going. Kota was able to evade attacks easily, but Takeshi was rather aggressive and fast, charging in and causing damage to Shantae and Sora rather quickly.

“Hey! Why single me out?!” Hana demanded out of her brother.

“Because it’s one less threat to deal with!” Takeshi shouted, not seeing the Octoling sneak up behind him and hit him with a powerful ink shot, sending Spyro flying off the stage, “HEY! ...Oh, I’m getting you for that one, Yoko-chan.”

“I didn’t even take a stock away from you.” Yoko defended, before Sora knocked Spyro away, taking his first stock, “Luna on the other hand…”

“Oh, you’re gonna get it this time, Luna,” Takeshi chuckled, chasing after Sora as soon as Spyro got back on stage, proceeding to hit her with a flame attack, and right into the way of a stage hazard, which took Sora out, causing the legendary key wielder to lose his first stock.

“Hey! I knew we should’ve played on Omega!” Luna growled, “So, Hana, Yoko and Kota have yet to lose a stock. That’s gonna need to change!”

Shantae proceeded to get the Octoling in her grab, mashing the button like nuts, before sending the Octoling flying, but luckily, the Up-B was able to get the Octoling back up onto the stage.

“So… is Onii-chan winning?” Ai asked.

“I’m playing as Megaman, and I’ve yet to lose a stock so… I guess you could say I am,” Kota shrugged, as he was able to use the Side Charge A move to send both the Octoling and Shantae flying and take a stock from them both, “No I officially am winning.”

“It! Is! On now!” Hana growled, “I am smearing that goggle head of yours into dust!”

“And how has he not taken much damage? Seriously, look, he’s only at 10%!” Takeshi noted.

Kota did not respond, managing to get Crash Bombs onto them all and lure them close by, and sent all of them into the air.

“Really?! When did Gooey Bombs show up?” Luna asked.

“That was Megaman’s Crash Bomb,” Takeshi responded, “I don’t play with very many items on.”

“Oh yea… I forgot about that move…” Luna admitted, when Megaman began his Charge Up A, the Spark Shot and sent all of them hurtling into the air, but Spyro managed to come back, using his Down-B headbash attack, seeing he was just shot into the air, to knock off some more health, before a good ice spell from Sora sent Megaman down and made him lose his first stock.

“ That was… impressive,” Kota admitted, “I’ve never played with such skilled players before.”

“We’ve had plenty of practice,” Luna smirked, “...and mind me asking why you’re using the 3DS to play instead of a Wii U controller?”

“This playset is more natural to me,” Kota admitted, as the Octoling grabbed Spyro and sent him flying, before using the Down-B to hit everybody.

“Oh no, that’s it!” Takeshi shouted, executing a Charge Side A, and sending the Octoling off and landing her on the last stock.

“No… no no no come on, you can’t let me down now!” Yoko shouted, as she began to go after Sora and Shantae, knocking Sora right off the stage because of Shantae jumping out of the way of an attack, which also caused Sora to fall to the ground. Sora attempted the Up B move, but just barely missed the ledge and fell and lost a stock, “Boo-yea! Octoling never lets me down!”

Then, the Smash Ball, the one item they left in the game, appeared, which Takeshi rushed for, along with everybody else. Shantae was able to smack it the most, but due to everybody chasing it, nobody saw Megaman get it with the Air Shooter.

“Oh no! We’re all in the way!” Takeshi shouted as they all attempted to run, but it was too late, as all of them got caught in the Black Hole Bomb.

“Oh yea! It’s Time For Final Buster!” Kota shouted, as the other Mega Men from the other games appeared alongside the original, blasting with shots from their Busters, sending everybody flying off, leaving only Shantae and Megaman left.

“Hoo boy, I can’t wait to smear you!” Hana smirked.

Later, the two were in a head to head bout, both on their last stock and at high percentages, one good move would finish the other off. Shantae charged forward but Megaman countered with Spark Shot, sending the half-genie hero into the air and she barely made it back, only to hit her with the Charge Shot, and send her off the stage.


=The winner is… MEGAMAN!=

“I got fifth?!” Luna gasped in annoyance.

“Oh, don’t feel bad, Luna,” Yoko replied, patting Luna on the back.

“...why can I never stay angry when I’m around you?” Luna wondered to herself, the two girls just smiling as Hana put her controller down and sighed.

“You did good Kota,” Takeshi smiled.

“Megaman is my main after all,” Kota smiled.

“...can Ai play with Onii-chan and the others now?” Ai asked, walking over.

“...I don’t see why not,” Luna shrugged, handing Ai a controller.

Ai looked it over for a moment, before picking Neptune, “Ikuzo, Neptune!”

With that, Ai started to play with the group, and was rather skilled.


“I’ve been playing fighting games for years now… years! And I lose to a seven year old?!” Luna growled, as Ai had placed first in their match, followed by Kota in second, Takeshi in third, Yoko in fourth, Hana in fifth and Luna in last.

“Un! STINKING! Believable! She’s said herself she’s not very good, and she creamed us all!” Hana growled.

“Ai’s lucky.” Ai shrugged.

“I’m glad you two are in our circle of friends, it’ll make things a lot more hectic and interesting,” Yoko giggled.

“Ai do good?” Ai inquired.

“Yea, you did.” Kota nodded, as he picked her up and smiled, “Come on, we need to get home.”

“Okay,” Ai nodded, as Kota turned to the group.

“See you all in school tomorrow,” Kota smiled as he walked out for home.

“...I’m glad he’s back…” Takeshi smiled happily, waving to his friend.
Way to Life Ch 01
This story is meant as the first real fic that features my characters in a... realistic setting. This is set on Earth in our day and age (albeit, a few months forward in time) and with a slightly altered past.

This shows a group of old friends re-uniting.

And like with the Neptunia story, minor viewer descrition is adviced.

Hana, Luna and Takeshi all belong to :icontknrkrgaim:
Yoko, Ai and Kota belong to me.
Sunset looked at her book, simply looking at some pages in it, looking over the title that she once called Princess Celestia.

“‘Your Momjesty’,” she read, giggling a bit, “Oh how I miss those days…”

“Howdy,” Applejack waved, as she walked over to Sunset, seeing she was all by herself. Sunset simply looked up to her friend and smiled.

“Hi Applejack. What’s up?” Sunset asked.

“Nothin’ much. Just ‘bout tah head home and make sure mah car’s ready to drive some of the others around,” Applejack informed.

“Something up?”

“Oh. It’s Mother’s Day day after tomorrow. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are gonna be flyin’ up to Hawaii to meet with Dash’s ma and Fluttershy’s grandma, Pinkie’s gonna go back to the rice farm she grew up at to see her ma,” Applejack informed.

“What about your mom and Rarity’s?” Sunset asked.

“Well, Rarity’s folks are gonna come down to visit, and… well…” Applejack began, pausing a bit saddened.

“Oh. I’m sorry…” Sunset apologized.

“’s alright. Ya didn’t know… so, what about you? Ya gonna do somethin’ fer yer ma?” Applejack inquired.

Sunset didn’t know what to say at all, feeling that she might say the wrong thing, so, she just wordlessly hugged the book closer to herself. She tried hard not to cry, but the thoughts kept coming back.

“ ya not have a ma?” Applejack asked.

“...I never knew my birth parents… Princess Celestia was my mother…” Sunset informed, tears dripping down.

“Ah… Ah see…” Applejack responded, with Sunset just sitting down at a bench and letting tears drip down.

The red-and-yellow haired girl put her book down and walked off to go and get something from her locker. Applejack quickly scooped up the book, taking out a pen and quickly writing a message to Twilight, thinking that she would know how to help.


Twilight had simply continued to make sure her castle looked nice for her mother’s visit to Ponyville, dusting and polishing, and quadruple checking that the guest room would be ready for her mom.

“Uh… Twilight-” Spike began.

“Not now Spike, I need to make sure everything is perfect!” Twilight told him, making sure nothing was out of place.

“But Twilight there-”

“Not now Spike,” Twilight insisted, checking a few things off of her list, “Okay, now Spike.”

“That message book is buzzing again,” Spike told her.

“Oh… that it?” Twilight blinked, as she walked over to it and levitated it up to her eyes, “‘Dear Twi- Somethin’ seems to be up with Sunset Shimmer. She just ain’t actin’ likin’ herself fer some odd reason, and it’s cause Mother’s Day is upcoming. She told me that yer world’s version of Celestia was her mom… think you can do somethin’?’”

“Sounds like AJ,” Spike noticed.

“I’m gonna go and look into something Spike… can you handle the rest of my checklist while I’m gone?” Twilight asked him.

Before Spike could respond, he belched up a scroll, this having Luna’s seal instead of Celestia’s.

“Huh? It’s from Luna. ‘Dearest Princess Twilight Sparkle- We require a moment of thou’s times in Canterlot as so as thou can provide it. Dearest Tia has been… sad and lonely as of late, and we can not figure out why this is, and we hope that thou can be able to deduce the reason. -Princess of the Night, Luna’. Man… that whole ‘royal we’ thing is kind of tricky…”

“You need to work on your volume when you do that… and your ‘royal we’... and your southern accent imitation,” Spike told Twilight.



Back at Canterlot High, Sunset was pulling out a small box from her locker, and it had her Cutie Mark on it like the book did. She slowly opened it up to reveal some items.

“What’s that darling?” Rarity asked, walking over to her.

“Oh… just some things I brought over from Equestria… I’m… sentimental…” Sunset informed, as she looked into it with a smile. Rarity was about to peek in, but Sunset moved the box aside, “...sorry. It’s just… I’m not so comfy sharing this…”

“It’s alright,” Rarity assured, “I promise that I won’t tell anybody…”

Sunset just nodded and walked off, closing her locker.

“Hey Rarity… somethin’ seem… off about her to ya too?” Applejack asked, walking over to Rarity, Sunset’s messenger book still in her arms.

“Yes… she does seem a bit… down,” Rarity admitted, “It’s as if she’s… lonely.”

“Well… Mother’s Day is comin’ up, and her ma is in another world…” Applejack told Rarity, an idea forming in her mind…


“Twilight Sparkle, we appreciate thou’s arrival in such haste,” Luna smiled, seeing Twilight walk in.

“Yes… we thank thee for telling us of this situation… tell us how we shall help,” Twilight responded.

“...the royal we does not suit you very well,” Luna told Twilight bluntly.

“Yea, sorry. So… where’s Celestia?”

Luna gave a motion for Twilight to head back into the library section, and the Princess of Friendship did so, seeing that Celestia was sitting at a table, looking at a book. The Princess just sighed as she stared at pictures of herself and Sunset when she was a filly, she had to fight back crying a bit.

“Uh… hi,” Twilight smiled, getting Celestia’s attention. The white alicorn turned around to look at Twilight, the princess smiling before wiping her eyes.

“Hello, Twilight. What brings you here?” Celestia asked.

“...Princess Luna said something was wrong with you… I just wanted to come and make sure you’re alright…”

“Oh… she told you I wasn’t well, did she?”

“And you’re… crying, I… I’ve never seen you cry before…” Twilight responded, moving a tissue over to her.

“Even the best ponies cry Twilight…” Celestia told her, Twilight approaching her, and resting a wing by Celestia’s side, like the princess did to her when she was a little filly and needed comfort. Celestia smiled at Twilight’s attempt to cheer her up, but even with this, she just felt… hollow. The princess who had been a faithful student, the bearer of the Element of Magic… while she knew it would be Twilight, she just had a small wish within her heart, that a certain somepony, would’ve been in Twilight’s hooves… and she hated herself for even thinking of that.

Twilight looked down to the book, seeing the pictures of Celestia and a filly Sunset Shimmer.

“What was your bond with her?” Twilight asked curiously.

“...huh?” Celestia blinked.

“Sunset Shimmer… I got a message from those in the other world about her, and… I just wanted to know how close you two were.”

“Sunset… was like… a daughter to me… heh. You remember that little nickname you used to use with me when you were a filly?”

“Yea… your momjesty,” Twilight giggled.

“...Sunset Shimmer used to call me that,” Celestia smiled, “Only for us… we really did feel like mother and daughter. I… was torn up when I found out she ran away… and almost hurt you.”

“Say what?” Twilight blinked.

“...she ran away… and then returned, wanting to cause harm to you… she escaped into the mirror portal…” Celestia informed, “And… and… and I… I couldn’t…”

However, Celestia couldn’t hold it any longer and started crying. She felt like years of bottled up emotions were pouring out of her like water out of a container and into a cup.

“...uh… that’s a little… bit… hard. But… did Sunset ever become cruel while she was here in our world? Because… from the way I looked at her, even while I was trying to get back my Element of Magic, she seemed… like she had a sort of mental defense. Like… her anger had just taken control and was blocking out reason…” Twilight told Celestia.

“Huh?” Celestia responded, wiping her tears away.

“...I just got that impression from when I first saw her…”

“I see…”


Twilight had roamed around a little bit, looking at the castle halls and some rooms, simply just trying to think a little bit. She eventually came to a door that was not very far away from Celestia’s and it bore Sunset’s Cutie Mark. Twilight opened up the door and saw it was a room that seemingly would belong to a young filly.

There were various crayon drawings on the wall, some assignments with high scores, books lined up in a small little bookshelf over in a corner, some stuffed toys, and on a nightstand had a picture of Princess Celestia with the filly Sunset Shimmer, covered in a bit of dust.

The Princess of Friendship had noticed there was a little bit of dust in the room, but it still looked as though it was occasionally walked in. Twilight was able to deduce that Celestia didn’t have this room removed due to how she viewed Sunset Shimmer as a daughter, and likely told the guards to keep out.

Twilight trotted along, when something amidst the books caught her attention, being a piece of paper. She levitated it up and read it.

“‘Dear Your Momjesty- I heard Captain Glistening Defender say he wanted you to put me in an orphanage… well, I don’t want to. So, I’m gonna hide in gardens until the foalhood careponies go away. Don’t worry, I’ll be home soon. -Your Little Sunshine. Oh, PS- Tell that new filly that I’m really looking forward to learning with her… maybe we could be Cutie Mark Searchers, looking for our Cutie Marks together.’”

This note took Twilight back quite a bit, especially the PS part. Twilight looked and saw a date by it, being the third month, on the 20th. She gawked at the date for a moment… it was the day the Sonic Rainboom first happened, resulting in herself, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy getting their Cutie Marks. Sunset Shimmer wanted to learn alongside her… she wanted to be friends… what could have changed?


“...I don’t believe this…” Celestia gawked, Twilight having shown her the note.

“I found it in a bookshelf… my only guess is that it was hidden so this… Glistening Defender, wouldn’t find it.” Twilight responded, “And look at the date, that’s the day of my entrance exam, the same day I got my Cutie Mark!”

“...and the very last time I ever got a message from Sunset. And… she got her Cutie Mark that day too, realizing the passion and drive she had for whatever she set her mind to,” Celestia explained.

“So… me, Sunset, Rainbow, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Applejack all got our Cutie Marks on the exact same day?! That’s amazing!” Twilight gawked in amazement.

Celestia re-read the PS again, smiling at that, really wishing that she could’ve gotten to learn alongside Twilight as well. And another thought dawned on her… if Glistening Defender had lied about that, who knows what else he could’ve lied about… but, that would be a problem for another day.

“Twilight… thank you for showing me this…” Celestia smiled, “I really needed to know that she didn’t run away… but…”

She paused, sighing to herself, “...I just wish… I can see her… one more time… but the portal is still closed for many more moons…”

Twilight tried to hide a sheepish look, having never once told either of the Princesses that she found a way to re-open the portal.

“Well… actually, Princess… uh… there’s… something I uh… haven’t… told you,” Twilight started sheepishly.

“Oh?” Celestia blinked.

“I uh… know it might be dangerous… given… ahem, a past… mess, with mirrors but… I found a way to… open up the portal that Sunset went through… whenever we want to…” Twilight explained.

“Wait… so it’s possible that…?” Celestia started.

“But… given what happened with that other mirror portal… I try to limit when I open up the portal… I went over there two times after a big mess that came up, and it was just so I can sing with some friends…” Twilight explained, sitting down so she could bring Celestia up to speed.


At an apartment building, Sunset had sat down and looked through the box she had brought with her from Equestria. The first item in it was a small little crayon drawing of herself as a filly, a young filly Twilight Sparkle (albeit, with a few wrong colors) and them with Princess Celestia. Next, there was a story book titled ‘Love You Like the Sunshine’, which was Sunset Shimmer’s favorite bedtime story as a filly, following that were items she slept with when she was younger, being a red blanket with yellow highlights, that looked almost like her Cutie Mark did, ironically. The other was a yellow butterfly with black dot eyes, pink, red and purple wings and a nice smile, Sunset had decided to call this little stuffed animal “Ms. B” when she was a filly. Finally, there was a picture of herself with Princess Celestia, the two acting playful as if they were actual mother and daughter.

“...why did I have to be so scared? Why did those guards make me fall into the mirror?” Sunset whimpered, curling up into a ball and crying.

Sunset just wanted to go back to Equestria, she was tired of dealing with the people who didn’t forgive her, dealing with waking up early in the morning to get to school on time, dealing with homework that made very little sense to her, and especially having to deal with the constant reminders that she was a ‘raging she-demon’ as she put it.

Even though she had come to terms with her past, claiming it wouldn’t control her, and that her past was not today, she still had regrets from leaving Equestria. She sometimes just wished everything she had done was nothing more than a nightmare and that she would wake up a filly again, in her old room, waiting for her Momjesty to come and introduce her to the new student she would be learning with.

Her thoughts were snapped back to reality as she heard her phone chime. This was another thing she had really come to not like, technology, as it was constantly breaking, and she had to have her friends give her money to make sure she could keep it.

-Hey, we had an idea fer ya, and what ya can do this Mother’s Day. AJ-

Sunset blinked in confusion, typing back a response.

-What do you mean?-

-Meet me and Rarity out by the school’s entrance tamarrow, and Ah’ll tell ya. Oh, and make sure ya bring that box of yers with ya. AJ-


Sunset still didn’t get what her friends were trying to do, but she had packed up a large book bag with somethings. She assumed that the three of them were going to do something that night, so, she brought a few things to keep her busy.

“Hey there Sunset,” Applejack waved.

“Hi Applejack. What’s going on?” Sunset asked.

“You’re going to be going on a trip,” Rarity informed.


“Back home,” Rarity added.

Sunset gawked for a moment, realizing what was about to happen, suddenly smiling widely, but then almost frowning when she looked to her friends.

“Don’t worry. We’ll see ya day after tomorrow.” Applejack informed.

“We just felt like it would best to get you home a day early so you can plan something special to do with your mother,” Rarity informed.

“...Okay…” Sunset nodded.

“Ya pack ever’thin’ ya may need?” AJ checked.

Sunset looked into her bag for a moment, she took out a few things, most of them being items that didn’t exist in Equestria, she handed them to Rarity before checking it again.

“Yea, everything I need is here. Including my little box…” Sunset informed.

“Well, portal’s open. We’ll see ya soon,” Applejack smiled.

“Tell Twilight and her friends we said hi,” Rarity added.

Sunset put her bag over her back before she walked through the portal and into the other world…


Twilight had led Celestia back to her castle, the Princess of the Day currently being blindfolded, guided to the room where the mirror to Canterlot High was.

“Wait right here,” Twilight told her, setting earmuffs on her.

Sunset emerged from the portal, stumbling around on her hind legs, fumbling onto the floor as she wasn’t meant to walk on two legs in her pony body. Twilight caught her with her magic, making sure she could balance, before turning over to Celestia, removing the earmuffs.

“Okay, you can take off the blindfold now,” Twilight told Celestia with a wide smile.

Celestia’s magic surrounded the blindfold, removing it, but she gasped upon what she saw… Sunset Shimmer, in her unicorn form, grown up, standing right there.

“...this isn’t a dream… is it?” Celestia muttered, “Is that… really you Sunset?”

“Yes… it’s me… Momjesty,” Sunset smiled, tears ready to drip down from her eyes.

Celestia wasted no time and rushed over to hug her daughter. Sunset was a bit surprised by this, but Celestia just smiled, hugging her.

“...I missed you… I missed you so, so much…” Celestia whimpered.

“...I missed you, too…” Sunset responded, “...I’m so glad to be home…”

Celestia smiled at Sunset, before noticing Twilight getting a bit teary-eyed at this scene, looking very happy for the two of them.


Sunset had soon returned to Canterlot Castle, seeing how it had changed from how she remembered it when she was a filly.

“Wow, has it really been that long since I left?” Sunset inquired.

“It’s been many moons… and the heartache never left,” Celestia told her, “...losing you… I…”

“Tia… thou does not wish to see you cry more,” Luna told her, approaching her sister, about to comfort Celestia when she turned to see Sunset, “Ah… the famous Sunset Shimmer. We have waited for thou to show herself one day so that we may be the best aunt ever.”

“Aunt Luna! I dreamed of meeting you for so long,” Sunset giggled, as they hugged happily.

“We have done the same,” Luna smiled back.

“This must be very special for all of you,” Twilight smiled, trotting on over as well.

Sunset just smiled at Twilight, before Celestia motioned for Sunset to follow. The two soon arrived at the room that Sunset stayed in when she was a filly.

“My… room…” Sunset gawked.

“...I just couldn’t bring myself to touch it… I came back in here and celebrated your birthday every year you were gone… I even got presents… they’re all unopened… I did it so… in the slim chance I saw you again… you’d be able to make up for lost time,” Celestia informed, seeing Sunset look amazed, having missed her old home, “So… I just need to clear this up. You didn’t run away?”


“And you didn’t intentionally enter the mirror… what happened to make you so… angry?”

“...I heard Glistening Defender say those lies to you… I tried to get your attention, but you believed him… I just felt so angry, hurt and betrayed… I… I.. just lashed out. I didn’t realize that all my anger would turn… destructive… but it got worse… I heard you talk about Twilight… and it made me think… you just abandoned me…”

“Oh Sunset… I’d never think of abandoning you. You’re my daughter… and I love you…” Celestia smiled, placing Sunset on her bed, which was still long enough for her to fit into, “...I will always love you, my little sunshine. I was blessed to have found you… and raise you… I only wish that you could have stayed and been my daughter all of these moons…”

Sunset smiled a little, hugging her mother, a huge smile on her face.

“...I’m glad to be the pony you found all those moons ago…” Sunset smiled, “, Mother’s Day is tomorrow…”

“Yes… and this will be the first one in a long time where I haven’t needed to be left all alone in the library…” Celestia admitted, the two mares smiling before Celestia saw the time.

“I’ll be right back my little sunshine… I have matters to attend to,” Celestia informed, trotting off. Sunset looked out at the window, watching as Celestia made the sun set, the sight being very much as beautiful as she remembered from being a filly.


After it had gotten a bit later, Sunset looked at her room, looking at the moon, seeing the beautiful night that her aunt had created. She smiled, before hearing somepony open up the door to her room. Sunset turned to see it was Celestia.

“Oh, Mom… something up?” Sunset asked.

“’s getting late… shouldn’t you be getting to bed?” she asked.

Memories of this conversation played out in Sunset’s mind like a record, the unicorn mare giggling as she trotted over to her bed, seeing the blankets and sheets being covered in a magical aura. Sunset giggled like a filly as Celestia tucked her in for the night.

“...I missed this… I missed it a lot,” Sunset smiled.

“I missed it, too, my little filly,” Celestia admitted, when she saw the box sitting on Sunset’s nightstand. She opened it up and saw the items from Sunset’s fillyhood were in it, “ kept these?”

“As angry as I got… I couldn’t let go of the memories of my mommy… call me sentimental, call me a little filly… but I just couldn’t let go of these old things…” Sunset admitted.

Celestia just gave a warm smile, as she levitated over Sunset’s blanket and Ms. B, the mare taking them like she was a little filly.

“Thank you… Momjesty,” Sunset smiled.

“As cute as that is, you can always feel free to call me mom, Sunset,” Celestia told her. She sat down in a chair that was nearby, the book that Sunset brought with her now sitting close by her, “‘Love You Like the Sunshine’. You even kept this?”

“It’s my favorite book,” Sunset giggled, making Celestia smiled, cuddling up next to Sunset and plant a kiss on her forehead.

“Sleep well, my little sunshine,” Celestia smiled, putting the book down and taking her leave. Sunset smiled before closing her eyes and falling asleep. Celestia just watched her with a smile, before trotting off.


“Sister… what do you think of Sunset?” Celestia asked Luna.

“Why doest thou ask?”

“Just curious,”

“Well… personally, we think she is a great pony… but we wonder… why did you let yourself get so attached to her?”

The alicorn princess of the sun simply looked at a picture of a stained glass window project she had sketched out, but never had built, being of six alicorns. The two in the back were both pure white, the male having armor of sorts and a cape, while the female had a sort of dress, both having golden manes, though the female had red highlights in her mane, and the Cutie Marks were obscured. In front of them were a younger Celestia and Luna, both of them with their Cutie Marks, but their manes not being the same ethereal versions they are presently. And in front of the two of them, was an alicorn Twilight Sparkle… and beside her, an alicorn Sunset Shimmer…

“...I had hopes… that she could be Twilight’s partner and look over Equinia after we stop one day… and… while those were there, I always saw something… different… a daughter. I just… I just felt she was different… and… something in me grew to love her like she was my own.” Celestia admitted, putting the sketch away, “...does it… make me weak?”

“No. In fact… we believe Sunset Shimmer is something that makes you stronger. Bonds can make anypony stronger… just look at what bonds have done for Twilight Sparkle… now, go and get some rest dear sister. Don’t worry at all about tomorrow’s sunrise and sunset… you just go and enjoy yourself…” Luna told her older sister, who actually got a little bit teary eyed at this.

“Right…” Celestia nodded. She trotted off to go and rest, while Luna gave a small mischievous giggle, knowing perfectly well that Sunset would want to surprise her mom…


The next morning, Celestia was awoken by the sound of her door opening and somepony trotting in. She sat up just a little bit, seeing that it was Sunset, who, at the moment, had a chef’s hat on and a teal apron as well.

“Good morning mom… Happy Mother’s Day…” Sunset smiled, levitating over a plate. Celestia looked and saw on it was heart shaped pancakes and a cup of orange juice, “...I worked really hard on this…”

“...That’s sweet… thank you, dear,” Celestia smiled, as she happily began to eat her breakfast in bed.


After she finished, Sunset gave a happy smile and skipped alongside her mother, the two heading outside of the castle to see a small festival going on.

“,” Celestia gawked.

“A festival for Mother’s Day… that’s amazing,” Sunset giggled, “So… are you going to attend, mom?”

“...since I have somepony to enjoy it with… yes,” Celestia nodded, before she did something unexpected, casting a spell on herself to make herself a bit shorter, have a pink mane and tail, and making herself look much younger and appear to be a unicorn with a Cutie Mark of a pink sun, “Before you ask… I think it might be better if nopony knew who I actually was…”

“Makes sense,” Sunset shrugged, as they begun to trot along, the two mares looking excited as they did so.

Sunset spotted a small game of ball toss, the two mares trotting over to give it a go. Sunset tried it first, so she could get her mom a gift, and managed to get some bottles knocked down, but not enough to get a very big prize. She chose a plushie of a little ladybug. Celestia took her turn and won some more points, but chose a bit ladybug plushie, claiming that they would be a ‘mother and daughter’.

Next, they went into a sort of bobbing game, which Celestia tried right away, getting some tickets for various booths around them, while Sunset managed to pull out a bucket, which had water in it along with small hearts. She gave it to Celestia, who giggled happily at the gesture.

After that, the two entered a three legged race, and while it was a little tricky for them to get in sync at first, they won the race by a landslide, got a photo taken and were given matching lockets to contain the picture in.

Soon, the two were sitting down at the park, eating ice cream and relaxing a little bit.

“So Mom… how are you enjoying your Mother’s Day so far?” Sunset asked.

“It was amazing, Sunset,” Celestia smiled, as she licked the vanilla flavored ice cream pop she had, while Sunset was nibbling at a cotton candy one, “And this ice cream is so good…”

“Yea… I’m glad to spend time with you…” Sunset giggled.

“But… there is something I wanted to do today…” Celestia admitted.

“What’s that?” Sunset asked.

Celestia got up and trotted along, Sunset following, and the two arrived at a playground.

“Hey… I remember this place,,, I played here when I was little…” Sunset recalled, “Oh… I get it, you wanted to come back here and make up for lost time… don’t ya mom?”

“Yes,”  Celestia nodded, “I missed playing here with you… so… why not?”

Sunset giggled as she headed off for the playground, Celestia following.

The two first headed on over to the slide, with Celestia gently pushing Sunset down through it, and Sunset soon returning the favor for her mom, the two enjoying the ride through the red and pink tubed slide.

Next, they headed over to a teeter-totter, the two enjoying basically bouncing each other off the ground. Sunset giggled as she went up and down, with Celestia enjoying it as well.

The two soon trotted over to the jungle gym that was connected to the slide before climbing around on it, and after a bit, Sunset slipped off, but luckily, Celestia was there to catch her so she didn’t get hurt.

Finally, the two arrived at what was Sunset’s favorite playground equipment, the swing. Sunset sat on the swing and Celestia gently pushing her with her hooves.

“Of all the things…” Sunset said as she was close to Celestia before being pushed, “That I missed…”, she paused as she was swing forward, continuing when she got closer again, “Us doing together…” she paused again, “High on the list was…” paused again, “Playing on the swings.”

“I missed this too,” Celestia smiled, as they continued to play.


Soon, Celestia and Sunset returned to the castle, Celestia now back to her alicorn state, ready to begin the sunset.

“I really liked watching you do this…” Sunset admitted.

“Yea… so did I,” Celestia nodded, as she began to set the sun slowly but surely.

“Hey… I’ve always wondered… why do we celebrate mother’s day? I’m just curious…” Sunset inquired.

“...why do we celebrate it? Well… to thank our mothers for what they do for us… but why it is this day… it was… my mother’s birthday,” Celestia told Sunset, making the unicorn gasp in surprise, “Yes. Mother’s Day is my mom’s birthday, while Father’s Day is my dad’s birthday. It’s to honor them being there for us… and parents being there for everypony,”

Sunset nodded, as the sun had finished setting, the moon soon took it’s place.

“Mom… here, I made you this,” Sunset smiled, handing Celestia a homemade card. The front of it was red and yellow construction paper made into a sort of sun symbol on it.

“‘Mother’s come in all different ways, either as hopeful as night, or as nurturing as day. Just know this,’” Celestia read, as she opened up the card, showing a hoof drawn picture of herself with Sunset, Luna and Twilight, “‘My love for you never went away. It is always here to stay. With hugs and kisses, know, I always love you, and I never stopped. I made this with all of my heart… Your Little Sunshine, who will always be your little pony, Sunset Shimmer’... oh Sunset… this… this is beautiful…”

Sunset smiled happily, nuzzling up by her mother, Celestia hugged Sunset with her wing.


That night, as Celestia was asleep, Luna crept along a little bit, ready to set a small plan in motion.

‘Sorry Tia… but… if it’s your last night with your daughter… I want you both to enjoy it...’ Luna thought.


A bit later, Celestia woke up, hearing the sound of somepony crying. She slowly turned over to see Sunset standing at her doorway, sniffling as she tried to wipe her tears away.

“Sunset… what’s wrong?” Celestia asked.

“...I had a nightmare…” she informed, “Would… would it be okay if we… stayed here?”

Celestia looked and saw both Sunset’s blanket and Ms. B with her, knowing that was the ‘we’ she was referring to. Celestia gave a simple motion for Sunset to come on over, the unicorn smiling and walking to Celestia’s bed.

“...thank you,” Sunset smiled, cuddling closer to Celestia.

The alicorn just smiled at her adopted daughter, before she saw something by the nightstand. She levitated it over, and saw it was ‘Love You Like the Sunshine’. Celestia had a small idea form in her mind…

“Sunset… I know you’re a big mare now… but… uh… would you like to hear a bedtime story one last time?” Celestia asked, Sunset seeing the book there.

“...I would love to,” Sunset smiled, with Celestia getting up and turning on a small light to better illuminate the room.

“‘The stars and the moon are soon to appear, so, a unicorn mother goes to get the little filly she holds so dear’,” Celestia began, showing Sunset the pictures of the book, “‘The young filly had been settled down, she was given her little bedtime blanket and was ready to sleep, but her mom saw a frown...’”

Sunset gave a nod, being shown the pictures once again.

“‘She asked her filly what was wrong. The young one was scared to be asleep, fearing something that would to to take her. The mother sat down by her, a smile tender and sweet, and assured her nothing would come and take her, not even a little critter,’” Celestia continued, again showing the pictures, “‘The filly was still a little bit afraid, still not fully swayed, that something would come for her and she wouldn’t be in bed the next day. But the mother was there to comfort her, saying there would be a light. The love of the mother would keep her there for the night. The filly asked how much did her mom love her, could it be defined? The mother assured her’...” Celestia paused, as she and Sunset knew the next part very well.

“‘That she loved her like the the sunshine’” they said in perfect unison.

“‘With the filly’s fears now away, she could sleep and welcome a new day. She slept without a fear of the dark, her mother’s love being something she couldn’t decline. For she knew how much her mother loved her… the mother turning around to say once, ‘I Love You Like the Sunshine’. The End’,” Celesta concluded, showing the final page of the book. Sunset let out a soft yawn, being comforted by hearing her favorite bedtime story.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her eyes closing, cuddling Ms. B and her blanket in her hooves. Celestia put the book down and cuddled by Sunset, the two smiling as they fell asleep, Luna smiling from outside the room.


The next morning, Sunset was having trouble holding back her tears, knowing this was the day she went back to the other world. She had her items all packed, hovering her bags near her as she approached the mirror. Twilight made sure they were settled on her and that she would be ready to go through.

“ ready?” Twilight asked.

“...I guess…” Sunset sighed, turning back to Celestia, “Mom… you know I’ll always love you… and… I’ll miss you…”

“I’ll miss you too… please… come back and visit…” Celestia told her.

Sunset gave a nod as she trotted on through the portal.


Rarity and Applejack watched as Sunset came through the portal, the former unicorn trying to resist crying.

“Are you… alright sugahcube?” Applejack asked.

“Y-Yea… I’m fine…” Sunset responded, tears dripping down from her eyes.

Rarity and Applejack exchanged looks, knowing that Sunset missed her mother rather badly. They nodded and turned to Sunset.

“...go back,” Rarity told her.

“Huh?” Sunset blinked.

“Yer gonna miss yer ma too much… we’ll be fine.  If things’re like Twi’ figerd, then we may find yer counterpart here… and we’ll make sure ta show her the ropes of friendship… but fer now… ya need to go on home…” Applejack told her.

Sunset just nodded, “...tell the others I’ll see you all soon… I promise,”

“We will,” Rarity nodded.


Twilight trotted over to try and comfort Celestia, who was crying.

“It’s okay, Celestia. I’m sure you’ll see her again someday…” Twilight told her, trying to comfort her.

Suddenly, they heard something emerge from the portal, Twilight turning to see it was Sunset. Twilight simply trotted to the side so Sunset could go to Celestia.

“Mom…” Sunset muttered, before she just began to cry, she ran over and pulled Celestia into a hug, “I don’t want to leave you anymore! I want to stay with you mommy…”

As Sunset cried, Celestia pulled her into a hug with her wings, letting tears fall from her own eyes, comforting her daughter as Twilight simply giggled a tiny bit.

“Sunset… I’m so glad you’re going to stay… I’ve missed you for all the moons you have been gone… and I’m so glad you will be staying with me, my little sunshine…” Celestia smiled, the two smiling widely, “I’m happy you’re here to stay, my little pony,”

“I am too… your Momjesty,” Sunset smiled, nuzzling up against her mother.
MLP A Sun's Mother's Day
Sunset Shimmer goes back to Equestria to celebrate Mother's Day with Princess Celestia.

Special thanks to :icontknrkrgaim: to helping me write this.

We don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it belongs to Hasbro, Lauren Faust, Discovery Family and the like.
We focus on an apartment, with a room that had cyan paint and white cloud designs, the sunlight starts to creak in through the windows with it causing a rainbow haired girl to start to stir a little bit, groaning as she opened her magenta eyes and then looked to the right of her, where a girl was sleeping in bunny and teddy bear sheets, her pink hair slightly poking out of the sheets.

“Mornin’ Shy,” the girl with rainbow haired smile, the pinkette poking her head out to look over at her with her green eyes.

“Good morning Rainbow Dash,” she smiled.

“Ready to get this day started?” Dash asked, getting up, and stretching a bit, the pinkette slowly getting up, making sure her bed was neat and that all of her plushies and stuffed animals didn’t fall out, “We got a big day ahead of us, and a nice and peaceful Saturday to enjoy!”

“Girls, breakfast!” they heard somebody call out.

“Coming, Mom!” Dash called out, as she headed out first, with Fluttershy taking a moment to make sure Dash’s bed was made.


The duo walked over to the kitchen and smiled, ready to eat breakfast. Dash’s mother took a moment to flip another pancake, her hair being a blue color, white skin, pink eyes, and currently wearing a white apron on top of a blue shirt, pink and white skirt, and white shoes.

“Morning girls,” she smiled.

“Mornin’ Mom,” Dash smiled, sitting down at the breakfast table.

“Good Morning, Ms. Sora,” Fluttershy added, sitting by Dash.

“Fluttershy, you know you can call me your mom if you want to, I won’t mind,” Dash’s mom, Sora Storm, responded.

“Oh… uh… right… I remember,” Fluttershy nodded, as Sora gave Dash some pancakes that were normal circles, while she gave Fluttershy some animal shaped pancakes, “Aww~ kawaii… arigato, Okaa-san,”

“No problem Fluttershy,” Sora smiled.

Fluttershy smiled as she and Dash began to eat their breakfast, Dash simply going a bit quickly, while Fluttershy paced herself, smiling as she had her breakfast.

“So, any plans for today girls?” Sora asked them.

“Well, not much, I got a bit of soccer practice and Fluttershy has some work at the animal shelter,” Dash informed.

“Okay,” Sora nodded, as she began to eat her own breakfast.

“Well… I hope you win… I’m sorry I can’t be there…” Fluttershy apologized.

“It’s okay, I can give you a ride to the shelter so you can save time,” Dash offered.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that, Rainbow.”

“I insist, the least I can do for my sister,”

“Oh… arigato,”


Not long after they ate, Dash had gotten into a red car, Fluttershy getting in with her, though she sat in the back row of the car instead of shotgun by Dash.

“You sure you don’t wanna ride shotgun?” Dash asked.

“...I’m sure,” Fluttershy squeaked out.

“Okay, but you get to pick music since you’re my sister,” Dash smiled, as she started up the car.

Fluttershy smiled before she set her phone up to listen to some music. She looked through her selection for a moment, before a question entered her mind.

“Uh… you won’t mind if the music’s Japanese, do you?” she asked.

“Not at all sis, not at all,” Dash smiled as Fluttershy had looked at the theme for Tokkyuger began to play, “You really love that train Sentai.”

“Hai… not too used to the new Ninja Sentai yet… even if their theme is kind of catchy… not too into the show just yet…” Fluttershy admitted, “Also, given how the crossover special for Go-Busters and Kyoryuger had a bit more dinosaur team focused, how much you willing to bet the Ninninger/Tokkyuger team-up will be more Ninja Sentai focused?”

“Hmm… maybe? Sorry Shy… you know I’m not into that Japanese stuff as much as you are…” Dash responded, “I mean… sure, I’ll watch it with you, but… it’s not as much my thing as it is yours,”

“Oh…. right… gomen… demo… I at least want to talk with somebody, and you’re my sister… so… it just means a bit to me that I can talk with you,” Fluttershy smiled.

Dash simply giggled, enjoying the time she was spending with her ‘sister’. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the shelter.

“My game will be over in an hour, so I’ll pick you up around then, okay?” Dash smiled.

“Ok,” Fluttershy nodded, “Ganbare at your game, Rainbow-onee-chan.”

“Thanks Flutters. See you later,” Dash waved as she headed off. Fluttershy walked into the animal shelter, smiling at all of the animals.

“Good morning,” Fluttershy smiled, as the owner walked on over, “Hi Obaa-chan (Grandmother),”

“Good to see you, Fluttershy,” she smiled, “How’re you today?”

“Just fine,” Fluttershy smiled, hugging her grandmother, “How are you?”

“I’m doing fine dear,” she smiled, as they looked over at the rabbits, “ know, I always noticed there was one rabbit here who really seemed to like you.”

“Really? Aww…” Fluttershy giggled, as she picked up one bunny who smiled at her, making Fluttershy smile, “What an adorable little usagi,”

“He sure is,” Fluttershy’s grandmother smiled, “You can keep him, if you want,”

“Really? Obaa-chan, arigato goziamsu,” she smiled, as they worked to fill in a little tag for the bunny.

“So, where’s Rainbow Dash?” she asked.

“She had a soccer game today,” Fluttershy informed, “But she dropped me off,”


Dash was easily the star player for her team, easily doing various flips and kicks that scored them points easy. By the end of the game, the home team had gotten 24 points, 22 of them being scored by Rainbow Dash, while the other team had 0.

“And that is how it’s done,” Dash shouted, as she ran around, a big glistening smile on her face, the crowd cheering her name. Dash simply smiled at this, stirring the crowd to keep it up.

After a while, though, the crowd began to walk away, and Dash was being congratulated by her friends, the other team… was not happy about losing 24-0. However, Dash… didn’t rub it in their faces.

“After you got most of the crowd ta chant yer name, ya aren’t gonna rub yer in their face?” Applejack asked Dash.

“Hey, I may like the cheering, but I’m a fair sport. If anything, I’d congratulate them on doing the best they could.”

“Stow it Rainbow Dash!” a voice shouted at her.

“Oh no…” Dash muttered, realizing who was talking to her. She turned around to see a girl walk over to her, the girl having white hair, yellow eyes, brown skin, and a black and red uniform around her, “Uh… hi Gilda.”

“Don’t you ‘hi Gilda’ me, Rainbow Dork! You are such a cheap cause! You won 22 goals! You shouldn’t even be ALLOWED to play, so it’s fair game!” Gilda told her.

“Uh… why are you talking fair? Your school’s teams always cheat… well, more or less you and a couple other players, but still… you’re one to talk about being fair…” Dash responded.

“Tch… so, where’s that dumb baby coward you look after? Was she too scared to support you in your little game today, and is hiding in her bedroom like the baby she is?” Gilda told Dash.

This… made Dash very angry, very quickly, and she got right up into Gilda’s face before growled.

“Don’t. You. DARE say anything like that about Fluttershy! Fluttershy is the best sister on the face of the planet! And I will NOT! I repeat, will NOT have ANYONE insult her!” Dash shouted, about to hit her, “No… you’re not even worth the effort.”

“What’s wrong? Too chicken?” Gilda taunted, making Dash growl a bit, before AJ held her back and Dash just walked away.

“She’s at her job at the animal shelter,” Pinkie responded, “You don’t have make fun of somebody who works hard.”

Gilda gave a small smirk, getting an idea, turning to her team.

“You guys find out which one that she works at and tell it to me.” Gilda told her team.

Dash simply began to juggle the soccer ball with her legs, “...*sighs* Stupid Gilda why did I ever hang out with her when she went here?”

“No idea Sugahcube,” Applejack shrugged.

“...sorry you all saw me so… upset… I didn’t mean to…” Dash sighed.

“She just bent you out of shape…” Pinkie assured.

“I’m gonna head to the shelter to do something with Fluttershy,” Dash shrugged, “See you all later,”

“You’re not going to celebrate your victory, darling?” Rarity asked.

“...No… not in the mood now thanks to Gilda.” Dash shrugged, as she got to her car and head drove off.


Gilda had found the location where Fluttershy worked and had beaten Rainbow there, smirking to herself as she waited in the nearby alley. Fluttershy walked out, bidding a ‘see you soon’ to her grandmother, walking casually with her new bunny, Angel.

“I can’t wait to introduce you to Rainbow Dash and Sora,” Fluttershy giggled, when she was grabbed by her jacket and dragged into the alleyway by Gilda.

“Lookie here you little coward, Rainbow got all soft and mushy because of you,” Gilda told her, “She doesn’t need a dopy wallflower like you slowing her down, she needs somebody who can keep her on her toes and not be some useless sensitive idiot!”

“...Um… oh dear, I’m sorry… I know you were Dash’s friend and-” Fluttershy began, when she got hit by Gilda.

“SHUT UP! You’re worthless you know! And I will not let Dash get dragged back by some… some… stupid baby!”

“HEY! What are you doing to my sister?!” Dash demanded.

Gilda looked behind her to see Dash, who was far from happy.

“Oh. Hello,” Gilda waved.

“Answer me, what made you think… beating up my sister was a good idea?!?!?!” Dash demanded.

“Simple. She made you a sensitive fool. And so without her, you’d be way more awesome!” Gilda informed.

Dash kicked her soccerball at the wall, causing it to ricochet to Gilda, knocking her away from Fluttershy. Gilda winced, grabbing her face as Dash took Fluttershy and they ran.


Not long after that, Gilda was infuriated, and she had left, leaving Dash to make sure Fluttershy would be alright.
“She… she… she hit me… and it hurt… she called me useless…” Fluttershy whimpered, Dash making sure the injury was covered up.

“Don’t listen to her, Flutters. You’re an amazing person… and my sister. There’s no person I would rather have be my sibling…” Dash smiled.

Fluttershy whimpered a bit, when she felt something cuddle her. She looked to see Angel, trying to comfort her.

“Did an animal try to run away again?” Dash asked.

“...No… Obaa-chan let me have her. This is my bunny, Angel, and I found out Angel’s a girl not a boy…” Fluttershy informed, petting Angel.

“Oh… I see… anyway… Fluttershy, you’ve made me a better person… and I will never replace you…” Dash smiled.

“Onee-chan…” Fluttershy smiled, before she hugged her, “...I love you… like a sister,”

“Same here…” Dash smiled.


Dash drove along, but was going through a scenic route to sort of keep Fluttershy calm, allowing her to relax. They also listened to her choice of music, the song being another Japanese song, this one being the ending to the first Heisei Kamen Rider show, Kuuga, the song Titled Aozora ni Naru/Into the Blue Sky.

“Huh… kind of relaxing,” Dash admitted.

“Hai. I always found this one calming to the ears.” Fluttershy admitted.

“… you wanna talk about something?” Dash asked.

The pinkette thought for a moment, “Um… w-well… maybe… a crush?”

“Oh? On who?” Dash asked.

Fluttershy whispered the name, making Dash blink.

“Wh-What was that? Who?”

“...if I tell you… promise not to tell?”



“Sunset Shimmer?”


“Wow… that’s neat,”

“...what about you? Fluttershy asked her ‘sister’.

“Well… you know that I like other girls… and I have had some crushes before… I found the girl of my dreams,” Dash told Fluttershy, blushing, “Twilight Sparkle.”

“The school’s smartest student? Well… the smart one and a sports player is a small bit of a cliche… but it’s a cute one,” Fluttershy smiled

“Yea… she’s just so… beautiful… and… well… she has this certain… je ne sais quoi to her,”  Dash added.

“Uh…?” Fluttershy blinked in confusion.

“It means ‘I don’t know what’ in French,”

“Oh, I forgot you took French lessons,”

Dash nodded as they passed by a cemetery, Fluttershy looking at it for a moment. Dash pulled up to a small parking lot by it, and they walked out to see it. They walked around, and found two graves.

“Okaa-san… Otou-san…” Fluttershy whimpered.

Dash just sighed putting her hand on Fluttershy’s shoulder.

“...remember when… you know… almost happened, and then me and my mom took you in?” Dash asked.


The two both took a deep breath, and smiled before hugging each-other.

“...I’m glad you stopped me…”

“...I would miss your hugs… plus… if your parents found out… I don’t think they’d be happy… plus, in Japanese lore, don’t people who kill themselves not go to heaven?”

“...I don’t remember…”

“But… I do remember reading something about Japanese people taking off their shoes before killing themselves? That true?”

“Yea, it is,” Fluttershy sighed, “Onee-chan… I… I… I miss my parents… I miss them so much…”

“I know… I know,” Dash replied, hugging her sister.

“...thank you. Thank you for… everything you’ve done for me… I’m so grateful… I don’t even know how I could repay you…”

“Just keep being you, and keep being alive.” Dash told her.

Fluttershy just nodded as they walked on back into the car and drove back home.

“So, I got this game from Gamestop that you wanted to play, and it’s two player, you wanna try it tonight?” Dash offered, as she motioned for Fluttershy to look at the bag she had sitting in the same row as her.

Fluttershy looked to see the game was Super Mario Galaxy, and raised an eyebrow.

“You sure this is two-player?” Fluttershy checked.

“I looked it up, it may not be two-player in a normal sense, but I can still help in a few good ways.”

“Sure… I did want to try this game,” Fluttershy admitted.

“So… what is your favorite video game anyway? You play a lot… I’m curious,” Dash inquired.

“Mighty Switch Force for 3DS,” she informed.

“That sort of puzzle game with the cyborg cop-lady? I tried it on my own 3DS… I don’t get how you’re so good at it, the Switching and Jump buttons throw me off so much…” Dash admitted.

“Takes patience, and learning the layout,” Fluttershy answered, “What’s your favorite game?”

“Hmm… let me think… I’m not sure… would you mean of all time or on the consoles we have now?”

“Hmm… out of the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, the PS3 and the 360,” Fluttershy listed, “So… any you really like?”

“Uh… hmm… well… I do like the Spyro the Dragon games out of nostalgia, the Pokemon games are great all-around, hmm… I did like that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze game… and Hyrule Warriors was a fun one too… I dunno what my favorite game is.”

“...well, I both think we can agree on what one of the worst games of all time is,” Fluttershy started.

“Oh yea.”

As they came to a stoplight, Dash gave a ‘three, two, one’ motion with her hand.

“Skylanders,” they said in perfect unison before shuddering.

“What were they thinking with that series?” Fluttershy asked bluntly, “...*sigh* I know you probably shouldn’t be ranting while driving, so… let’s keep it simple, and say, it kinda stole away Spyro.”

“Agreed… only props I’ll give were the designs of the new dragons; if there was a true Spyro sequel released, I wouldn’t mind those dragons appearing in that game,” Dash admitted.

“Yea… Spyro made me not so scared of dragons… and then that series made me scared of dragons again,” Fluttershy whimpered, Dash soon stopping at their apartment complex.

“Well, let’s hope Price can come back and reclaim the good ol’ Spyro,” Dash replied, hugging her sister as she picked up Angel and they headed up.


“Hi girls wha- Fluttershy, are you okay?” Sora began, but she became instantly concerned when she saw Fluttershy’s cheek.

“Gilda came and tried to beat her up, but I stopped her before it got serious,” Dash told her mom.

“Are you alright dear?” Sora asked.

“Yea… it’s not too serious… oh, and also, Obaa-chan let me take this usagi home with me. Her name’s Angel,” Fluttershy smiled, showing Sora her new rabbit.

“So cute…” she smiled, “Oh right! A package came in for you girls.”

“A package? We weren’t expecting anything,” Dash admitted.

They opened it up to reveal plushies, being of Classic Spyro, Cat Rosalina, a Luma, a Blaziken, a Charizard, a Charizard X, a Pikachu, a Greninja, an Empoleon, a Feraligatr, a Gardevoir, a Serperior, an Aegislash, an Absol, a Turtwig, Sonic, Tails, Megaman, Sailor Moon, Patty Wagon from Mighty Switch Force, and finally, what appeared to be two pegasus ponies that resembled Dash and Fluttershy a little bit.

“Wow!” they gawked, looking at them.

“There’s a note,” Sora informed, “‘Just felt like being generous. -Rarity’. Aw… that’s sweet of her. No wonder you both used to have a crush on her.”

Both of them blushed, not sure about what to say, when something dawned on them.

“Wait, you used to like Rarity too?” the ‘sisters’ said in perfect unison, “Uh… w-well, okay, we’re really in sync if we can keep this up,”

Sora just giggled at this for a moment, before leaving them to talk.

“...well… I used to like her… but it was more of a crush, Sunset is who I like.”

“I… uh… sort of… did want to date her at one point… but she told me that she had other plans and then said she was busy with work, and openly thought I was kidding when I said I liked her… maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up on April Fool’s Day…” Dash blushed, “And afterwards, I started crushing on Twilight,”

The two then took the plushies to their bedroom and they set up the Wii U to play the game they got.

“Fluttershy… you’re an amazing person, don’t ever change,” Dash giggled.

“You too, Onee-chan… you too,”
MLP Connections, Dash and Fluttershy Sisters
A new series of loosely connected one-shots co-written by me and my good buddy :icontknrkrgaim:, set in an alternate version of the EqG world.

This chapter focuses on the sisterly bond of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

We don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but we do have the fact we made this sort of alternate reality. Also, I own the character Sora Storm.
Thurop's Birthday present by pikatwig
Thurop's Birthday present
This is my very simply, yet thoughtful gift for :iconthurop: and it's simply Flapjack's cap floating in the water.

I loved the "Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" and I can't wait for re-runs on Boomerang to start.


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